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Gisbert Maduro

A couple of weeks ago, after finishing the first bargain cigar breakdown, I received a recommendation to try the Gisbert Maduro Toro. A few days later while at my favorite cigar shop I came across a box perched up on a high shelf. Inside I found about a half box, so I picked up a pair and continued to wander around in the humidor.

A few days after making my purchase, I decided to light one up and continue on with my bargain priced cigar reviews. After removing the cigar from the cellophane sleeve I found it to have a nice mild aroma. The color varied from rich brown to light brown throughout the wrapper while having a soft of satin sheen. When pinched I found the cigar to be very firm with very little spring.

I reached for my cutter and clipped the end of my cigar. The result was a crisp clean cut giving way to a fairly tight draw. To try and help the draw I steered a cigar correction tool through the stick to try and loosen things up. After a few minutes of tunneling through the cigar I loosened up the cigar considerably and began the lighting process.

Once lit, the cigar produced a fair amount of smoke which felt considerably thin when drawn into my mouth. The body was Mild to Medium with a smooth but semi dry finish. The base flavor was exactly what I expected of a Maduro. I could taste mild coffee flavors and bitter chocolate. I found the smoke difficult to blow through my sinuses due to how thin it felt, but what smoke I could get through my sinuses left me with a mild spice.

As I burned a little further into this stick I could begin to taste a woody flavor that I could not quiet put my finger on. It sort of tasted like cedar, but then again it didn’t. The coffee and bitter chocolate flavors were still the dominate flavors although they were very mild. The body was still in the Mild to Medium spectrum and the finish seemed to sway from semi dry, leaving me feeling a little parched, to semi creamy, which I found more enjoyable.

As I reached the two thirds mark, I found the burn to be incredibly slow leaving a fairly dark colored ash. This was not bad, I was just not prepared for how long this cigar was going to last. As a slow smoker in general, I knew that I was going to have a long night ahead of me if I was going to smoke this cigar down to the nub.

The finish was now semi creamy as well as short on the pallet. The body was very consistent and did not change much from the Mild to Medium range. The mild spice I mentioned before was now nagging at the back of my throat which was beginning to distract from the mild Maduro flavors that I was enjoying.

As the cigar came to a close the base flavor slowly worked its way up into the medium range. The finish was beginning to become semi dry once again leaving me feel a little parched. The base flavor was still very consistent producing a mild Maduro flavor. The spice that was nagging the back of my throat continued to do so which was dampening the smoking experience.

Overall I think that this was a decent cigar, but it did not fit my preferred profile. I think that a person who enjoys Mild to Medium cigars would have much more appreciation for this stick and find it much more appealing. I would probably not go out seeking another one of these sticks but would certainly not turn one down if offered to me.

I think that I would enjoy this cigar more if it was smoked early Sunday morning while drinking a cup of coffee reading the paper.

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3 thoughts on “Gisbert Maduro

  1. these were/are on special at Famous Smoke in the US (ok so I’m in the Uk) and they are in my opinion excellent for the cheap price.
    As you say these are mild maduros of excellent construction and personally having smoked a lot of non Cuban dross this last few years was really pleased to find another Gispert that was well made with no duds in the box.

    Thanks for the time n effort you put into these reviews

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