Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

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Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

This week Brian and I were honored to once again join Bob and Dale for their weekly Cigar Radio Herfcast. As always it was a pleasure to smoke a fine cigar among the company of our good friends at The Dog Watch Social Club.

If you are not familiar with the show, I strongly recommend setting aside some time on your schedule to kick back with a good cigar, relax, and enjoy the show Bob and Dale put together week after week.

The cigar we smoked this week was the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999. This cigar is rolled in Nicaragua with a Connecticut wrapper from 1999. It also has a Nicaraguan binder as well as Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. All of which are aged seven years. Unlike the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and 1992, this cigar is not square pressed and sports a Gold and White band.

Upon my pre light inspection I found the wrapper to be smooth with small veins. There was also a light oily sheen that complimented the light brown Connecticut wrapper very well. When pinched we all found the cigar to be very firm with little spring. This caused a little concern, but we moved on to clip the cigars. At this point we were all amazed to find the draw to be excellent while the cigar felt so packed with tobacco.

Once the cigar was lit it produced lots of thick flavorful smoke. The initial base flavor was that of a classic Connecticut wrapped cigar. The finish was a little on the dry side while the body fell within the medium spectrum.

After a few minutes the base flavor slowly changed to incorporate Toasty and Buttery flavors that mixed well together. The body was about the same while the slightly dry finish faded and became smooth and creamy. The draw was still excellent and produced a firm, light colored ash and even burn.

As we continued to smoke the body slowly began to build while the finish only seemed to get smoother and creamier. This left us discussing how it seemed as though the rich smoke was coating our mouths with flavor. The base flavor stayed very consistent throughout producing a Toasty and Buttery taste.

As the show, and our cigars, came to a close we all agreed that this would be an excellent cigar for the new smoker as well as the seasoned smoker, as it surely would not offend even a new smoker with its flavors and aroma.

If you are a fan of the Rocky Patel line of cigars, this is a cigar you should definitely put on your shopping list.

As always, Bob and Dale, it was a pleasure joining you for another show and we look forward to joining you once again in the future.

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10 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

  1. I sell these cigars and have grown to favor the Rocky Patel line over most others. I agree with your “toasty and buttery” analogy. I don’t go much farther than that when It comes to my unsophisicated palate. To me, a cigar is either mild, medium or full(robust) and either smooth or spicy. I can actually distinguish toasty and buttery, or creamy, but not much more than that. When cigars are described as being “earthy yet humourous in their complexity” I can only figure that the reviewer just wants to hear himself review. YOu did a good review, and thumbs up on a great cigar!

  2. To whom do those long fingers belong? That thumb is stretched after the 1st knuckle…. cigar looks nice though.

  3. I tried this stick tonight for the first time. This stick was also my first foray into the Rocky Patel brand (though I’ve been eyeing them with curiosity for some time.)

    So, what did I think of this stick? I thought it was fantastic! It was very smooth, very creamy, very buttery. It had great draw, and a nice thick cloud of smoke! It was never overpowering, but it was no slouch either. And it wasn’t one-dimensional (then again, one dimensional isn’t necessarily bad, so long as it’s a good dimension.) I didn’t want to put it out.

    As I find occasion in the future to spend this kind of money on a single stick, I think I will go on to try the rest of the Rocky Patel line (1990, 1992, and Decade, at least) I also know that Patel makes a line called “The Edge” which is more in the LTD 10th Anniversary / La Traviata price range, so I may have to give that a whirl too.

    I guess I can’t really add to or take away from Walt’s review of this stick. It sums it up really nice. I will definitely desire to smoke another one of these at some point in the future, Lord Willing.

    Nice review, Walt!

  4. Nice review…spot on even in 2016. I do like a little bit more complexity but this was a very enjoyable, relaxing smoke, and well made.

  5. This is my favorite cigar ever. Besides a cuban cohiba the vintage99 is my go to at any time of the day. Never lets you down. Never had a bad one. Quality is top notch. Smoke these. You wont regret it

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