Partagas Spanish Rosado

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Partagas Spanish Rosado

For those of you who have been reading the Stogie Review for awhile this stogie probably looks familiar. Back in July I originally reviewed this cigar but after recording our first episode with Bob & Dale at the Dogwatch Social Club our site crashed. While Walt was on top of keeping a backup of all of his reviews I was not and this was one of the reviews we lost.

Its been awhile since I’ve been able to smoke & work – real life and all that jazz have been keeping me occupied the past week or two. So I didn’t want to chance smoking a cigar I that I might not like. So I dug thru my humidor and went with the Partagas Spanish Rosado.

Introduced at the 2003 RTDA, the Partagas Spanish Rosado is one of my favorite sticks from Partagas. If I had to rank them they would be:

1. #8 Maduro
2. Black Label
3. Spanish Rosado
4. Ciefuentes Blend

Its close between #3 and #4 but the Ciefuentes blend loses out since the blend changes with each incarnation.

Anyway, I’m smoking the San Agustin size which is 5.5 x 52. Singles range from $5-6 and boxes of 25 in this size go for around $90. The lovely reddish brown wrapper comes from the San Agustin Valley in Honduras. The Spanish Rosado also features a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a 3 country blend filler from the Dominican, Mexico and Honduras.

I’ve heard from some people who say that they think the wrapper is the same wrapper that is on the Sancho Panza Extra Fuente cigar. I can see the similarity with the spiciness of the wrapper but the Spanish Rosado has a richer and more complex flavor to its wrapper. I mean, they both have a similar spiciness and intensity but flavor wise the Spanish Rosado gives a smoother experience with the hints of cinnamon that gives the cigar that complexity and flavor factor that is missing in the wrapper of the Sancho Panza Extra Fuente.

Pretty good construction but at the halfway point I always seem to experience some minor burn issues that eventually correct itself. Nice woodsy finish but the finish is long and dry. My mouth always feels like it has cotton balls in it after a puff but that’s nothing that can’t be solved with a nice beverage while smoking.

Like I said, the Spanish Rosado is one of my favorite stogies to smoke. From its solid white ash and floral aroma to its smooth spicy cinnamon flavors. I don’t know about JR Cigars spill that this is for the “serious cigar smoker” as I think anyone would enjoy this fabulous cigar. The Spanish Rosado is definitely a unique experience that will leave you satisfied.


5 thoughts on “Partagas Spanish Rosado

  1. Jerry – Nice job! I totally agree with you that these are one of my favorite cigars! Its nice to know that I’m not the only one who likes to admire a smoking cigar and fascinated with the burn.

    Are you going to the Playmate thing on Monday at JR’s?

  2. Jerry – I enjoyed your review of the Partagas black and agree that it is a wonderful cigar. It quickly became my favorite cigar. I wanted to see if the other cigars that Partagas makes would compare so I purchased a Spanish Rosado and a Naturale. I tried the Spanish Rosado but just could not get used to the spiciness. I guess I’m more fond of milder cigars. To top it off, the Spanish Rosado went out about half way through and did not want to relight it. This is the first cigar that has actually gone out on me. The Naturale was quite easy to smoke and I did enjoy it. Anyway keep up the good reviews.

  3. I initially bought a box of 10 rojito’s 9 months ago, i too thought it was too spicy out of the box. After 9 months of sitting, HOLY SMOLY, the spiciness is gone, but the rich complex flavors remains, it gets better as you start to burn your fingers.

  4. Just got a box of the Gigantes in the mail around a week ago. I had one the first day, it was good but the finish had a tar-taste to it. I didn’t think it was that spicey, but then again maybe my palate is screwed up from smoking too many Casa Magna’s. All around it’s just a pleasant smoke which to me has a unique “rosey-cinnamony” flavor. Since Ed said they got really mellow after 9-months of aging, maybe I should let them sit for around 4 months and see what happens.

    P.S. -I’ve never seen a more badass looking elf.

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