Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 2

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Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 2

Here we are once again with another bargain breakdown. Just as last time, these cigars fall into the category of under three dollars AFTER shipping.

First Cigar
Consuerga No. 17
Purchased From: JR Cigars
Bundle Price: $23.00 (per bundle of 25)
Shipping: $2.50 per item

Bundle price after shipping: $1.02 per single

Second Cigar
Famous Nicaraguan 3000
Purchased From: Famous Smoke Shop
Bundle Price: $44.95 (per bundle of 20)
5 Pack Price: $14.95
Shipping: Free shipping on bundle – $5.95 flat rate for 5 pack.

Bundle price after shipping: $2.25 per single
5 Pack price after shipping: $4.18 per single

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3 thoughts on “Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 2

  1. God bless you Walt!

    I feel bad that you’re not enjoying these smokes as much as your usual ones. You’re providing a great service to us all and we all truly appreciate it.

    I’m hoping you find that hidden gem, that diamond in the rough soon. That’ll make it all worth it. That Gispert you have coming may be it.

    Thanks again Walt

  2. Walt – Have you tried the Dominican Consuerga? About the same price point and the handful that Jerry sent me awhile back were really good. Maybe you can get him to mail you some to review.

  3. Vic,

    No I haven’t tried those just yet. Jerry mentioned that they were good, but I just haven’t gotten around to ordering some. I’ll see what I can do about getting a few to try.


    Nothing to feel bad about, lol.

    Granted, the $1.00 – $2.00 smokes normally don’t offer much in terms of complexity but I really enjoyed the Famous Nic. 3000 and one I plan to review next.

    In this price range you have to take the good with the bad 🙂

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