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Rocky Patel Connecticut

First I have to apologize for the rush job on the video. I really wasn’t on my game tonight as it seemed all day long I was behind in everything I needed to do. Just the way it goes in my world of a father-to-be.

The Rocky Patel Connecticut came up in discussion during my review last week on the Montecristo White as being a more affordable option. I have to say that the Rocky Patel Connecticut is one of my favorite morning cigars. While not a very complex cigar its consistency in both flavor profile and construction has made the Rocky Patel Connecticut a mainstay in my humidor and to my rotation.

I sum up the Rocky Patel Connecticut as being a crisp cigar. Like I said, not complex and the flavors don’t have much depth to them but the flavors are crisp and easily identified and the creamy, toasted nut and sweet finish along with its affordable price tag make the Rocky Patel Connecticut the perfect companion with that first cup of morning coffee.

Video runs 12:03 and again, this is probably the worst job I’ve done to date on a video.

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26 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Connecticut

  1. Jerry you will never be on time for anything in your life ever again. No matter how early you wake up to get that “head start” and no matter how much you “plan ahead” something will always come up making you late. My all time favorite is the classic “no one has to pee before you leave the house” but 10 minutes down the road you hear someone in the back go “I have to go pee” which is promptly follow by the classic “why didn’t you go before we left?” and the even more classic response of “I didn’t have to go then” and the next thing you know, at no fault of your own, you’re 30 minutes behind.

  2. Another great review. I too love these cigars just about anytime of the day. Great in the morning with a cup of coffee.

    BTW, did you get my package?

  3. Jerry,
    Great review, but as of your question. I wouldn’t really sweat being late. We are men and we are always late. Except for those football games. Just take your time and plan ahead and maybe get started a few minutes earlier. Thats all. Oh, and Congrats on the baby. The real family time begins when the baby is born. Get used to a lot of it. I am not in that boat yet, sooner or later though I will. Well, great review Jerry and you should review the Vinatge 1999 Connecticut by Rocky Patel. Wondering if it is the same as this one. Just an idea.

  4. Vic – You on crack? You don’t have any kids dude unless you’re saying your wife can’t hold her blatter?

    Carlos – Sent you an e-mail this morning thanking you for the very generous cigars you sent me. Can’t wait to try the cigars from your home of Portugal.

    Jeremy – I have a Vintage 1999 sitting in my humidor. I missed the show Brian & Walt did on the DWSC reviewing it. You can read Walt’s review at:

    You could also download show #89 from and give them a listen.

    No video on Walt’s review though. I will have to smoke mine and add a video to it. Maybe if I have time this weekend.

    Everyone – Keep the comments, IM and e-mails coming. I’m getting a nice pile and maybe forced to record Episode 2 before the pile falls on me.

  5. Another great review, bro! I will definitely try one of these Rocky’s. And as to your issue with being late, my friend, you can surely plan ahead and give you, M, and the baby more time so that you can arrive places on time. This was one of my biggest pet peeves too. We were always…ALWAYS late and she’d never do anything to address it. It’s going to happen, it’s the nature of having a child and the unpredicatability of little ones. You can plan ahead with more time all you want, Jer, but you’ll be late when your little one spits up all over your shirt when you’re headed out the door. I feel you, my asian brother, but get used to it.

  6. Okay okay, so I don’t have any kids but come on, it was funny right?

    Jerry you are your toughest critic. I didn’t see anything wrong with your vid at all. Relax and feel good that you guys are putting out some quality entertainment.

  7. Jerry,

    Great review Jerry, next time I’m in the US I will definitely give one a try now.

    Do me one favor… pick up some Cuesta Rey Centenarios. My favorite for value is the #60 Toro. A box of 10 goes for roughly $35. I want your opinion on how you think they compare to these other mild Connecticut shade cigars you have reviewed lately. I have a feeling you will think these are amazing morning/mild cigars. If you don’t like them I will buy the rest of the box from you… I promise! Your financial advisor will love me to because they are even cheaper than the Rocky’s.

  8. Here is the info on the filler Jerry…

    The RP Vinatge 1999 CT is made with a vintage tobacco combination from the great crop of 1999, wrapped with its outstanding flawless golden brown Connecticut USA wrapper and rich Nicaraguan binder, Its mild bodied flavor derived from aged Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero long fillers is silky smooth. In boxes of twenty cigars, Vintage 1999 is available in six sizes.

  9. Cruzie you’re up to #6 Most Watched on Blip.Tv! Keep watching people! Make Cruzie’s video #1!

    Oh yeah, Jerry bad ass mobile edition! It looks great on my 8703e with 4.1 installed. I can actually watch your videos on it.

  10. Joe – Thanks for the info on the Vintage 1999. But its actually two different cigars. The RP Vintage 1999 CT is different from the RP Connecticut. From other e-mails I’ve received it looks like the RP Connecticut is a Cigars International exclusive like the RP Honduran is to Famous.

    Sid – Sup my brother Sid! I’m actually stumped as to who is watching the video. Over 1,200 views! Someone has to be linking to it. Hopefully its a “check out this great review” type link and not a “look at this loser” type.

    Too bad 4.1 does nothing for the 7290 since the 7290 doesn’t have the multimedia features like the 8703e.

  11. Cruzie it looks like this site is linking to your video:

    I just can’t see where it is.

    No 4.1 for you! Time for an upgrade. Too bad the Pearl doesn’t have a full QWERTY keyboard. Doesn’t T-Mobile have any of the 8700 series? I guess we can pick this up in IM instead of talking about non-cigar stuff on your cigar blog.

  12. All the Blackberry people are checking in now! All we need is Tim and everyone talking in IM would be here. LOL.

    I’m surprised your mobile edition hasn’t been Spotlighted for Blackberry friendly content. Maybe once 4.1 is more widely available and more people can watch your videos.

    Jerry you know Blip.Tv lets you use them as your host if you wanted to put your video reviews as a VCAST on iTunes Podcast Directory. Look into it. Could drive even more traffic.

    You’re #5 Most Watched now.

  13. I just smoked two different connecticut shade cigars, the 5 Vegas Gold and the Rocky Patel Connecticut and I have to give the edge to the RP. The Vegas one I had was a little tight on the draw and I think that made me draw a bit too hard on it and it got a tad hot so got more of the bitter tastes I don’t like very much. But I didn’t have that problem with the RP. So, thumbs up to RP for making a nice Connecticut shade wrapped cigar 🙂


  14. Jerry-

    Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoy a less complicated smoke, but let me ask you – how would you compare it to a C.A.O. maduro? They probably don’t compare very well, but I didn’t really enjoy that maduro very much. Is the Connecticut better?

    P.S.: You really should try a Rocky Patel vintage 1990. Unbelievable.

  15. Earlier in the month I picked up the RP Special at Famous where you receive (5) Vintage 1990, (5) Vintage 1992, (5) Cuban Blend and (5) Sun Grown. I’m a big fan of the 1990’s but haven’t been too pleased with the 6×60 sized of them.

    I don’t think we can compare the CAO Maduro and the RP Connecticut. The Maduro is going to have a much robust flavor. While I’m not much of a fan for CAO branded cigars, other suggestions did come in indicating that the CAO Gold would be a good comparison to the RP Connecticut.

  16. I just one 5 five packs on an auction site for $11.00 for each 5 pack. Never had em before and just found this review so I hope I enjoy them as much as you do.

    Thanks for the review.
    Jonathan C Hall

  17. “So Im going to go track down my pants” AHAHAH nice! I agree with most people after reading the Monte White review comments that this is a better, cheaper alternative to the White. Though I do enjoy a white label every once and a while.

  18. Allow an extra hour to get the baby ready to go in addition to however long it takes you and your wife to get ready. Also, work as a team and assign responsibilities, such as, you are in charge of making sure the diaper bag is ready and your wife makes sure the baby is dressed. If you do it that way, all you have to worry about is making sure you get yourself ready and the diaper bag ready, and your wife will make sure she is ready and the baby is dressed. It cuts down on the time and is less stressful that way. That is what works for my wife and I. We are still always late, but probably not as late as we would be if we were disorganized, haha. Congratulations and Good Luck!

  19. I’m glad you enjoyed the cigar, but I can see why so many of your aquantances may have dissagreed with your opinion of the Connecticut. I found it mild as you said, crisp flavor that went away quickly on the palate, a little creamy which saved it from me throwing it down. It is a beautiful looking cigar, draws great, burns great, but leaves nothing lingering on the palate or aromatically in the room. It’s not that I am inexperienced with mild connecticut wrapper cigars, I used to smoke Joya De Nicaragua box pressed churchills back in 1985. Now that was a smoke! But it’s almost like some guy told me once that he ate egg beaters instead of real eggs because they didn’t give him that eggy aftertaste. I just gave him a blank stare because my thinking is that you eat eggs because you want that eggy taste in your mouth, and if it lingers on the palate a bit all the better. I’m just saying…

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