Carlos Torano – Exodus Silver

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Carlos Torano – Exodus Silver

Last weekend during the afternoon, I finished up everything I had to do before the evening rolled around. I decided that it was a perfect opportunity to listen to the latest episode of The Dog Watch Social Club and have a cigar. I went with a Carlos Torano – Exodus Silver Series that I picked up at the cigar shop the day before.

The construction of this cigar was good and very attractive. The wrapper was a medium brown color with small veins throughout the length of the cigar. The feel was firm with a slight oily residue left on my fingers after touching it. When checking the band I found that it was glued to the wrapper and was very difficult to remove.

I used my plug cutter to cut the cap and the result was clean and easy. The lighting process was quick and effortless as well. The initial puff produced lots of smoke and bold flavors. Within the bold base flavor I was picking up a bit of a coffee like taste. After a few puffs the coffee flavor faded away and I was getting a woodsy and smokey flavor.
As I smoked more into the cigar I could taste the body of the cigar begin to wind up and become more flavorful. Along with the increase in flavor the cigar was starting to get a bit of bite to it. Throughout the flavor changes the base flavor was very consistent and did not seem to change much at all.

In the last third of the cigar I was getting some subtle peppery flavors along with an increase in the overall body of the cigar. By this point I would say the cigar had built up from a medium bodied cigar into the mid range of the full spectrum.

This cigar lasted just over an hour, with a slow and even burn throughout. The ash was pale grey with black bands and firm overall.

Stogie Review Rating Sheet: 83.5/100

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2 thoughts on “Carlos Torano – Exodus Silver

  1. I love the overall taste of this cigar. I agree that it goes from a medium to bold but is pretty nice smoke. To offet the boldness I usually pair it up with a rum and coke or if a brew is what you’re looking for try either “Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat or Honey Weiss”

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