Punch Double Corona – Maduro

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Punch Double Corona – Maduro

Origin: Cafradia Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador – Maduro
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Size Name: Double Corona
Length: 6.75
Ring Gauge: 48
Strength: Full

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few five packs for reviews. In the order was a five pack of Punch – Double Corona Maduro. I felt like a good long Maduro, so I rummaged through my humidor and pulled one out.

After removing this cigar from the cellophane sleeve, I immediately was drawn to the thick oily texture of the wrapper. In addition to the attractive look and feel of the wrapper there was a nice heavy aroma on the cigar. The wrapper also had a nice firm feel to it.

After looking over the cigar I pulled out my Palio cutter and clipped the end. The result was a very clean and precise cut. When checking the draw I was a little disappointed as I found it to be rather stiff. I also noticed a mild sweetness.

I started the lighting process and had this cigar lit very quickly. The first few puffs were stiff but produced a fair amount of smoke that was quiet flavorful. I was getting a distinct sweetness and some coffee flavors backed by a heavy Maduro flavor.

After an inch or so the draw eased up a bit, but nothing considerable. The resting smoke was about average. The aroma was a bit heavy but not too overpowering and the burn was nice and even producing a firm light colored ash.

As I got more into this cigar the Maduro base flavor was building and began to mute the sweetness and coffee flavors I was getting previously. The flavor was heavy on the pallet, which lingered for some time after each puff.

Further down into the cigar the flavor started to ease up a bit and didn’t lie on the pallet as heavily. I started to get some spicy notes that helped accent the rich Maduro flavor. The burn was in good shape but I began to get to a point in the cigar that seemed as though it did not want to stay lit. After a few relights within about an inch and a half the problem went away.

Towards the end of this stick the flavors began to develop some harshness. I purged the cigar a few times which relieved most of the foul taste. I was still getting a good burn and lots of flavorful smoke although the draw was still a bit stiff.

I finished this cigar off after about an hour and a half. Overall I think this was a decent smoke. I was a little disappointed by the stiff draw because all of the other Punch cigars I’ve had in the past have had an excellent draw. In any case, this cigar is one to try if you’re a fan of heavy Maduros.

My rating sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 83/100

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One thought on “Punch Double Corona – Maduro

  1. Sounds just like a Punch to me. I like the smaller sizes in the regular line, but I go for the “Gran Puro” for bigger smokes. The Gran Puro is not as aggressive as the regular line, in my opinion, but still has a huge Honduran presence. Like chewing on a well-oiled baseball mitt. Yum!

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