Gran Habano #5 – Corojo

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Gran Habano #5 – Corojo

Origin: Danli – Honduras
Wrapper: Nicaragua – Corojo
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Costa Rica – Nicaragua
Size Name: Toro
Length: 54
Ring Gauge: 6.00
Strength: Medium – Full

This cigar is brought to you by Corona Cigar Co.

During a business trip to Orlando, Jerry paid a visit to Corona Cigar Co. While he was there he spoke with Jeff Borysiewicz (President and Founder) . After picking up some cigars, he was graciously given a few cigars for us to smoke and review.

The cigar I had the pleasure of smoking tonight was a Gran Habano #5 Corojo. During my pre light inspection I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful reddish brown Corojo wrapper. The wrapper had a nice oily texture and a firm feel. There was a light aroma to the wrapper that was quite nice.

I used my plug cutter to cut the end of this cigar. The cut that resulted was effortless as well as flawless. The pre light draw was very light. This concerned me a bit, mostly because of how free it was when using a plug cutter. I can only imagine it would much lighter when using a cutter to remove more of the cap.

I lit the cigar and with no trouble and was greeted with a thick cloud of flavorful smoke. The initial flavor was slightly harsh but had a nice tart type taste to it. After a few puffs the harshness quickly disappeared and the spicy flavors began to slowly tickle the back of my throat.

The body of this cigar was medium and the spicy flavor complimented it well. The burn was very even while producing light resting smoke. The ash was firm and dark in color.

As I smoked this cigar the flavor began to build. Slowly, this cigar was creeping up to more of a full bodied experience. I was having some difficulty with the draw as I found it to be too loose. It almost seemed as though I was drawing past the foot rather than through it. Even with this type of draw I was still getting a lot of smoke.

Later on in the cigar I was experiencing some burning troubles. After a quick touch up I had the burn under control and I was back to business. The flavor started to get a bit harsh and purging was required. I did this a few times in the middle of the cigar and it cleared up the harshness, but it seemed as though I had to do this a few times in order to clear it up completely.

As I approached the final third of the stick the flavor had really picked up. The body was of the full bodied variety at this point. The spicy flavor had picked up dramatically as well. The combination made for a heavy finish that laid on the pallet for some time before moving on.

The final stages of the cigar produced peppery notes that went well with the full body and spicy flavors that were picking up throughout the cigar.

Overall I really enjoyed this cigar and will definitely look into getting another one in the near future. This stick wouldn’t be a good choice for a morning smoke as the body really takes off on you once you hit the final stages of the cigar. I think this cigar would be an excellent choice for later in the evening after a heavy meal.

I would like to thank Corona Cigar Co. for providing us with this cigar. It was much appreciated and a pleasure to smoke.

My rating sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 82/100

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5 thoughts on “Gran Habano #5 – Corojo

  1. I’ve been looking around for more of these but haven’t been able to find them in the local shops. I haven’t been able to try all the other varieties yet, but the #3 was a quite good medium-bodied smoke. Nice price too. Your price was nicer. 🙂 Sounds like Corona is a classy company.

  2. The folks at Corona are very cool folks down there in sunny Orlando. Wonderful setup. The staff took a little warming up to while I was there but came around once they decided I knew a little bit about stogies.

    Not sure why the #5 is so hard to find in singles. The #1 & #3 singles seem readily available from local and online retailers. Not sure why the #5 isn’t.

  3. My good friend Lou the cigar guru at Cigar Pyramid in Brooklyn, NY gave me one of these bad boys after the store owner brought some back from the RTDA in Las Vegas.

    This is one bold and tastey smoke. some floral and fruity notes give way to the nice peppery finish. Its obvious that this cigar was created with some very special care and nurturing. Excellent construction as well with a flawless cap.

    Thanks for the great review!

  4. The first Gran Habano smoke I’ve tried is the Corojo No. 5. I decided to try it after reading mostly positive reviews. I wasn’t disappointed as it was a strong tasty stick. I liked the looks and size of it even prior to lighting. The reddish brown wrapper had a sheen to it and I was already thinking spicy, which, in deed, it immediately was. This stick had somewhat of a signature taste to me, different in a good way and unique to this cigar. That taste was seemingly salty and toasted nut-like followed by cedar wood and then a sort of lively tobacco taste as well as nicotine sensation. The finish had a sweet note and I’d agree it was sometimes bordering on a floral sweetness. Hey, this is an interesting and complex stick not for the faint of heart as it goes with signature taste profiles: polarizing. You either really like it or you really dislike it. I liked it as I’m always looking for a cigar that doesn’t taste the same as the last two or three. Try it,hopefully you’ll be in the same camp as I am and find it a worth smoke to mix in a varied rotation. By the way, the ash held quite well and after the tip being dark was all lighter grey with a fuller medium (not super firm) density. This explained that the volumous smoke was due to a really good roll which allowed the cigar to breath well and the draw to be effortless.

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