Cusano 18 – Maduro

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Cusano 18 – Maduro

Origin: Santiago, Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Connecticut, Dominican Republic
Filler: Brazil, Dominican Republic
Size Name: Robusto
Length: 5.00
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium

As some of you may know, Jerry and I take part in a traveling humidor. There are about eight of us that participate and it takes between two to two and a half months to complete the trip. I always look forward to getting this humidor in the mail as it always has interesting cigars in it. The last time it came around to me I decided to take the Cusano 18 out to review.

The most interesting part of this cigar is that it has eighteen year old aged filler tobacco. From what I understand these are limited release cigars that come packaged in boxes of eighteen.

This Cusano 18 was of the Maduro variety. The wrapper was pretty smooth with small veins. The color was very consistent throughout the cigar and the texture was firm but pliable. I used my Palio cutter to clip the end, which produced a clean easy cut. I checked the pre light draw and was pleased with the result. I got a very smooth draw with light resistance.

This cigar took very little work to get lit evenly. The initial puff produced lots of flavorful smoke. The initial body was between mild and medium with a nutty flavor. The resting smoke was light but scented the room with a pleasant mild aroma.

As I made my way further into the cigar I became more and more engrossed in the delicate complexities in this cigar. The body was still in the mild to medium range and in addition to the nutty flavor there were hints of coffee as well. The burn and draw were both excellent producing a smooth smoke.

As I smoked my way into about the midpoint of the cigar, the body was slowly starting to build. The nutty flavor was getting faint and the coffee flavor was beginning to become the more dominant flavor which blended well with the slightly sweet Maduro wrapper.

The body hit its peak within the final third of the cigar. The body was now in the medium range and light on the pallet. The dominant flavor was still coffee, with a nutty background. There were also light hints of salt, which hit the pallet just right making you salivate over every puff.

I finally set the cigar down after it began to burn my fingers. This one lasted just over an hour and I was very happy with it. Overall I think this was an excellent cigar and plan to get more in the near future.

If you prefer the milder side of the cigar spectrum, the Cusano 18 is something you should definitely try. The smooth creamy smoke paired with the mild – medium body make for a pleasing combination.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 90/100

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7 thoughts on “Cusano 18 – Maduro

  1. Nice review. Just an FYI: “Palate” is the word you are looking for, not “pallet”. “Pallet” is something you pile goods upon so you can lift them with a forklift.

  2. Excellent review on a great cigar. The conneticut version of this cigar is also great. Easy draw and smooth burning with absolutely no harshness. Keep up the good work. Your Stogie Reviews are my bible for trying new cigars.

  3. Just had a Connecticut version this weekend. A very enjoyable smoke anytime of the day. The cigar had what I would describe as a sharp flavor which tasted of slightly sweet tea with a very smooth aftertaste and a great smell.

  4. Possibly the most tasteless and horrible cigar I ever tried to smoke. The draw was too tight and there was no taste, except dried sawdust. I read up on this and it is a davidoff offshoot. Stick to aftershave davidoff.
    I put this abomination out after a third of the way down – it was horrible.
    Yes it was cheap – but cheap and NASTY!

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