Episode 2 – Your Questions, My Answers (Video)

Videos Your Questions, My Answers9 Comments on Episode 2 – Your Questions, My Answers (Video)

Episode 2 – Your Questions, My Answers (Video)

We’ve received a nice amount of questions and comments and decided to put together Episode 2 earlier than scheduled and for the most part we got the logistics worked out but combining both of our recordings into one almost seamless recording really tested my limited video editing skills.

In this episode Walt & I tackle questions about our stance on flavored/infused cigars as well as our opinion on how to store them. We also discuss tips on how to smoke in your house without the leftover smell, JR Alternative cigars, cigar smoking music, podcasts, blind cigar taste tests, wireless weather stations and Walt shows why he’s the real brains of the Stogie Review while pimp’n his “Got Puros” hoodie he bought from our wonderful sponsor Cigarmony.com

Video runs about 25 minutes and should keep you entertained for a bit since there is no football this weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Your Questions, My Answers (Video)

  1. I think you got the time about right on this Jerry. I’d like to see you cut it down to 20 minutes. 25 is good but anything more than that is excessive.

    Great stuff…these Q&A really lets us get to know you guys and your little quirks like you saying “gotcha gotcha”. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. Jerry I knew you were a geek but didn’t know you were such a big one. What would be perfect in your case is for a PC program that monitors your humidors and sends your blackberry a SMS message when the temperature or RH% reach a certain threshold.

    Nice podcast playlist. You will probably also enjoy Security Now with Steve Gibson and if you like watching videos as much as you like making them check out itidiots.com and their vcast.

  3. Great Video fellas. To answer Jerry’s question, yes the Torano Noventas are out. If you would like I can send you some to review along with the Tres Habanos. Let me know and until than, Smoke Up.

  4. Great Video. As for the wireless hygrometers. I use them. I’ve got 1 unit in my cabinet, 1 in each of my desktops. the base station is down in my smoking room. My cabinet and desktops are directly upstairs above where my room is and the base station still pickups the signals from the wireless units. I can monitor the temp and humidity in all 3 humidors without having to open them up. Best investment yet for my cigar addiction…err..I mean hobby.

  5. Thanks so much for answering my question about smoking indoors. Love the video segments, love the reviews, love the site. Keep up the great work!


    p.s. Congrats, Jerry, on finding out the wonderful news. Can’t wait to one day see the future “Baby Stogie”;)

  6. Thanks everyone for watching! Thanks to you all Episode 2 reached the #3 spot of the most watched videos in a 24 hour period on Blip.tv

    I have to say how enjoyable doing these episodes are. I think Walt said it best by pointing out how the change of pace from doing just reviews is fun to do.

    Keep the questions and comments coming as this is truly a blast!

  7. another great vid. i’m glad you guys liked the wireless hygro setup. i am using 2 of those for aging now. Jerry, my geekness was perked when you mentioned the computer based monitoring system. i’ll have to check in to that. it would be cool. hope you guys have a great week. talk to ya soon!

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