Perdomo Reserve – Cameroon

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Perdomo Reserve – Cameroon

Last week I had a stressful day at work. Throughout the day I kept thinking about what cigar I would light up once I got home to unwind. After thinking about cigars all day, my work day finally came to a close and I made my way home.

Once I got in I started to dig around in the cooler and came across a cigar that was given to me by my girlfriend for our four year anniversary back in July. That cigar was a Perdomo Reserve Cameroon.

As soon as I saw this cigar I knew this would be the one to light up. I pulled it from its tinted, silver cellophane sleeve and began to look it over. The color was very rich and attractive while giving off an excellent aroma. The wrapper had small veins and had a smooth oily feel to it. While handling I found the cigar to be fairly firm with some spring to it.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my plug cutter so that I could get down to business. The cap felt thick and took a little bit of extra work to pierce. Once pierced the result was a nice clean hole that made way for an excellent draw. With everything looking good thus far, I began to toast and light the cigar.

Once lit, the cigar produced lots of thick flavorful smoke. The initial base flavor was that of rich tobacco with some leather tones. The finish was short with a quick and enjoyable spice that rolled on and back off of the pallet. The body was in the medium range while producing a light colored ash with an even, slow burn.

As I continued to smoke the cigar completely grabbed my attention. The flavor swayed back and forth from tones of leather to tones of cedar while keeping the rich tobacco base. The finish stayed smooth while giving you a bit of a zing with a sharp spice. The body began to move more into the full spectrum while still staying nice and smooth. The draw continued to be nice and easy while still producing lots of thick smoke.

As I approached the two thirds mark the tones of leather subsided as the cedar flavor began to shine through, becoming the dominant flavor. I could now begin to taste some light peppery flavors beginning to pick up which mixed very well with the cedar base and sharp spice. The body and finish were both very consistent up to this point while still producing a slow even burn.

Once the final third set in I could not tear myself away from the cigar. I was now beginning to pick up some sweet flavors on my lips while the flavors began to swirl into flavors of leather, cedar, and pepper all while still delivering a sharp spice to the pallet. The finish stayed smooth throughout while the body was slowly building. Both the burn and draw were excellent, making for an awesome smoking experience.

Overall I think that this was a very enjoyable cigar and will surely be smoking more in the future. In addition to the complex flavors, this cigar produced an awesome room aroma that I could not get enough of. If you enjoy Cameroon wrappers I think that this is a cigar you must put on your “to try” list.

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8 thoughts on “Perdomo Reserve – Cameroon

  1. I use to be very negatively bias towards Perdomo stuff, but a lot of his stuff is actually pretty good, little over priced though, nice review.

  2. Walt,

    What exactly are you hiding in your dwelling that necessitates that awkward sheet?
    1. Women in cages?
    2. An opium den?
    3. Cuban midget slaves rolling cigars?

  3. Anonymous,

    I’m hiding an unsightly half finished basement, although guesses 1 and 3 weren’t far off 🙂

    Coincidentally, I replaced that sheet last night before shooting another video. I hated the way the blue one looked but was just using it for the time being.

    Hopefully th new one will look a little better.

  4. Great job Walt! I got to watch this review as I smoked the cigar. I loved it and will devinately get more.

    I usually smoke maduros but this cameroon was a very nice change.

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