Rocky Patel – Vintage 1990

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Rocky Patel – Vintage 1990

Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Size Name: Toro
Length: 6.50
Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Mild – Medium

I was looking through the humidor the other day and I realized that I was down to a few cigars from what Jerry sent me when he made a trip to Corona Cigar. The one I decided to smoke was the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990.

Out of the cigars Jerry sent me I was most anxious to smoke this one due to all the praise surrounding this cigar line. It was sitting in a humidor for a few weeks, so it had plenty of time to settle in, and now it was time to fire it up.

I began to remove the cellophane sleeve and had some trouble. The cello was extremely tight around the cigar and it took some care and persuasion to remove it. After a minute or two I had the cigar out and ready to go.

The appearance of this cigar was very appealing. This stick had no wrapper flaws or eye sores that I could see. The feel was firm and the texture was smooth and oily. I clipped the cap with my trusty Palio cutter and the result was a crisp clean cut.

I checked the pre light draw and found it to be stiff and began to toast the foot. I quickly had the foot completely lit and the result was a fair amount of smoke. The body was mild and light on the pallet with a smooth finish. The initial flavor was slightly nutty and woody. Both of these flavors went well with the mild body.

As I got more into this cigar the woody flavor began to disappear and was replaced by a mild coffee flavor. The finish was still light and was becoming creamy. The draw was stiff just as it was on the pre light draw. This resulted in fair amount of smoke that I really had to work to get. The burn was even and produced a firm light colored ash.

The base flavor on this cigar was very consistent. After the initial flavor change I didn’t notice any others. After reaching the two thirds mark, I started to get some harsh flavors. A few purges helped with the harshness but never really got rid of it.

When I smoked my way to the band the cigar fell flat on its face. The harshness was beginning to get overwhelming and the finish was becoming acrid. I was forced to put this stick out much sooner than I would have liked.

Overall I think the first portions of the cigar were very consistent and pleasant, especially for a smoke early in the day. The construction was good with the only problem being a stiff draw. I would recommend picking one up if you are a smoker that only smokes the first two thirds of a cigar
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Stogie Review Rating Sheet: 81/100

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