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Alonso Menendez Mata Fina

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina pre-light

Here we have an Alonso Menendez Mata Fina Robusto at 5×52 from Cigars of Brazil. It’s a Brazilian puro of Mata Fina tobacco from the northern area of the Bahian recôncavo, but I won’t pretend to understand exactly what that means. 🙂 This one came to me via our very own Walt, courtesy of Paul Arneson.

The wrapper was rather rustic looking, but very well put together with a handsome double cap. The simple white band on these is very attractive, I’ve read the company may change the band but I think it looks nice as-is. There is a nice give to the cigar when squeezed, a little bit more than most similar-sized cigars. There is a hint of spice on the pre-light draw and the aroma is very pleasant, almost sweet.

The light was a little uneven, with one side just not wanting to get going. After a little work it was lit nice and evenly across the foot. The first draw produced an amazing amount of smoke, even with the easy pre-light draw I wasn’t expecting this much smoke. The body started out on the full side of medium with a light finish. Dominant flavors are familiar maduro with a nice sweetness from the wrapper and something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina first third

The second third saw a build to the body over into full territory, as-advertised, with the earthy maduro flavors still up front with a little cocoa occasionally. The burn was pretty straight leaving a medium grey ash that held pretty firm to just over an inch. The sweetness of the wrapper continues to shine and seems to have gotten even a little stronger.

The last third yielded a little more build to the body to put it firmly in the full camp. With the easy draw and huge smoke production I had to be careful to draw easy or it got hot and harsh on me. When I was paying attention and taking small draws I was rewarded with plenty of pleasant, smooth smoke with lots of flavor. Only in the last third I got a few sweet hints of coconut which was a first for me and went nicely with this cigar.

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina last third

Overall this was a very enjoyable cigar, I really liked the sweetness of the wrapper and loved the hints of coconut. The base flavor would be recognized, and I think enjoyed, by anyone that enjoys a maduro cigar but there’s just something unique to the flavor that I never could pin down. So now I’ve smoked, and enjoyed, my only one and they’re not sold anywhere in Texas…damn. I wonder if Walt knows he’s my connection now?

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina ashtray


10 thoughts on “Alonso Menendez Mata Fina

  1. Well Brian, I was pleased with your review. As most people who have tried the Alonso Menendez cigar, they are also well pleased with the richness and easy draw, that is a Characteristic of our puro Brazil Mata Fina,tobacco and the roll of the cigar from our Factory in Bahia. I would like to clarify that we do have Texas retail, B&M’s that carry our product, and continue to expand its availability throughout the country. Although the cigar has been produced for 30 years now it has been introduced to the American market just two years ago, and the reception has been great! Our web site may help you locate a B&M in texas , and some of them offer on line or 800# to purchase. Thanks for enjoying one of our Brazil cigars, you may want to try our Dona Flor, Aquarius, or our Limited Reserva Especial, which is a all Brazilian grown, Full Body- Corojo seed, filler and binder with an aged sun grown Mata Fina wrapper.

    Dennis Sheldon
    Brazil Cigars & Tobacco

  2. Dennis, thank you for the correction, I do see a couple of retailers listed on your site in Texas. I also have a Dona Flor courtesy of Mr. Arneson that I am looking forward to smoking.

    It was a very unique cigar and I look forward to my next one.

  3. Walt and Brian,
    Thanks for the help. It really shouldn’t be this hard to buy a cigar! Maybe I’m not dedicated enough but I’m just not willing to drive an 1hr+ to pick one up at a B&M or to call a bunch of stores to see if they will ship some to me. If I can’t get a cigar at my local B&M and I can’t easily find it on-line, I’ll usually just pass. There are a lot of good cigars out there.

  4. Alan:

    Unfortunately, you will find this situation with many premium, low-production cigars. The alternative is for the manufacturer to produce huge quantities (usually affecting quality); enough to get the attention of the big internet wholesalers.

    I would suggest going to your local cigar shop and requesting they bring in a few boxes. Usually works best if you speak to the owner or manager. Perhaps even show them this review, and the one at:

    As this is a moderately priced premium, their exposure is almost non-existent and the margins should be very nice for them. It will also differentiate them from their competitors if they carry unique top-tier products.

    Whenever I’ve asked my local herfatorium proprietor about a particular smoke, the brand magically appears on their shelves within a couple of weeks. No driving, no risky internet ordering. Waiting for me fresh, tasty, and perfectly cared for. If you want, I’ll call your cigar shop for you and convince them.

  5. Well
    I am always interested in someone who would like to try our Products and Alan if you have a favorite B&M then let me know who they are, and If they are not already carring our products from Brazil I will gladly contact them and get them some samples to try, along with order forms to be a authorized dealer, along with thier sample I will send a sample pack for you for suggesting them to us. Send me your email with info if you like, as I would be more than happy to oblige you. Oh! by the way we are growing and although we have all product for distibution in USA, we are still continuing to build our B&M throughout the USA, Its you the consumer that are the most Important in our buisness, and I hope to make your aquaintance in the future at one of our Smokers in Ill.

    Dennis Sheldon
    Brazil Cigars & Tobacco

  6. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the advice. While I’ve smoked cigars on and off (mostly off) for years, it’s only been within the last year that I’ve started to get passionate about it. Dennis, I’ll send you the information about my local B&M. Hopefully, Rudy will start carrying them.

  7. I love Dona Flor and Alonzo Mendez Cigars IMMENSELY, and am unable to procure any!!!! Anyone know of a source that carries any of these below

    Dona Flor Mata Fina – Maduro not Ct
    Dona Flor Selecao – Mata Fina Maduro
    Any Alonso Mendez – Mata Fina Maduro only

    I am not really interested in the other Brazilian brands but if anyone finds knows of an online source of these plaese email me at funk_sauce@hotmailDOTcom I would appreciate it greatly and if you give my your address you might get something to show my gratitude. Thank you!!

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