Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

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Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

Tatuaje Havana VI pre-light

This is another creation from Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia, produced in Pepin’s Tabacalera Cubana factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Angeles is a Nicaraguan puro with a silky Corojo 99 wrapper weighing in at 4-5/8×42. The Havana VI is reported to be a milder blend than the original Tatuaje with the brown band.

Similar to reports I’ve heard and read on other Havana VI cigars, the roll on this one was firm with very little give when squeezed. Clipping the triple cap revealed a draw that was as tight as I feared so I clipped a bit more. This opened the draw up some but it was still rather tight. Based on comments in my Montesino Diplomatico review I tried my best to get a picture of the triple cap below.

Tatuaje Havana VI triple cap

The first puffs come with a little work, producing a fair amount of smoke with a bit of tangy spice. The rest of the first third follows suit, keeping up with the small amount of spice and rather firm draw. The aroma also has a peppery spice that really filled the room. Given the draw that was quite a bit more firm than I prefer, I was rather surprised at the decent amount of smoke produced. Overall the body is a strong medium.

The second third brought a slight decrease to the amount of spice present and a minimal build to the body bringing it to the full side of medium. The ash fell in roughly one inch solid chunks, starting almost white and being a medium gray by the second third. On more than one occasion the burn required a touch-up, tunneling bad enough once to almost require a relight. Given the amount of work I was putting into smoking this cigar I would generally be a bit put off but I was really enjoying the flavors I was getting. Accompanying two or three separate draws in the second third I got a distinctive gingerbread aroma and a simultaneous return of the spice which subsided shortly afterward.

Tatuaje Havana VI second third

Into the last third the body continued to build further and the spice returned, quickly building on the back of the throat. I generally don’t enjoy spicy cigars, however the last few Pepins that I have smoked (this and a Cuban Classic) are beginning to change my perception of them. The complex flavors that accompany the spice is what I’ve been missing from some others but have found in these Pepins. This Angeles also provided a somewhat surprising nicotine kick. I’ve got a few more of these that I plan to sit down for a few months and if the draw gets any better on them I’ll definitely be after a box in the Spring.

Tatuaje Havana VI ashtray


22 thoughts on “Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

  1. I had the same experience with the nice flavors but burn issues and difficulty to smoke. I’m giving mine more time to age also… great review!

  2. Nice job on the review.
    Tatujae has been receiving high marks lately including a Best of 2006 by Cigar Insider.
    It is good to see an American maker producing quality smokes.

    Have you tried the Partagas 160 yet?

  3. Another solid review Brian! I really gotta say between the three of you, you guys really have a wide range of tastes. You guys have really helped me (and I’m sure others) in not being afraid of trying new cigars.

    Maybe I missed it but what do these typically cost?

  4. I sure hope the draw gets better with a little rest, as good as it was I’m not sure I’d suffer through that regularly.

    Mr. C: I haven’t tried the high-dollar Partagas yet, every time I’ve looked at them I’ve left with a few $5 smokes instead. I’m sure I’ll get around to picking one up one of these days.

    Vic: Thanks! The MSRP on the Angeles is $5.50 and I paid $5 plus sales tax.

  5. I have had several of these and have a box resting in my humi for a later date. I agree Brian on with the spice, gingerbread/black pepper notes. However I did not have any of the issues you had Brian. I really enjoy this cigar and plan on more purchases. I would say try it again in about two months and see what you think, I am anticipating that this will turn out to a great cigar with age.

  6. If anyone needs a great source for Tats…

    Puff ‘N’ Stuff

    Once you buy from Al, you’ll never buy from anyone else!

    …and I don’t get paid to say that.

  7. This was an interesting review and I’ve got a question on it. You mentioned it had a surprising nicotine kick. I read somewhere that the nicotine gives a peppery flavor to the cigar in the back of your throat. So, now my question, is the peppery flavor really any indicator to the amount or “strength” of nicotine in a cigar? Or conversely, do cigars that taste smoother and creamier have less nicotine then a peppery cigar? Another question, is “strength” even the right word to use when talking about the nicotine kick?

    Inquiring minds and new smokers want to know 🙂



  8. While I’m sure it’s not a hard and fast rule, in general I think you can use the amount of peppery, throat spice as an indicator of the “strength” of the cigar. When I say strength here I am referring to the amount of nicotine kick provided and not the body of the cigar. I’ve smoked much fuller bodied cigars that were not this strong.

    The fact that in the cold weather I’m only smoking two to three cigars a week instead of seven to eight a week probably has something to do with the effect of the nicotine on me as well.

  9. found several at my local b&m. i’ve read alot of rave reviews on these, but i wasn’t impressed. after the 3rd stick i have almost convinced myself that these just do not burn well out of the box. very uneven. the flavors were background to the burn issues. granted i did not let them rest like i normally do for a few weeks. i’m hoping these will improve with age. in their defense, these are absolutely beautiful stogies. rich in both color and aroma. but like they always say, your next smoke may be your favorite….so herf’s up!

  10. Stephen, I’ve had another one of these since this review that sat in my humidor at 65% for a couple more weeks. The draw and burn were better on the last one I smoked and I’m optimistic that these were just a but damp when I got them. It sounds like that might have been the case with yours as well. I would pick up a couple more and let them sit for a while.

  11. i’ll definately do that. i just posted a little on the cabaiguan belicoso. i’m beginning to think that these were indeed purchased a little early. my local B & M just got them in the day before. i’m gonna give them another shot this spring. thanks for the help!

  12. Just finished my 1st one.
    Hard draw, due to being rather wet, had to relight twice.
    Medium-Full, with leather, black pepper notes.
    Not sure if I would purchase again.

  13. I have found that keeping these smokes at about 62% Rh is where they burn better, thereby increasing my enjoyment. They are awesome, and working my way through my first box of them!


  14. I agree John. When I brought these home from the shop where they were kept at 70% I had burn problems. After a few weeks in my humidor at around 63-65% they burn much better.

  15. I’ve smoked about 20 of these little gems the past 4 months, never had any of the burn problems or draw problems as indicated here. I am completely impressed by this little cigar, it has complexity and nuance usually reserved for ISOM’s. Now bear with me as I give a one sentence description of my Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles smoking experience.

    A steady flow of deep black cherry, peppery, full flavored headstrong chewy smoke that leans towards headstrong strength.

    I may add it has a great start and a great finish. After smoking cigars from all over the World the past 10 years I am extremely pleased to say this is one of the best, I’m sure they’ll age fantastic.

  16. I gave one to my colleague (and cigar buddy) to serve as a “guinea pig”. This morning he reported that it “knocked him out” and compared it to a Cuaba Divino [little and lethal]! Taste-wise he said it was rather peppery. Definitely NOT for beginners! 😉

  17. Fair enough assessment. I don’t believe Don Pepin Garcia makes many if any cigars that I would consider “beginner cigars”, and definitely not what you want with breakfast.

  18. I just finished one of these guys and had to come here and check out the reviews. Gotta say this is one of the best cigars I have smoked. I actually let mine sit out on the counter for a half hour and did not experince any draw issues so I am thinking that helped out. Anyway great cigar, I absolutely loved it and will be picking up more!!!!

  19. I just finished one and Brians review was spot on.
    I had to touch up the stick a few times, and it did go out once .
    The final third the wrapper blew up on me.I did enjoy the taste and aroma was very nice, but I would not purchase again.

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