Episode 1 – Your Questions, My Answers (20:35)

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Episode 1 – Your Questions, My Answers (20:35)

Okay so the title for this series is a little lame. Its something that will need to be brainstormed on but basically we receive a fair amount of questions and comments from YouTube, Skype, AOL IM and e-mail. I just wanted to take some time to share my answers to some of these questions.

Your feedback is appreciated and please correct me or add to any of the questions that I did my best to answer.

Hopefully next month when episode 2 rolls around we will have the logistics worked out and your questions will be answered by both Walt & I. Until then, you will have to deal with my ugly mug babbling on and on and…

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7 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Your Questions, My Answers (20:35)

  1. Jerry man, you’re too funny dude! I love the name “Your Questions, My Answers” and cast my vote for it.

    I’ll be sure to visit Cigarmony.com and see what all they have. I’m glad there is at least one site left on the internet that doesn’t have Google Ads and the various other ad networks everywhere on their site.

  2. Jerry,

    Please pass this on to Max in Quebec.

    The best retailer in the entire US of A is Al at Puffstuff. He doesn’t have a website, he prefers people just call him up. For the most part he beats any price and his shipping to Canada is fast and reasonable. He is a great guy to get to know.

    Give him a call… and let him know that Joe sent you, I certain he will take good care of you.

    Puff ‘N’ Stuff

    Here is a link to my latest purchase from him…


  3. Jerry! You the man, not just because you plugged my site(thank you, btw), but because you offer so much content to the viewers. This may sound strange, but I say keep the name of this segment the same.

    It’s unique and it can be somewhat of an inside joke. You’re a great reviewer and all, but you’re probably not the most creative gorilla in the jungle!

    Coincidently, I had my first Rocky Patel vintage 1992 today and I was a bit disappointed in my taste buds. I hear nothing but good things about this cigar, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to appreciate it. I guess I just need time to develop my palette?

    Currently, my favorite cigar is the Carlos Torano Signature Toro. I’m going to take your advice, I think you mentioned it on the dogwatch, and study/focus on one cigar and learn to pick up all of its subtleties instead of jumping from cigar to cigar.

    Thanks Jerry, Walt, and Brian for all that you do and please keep up the great work.

  4. Joe – Thanks for the info on Al over at Puff ‘N’ Stuff. I’ll be sure to pass that along to Max.

    David – I’ve been surprised by how many people have contacted me saying they like the name. Its straight and to the point or down and dirty as one person put it. I’ve also had many requests to make this at least a bi-weekly show because they can’t wait a month for another.

    Sticking to one cigar that you like is how I started developing my palette. I’m initimate with the Partagas #8 Maduro as I’ve smoke probably over hundred boxes over the years and went from there. And hey, you couldn’t of picked a better stick to get intimate with than the Torano Signature. I know its more expensive than the Toro sized but give the Perfecto size a shot too.

  5. Jerry Wrote: “I’m initimate with the Partagas #8 Maduro”

    Hmmm, bad choice of words or too much info?


    I like the name of this segment Jerry, it reminds of Conan O’Brien- sounds like the name of a segment he would do. I find it pretty funny.

    Keep up the great work my friends!

  6. ha ha! I had to read that twice Jerry! I didn’t know you swing that way…not that there is anything wrong with that.

    And as I watch the video, how come I got no love? I think I ask the most questions. 🙂

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