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La Aroma De Cuba

Thanks again to Carlos in NJ as this is another one of the many cigars he sent me a few weeks ago.

When you watch the video you will see I was a bit torn by this cigar. I enjoyed the cigar and I’d recommend it. The problem is, I’m not sure if I’d remember to recommend it. Lots of good earthy and woodsy flavors that I enjoyed. Construction, burn rate and draw were are all superb. I think I was expecting more and thats my own fault. While I was taking breaks from recording the video I was surfing and reading reviews that others had published even Cigar Insider rating it a 93. From those other reviews I was looking forward to the La Aroma De Cuba changing into a smoothe, silky, chocolate flavors at the 50% point. When I got to the 50% point and smoked passed it I kept waiting and waiting but no such flavors developed.

Like I said, the La Aroma De Cuba is a good cigar and the earthy/woodsy flavors are a delight. If I’m out and about I’d probably pick up more. The hard part will be to actually remembering the La Aroma De Cuba. I did love the cigar band so maybe that will help.

Enjoy the video (9:32) and be sure to leave a comment and answer the question I pose towards the end.


25 thoughts on “La Aroma De Cuba

  1. Great review Jerry. To answer your question. I use the band as a marker. If I am really enjoying a cigar, I will peel the band and smoke more, but if it is a cigar that I am not pleased with, well I stop at the band. Again, its all personal preference on what you like, but to me it’s a marker. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. As for the question, if I am loving the cigar I will happily let it burn my fingers and then begrudginly put it down when I can’t take it anymore. I feel as though a lot of the body of a cigar comes out when you are at the nub of it. But, if I am not digging the stick I’ll give to a little less than halfway before I toss it.

  3. Jerry – I normally stop smoking at the band as well. I heard it was bad etiquette to remove the band. Maybe that can be something for your Q&A session.

    Carlos has some good taste. I’ve purchased many boxes of the La Aroma De Cuba myself. I’d suggest giving it another try. I get the woodsy flavor at first but it does develop into a sweet almost chocolate taste that I think could compete with your RP Connecticut.

  4. Hmmm…I don’t know how you can stop smoking at the band considering the band on each cigar is a different size. What do you do with some these cigars that are double banded and come halfway down the cigar? Or better yet, where do you stop smoking on naked cigars? I just smoke until I can’t smoke no more.

  5. I find that the band is a fairly good marker of when the taste starts to change to where I don’t like it much anymore.

    I have heard that bands can be like “name brands” on clothing. Therefore, if your intent is to show off – keep the band on. It was thus recommended that bands should be removed. (I however like the look of the band on the cigar). It has also been noted that the band can be a good conversation starter between two stogie dudes.

  6. I smoke to the nub on almost every stick. The only times when I don’t is when there are MAJOR problems with it or I’m pressed for time.
    I say , I payed all of it, way not smoke all of it.

  7. Heya Jerry,

    To answer your question:
    I stop smoking the cigar when I stop enjoying it. Of course it can’t be one bad puff, it has to trend towards un-enjoyable for 1/2 inch; at which time I know I’m finished with it. Be it half, before the band, after the band, to the nub, wherever; once I stop enjoying it, I stop smoking it.
    I’m not rich or pretentious enough to allow any arbitrary etiquette to usurp my desire to continue enjoying a lit cigar…

    Great Review!

  8. I feel the same way as the above comments. If I’m not enjoying the cigar, I’ll stop. If I’m digging it, I’ll nub it.

    Jerry, as far at the LaDC, you’ve got that 2nd one I sent you. Give it another go.

  9. I’m same Jerry, if I am enjoying my self I keep smoking, in general the enjoyment for me end somewhere around the band, I don’t like when a cigar gets too hot… nice shout out to the CDN brothers… can’t wait to Herf in the spring, I’ll bring the cedar (or fake cedar tubes!) and some Cubans! (cigars not girls!)

  10. Its only bad to smoke past the band if you leave the band on!

    If the cigar is good I’ll put the tiny nub down and find myself trying to pick it up again.

  11. 95% of the time I smoke past the band. There are times when I have to pinch the nub with my fingernails and it forces the binder and filler out and into the ashtray. When that happens I’m left with a burning piece of wrapper pinched in my fingers.

    I look at it as, I want my moneys worth out of a cigar. If I put it out at the band it is like drinking a beer down to the label and pouring the rest out. In either case it isa classic case of tobacco/alcohol abuse 🙂

  12. I normally smoke them down to the final third. If the cigar is truly exceptional I will nub it but that is very rare.

    Great review and keep up the great work.

  13. most of the time i go past the band, unless it goes harsh or unenjoyable. good rule of thumb, don’t punish your palate.

    great review!!

  14. Hi Jerry,

    This is one of my favorite cigars in this price range. You should have another. I buy them by box.

    Regarding your question, it could only make sense to me to smoke’m as long as you are enjoying the smoking of the cigar! Nothing else makes sense. I smoke great cigars until my fingers get too hot to hold’m any more!

    I love the videos. Keep them coming!

  15. Jeez guys, if the cigar tastes great, rip that band off and keep smoking it till you drop! That’s my philosophy.

    Very few cigars will give you good flavor down to the nub. If you find one, take advantage.

    Regarding La Aroma de Cuba – I had one in Churchill size, natural wrapper – found it to be woodsy AND fruity – very pleasing. Finish was a bit short, however – not a luxurious smoke. Still, I would smoke it again. Good for the price.

  16. A good cigar deserves a proper burial.
    Stubbing it out in the philodendron does not seem to confer the amount of respect due a good cigar, once smoked.
    As such, proper burial should be done in the bowl of a good pipe. I realize that this usage may strike some as hoary and undignified, bot to those I would say ‘If it was good enough for dear old Grand dad, its good enough for me’
    This antiquated practice really isnt as bad as modern sensibilities would have us believe, and really, can you think of a more fitting send off to a cigar who has served his purpose honorably?
    Technically, it is easy. All that is needed is a container of some kind, a dedicated cutting board (dont want the missus to have a hissy fit!) and a dedicated knife. (wide, heavy blades are best) Chop chop chop. Those are the whole instructions.
    Additionally, the mixture of various butts frequently creates some very pleasing blends, which are serendipitous and not attainable by calculation, which adds another pleasant aspect to it. (surprise)
    Admittedly, during the smoking of a cigar, most of the tars gravitate towards the butt end, and therefore the taste and aroma are more robust, but that is not a problem for those of us who enjoy English mixtures and/or Perique.
    As I type this, I am sending off the mixed remains of a Comacho SLR, a Fuente Hemingway, and a 5 Vegas A
    in my age-old Peterson Shamrock and am happy as a clam (Thanks Grandpa!)

    Now, as to the Aroma de Cuba.
    I actually like this cigar very much. Especially in relation to its price. It does have a certain distinct characteristic that many more boutiqe-y cigars lack. It must be that woody flavor.
    all the same, this is a very good cigar made all the better for its reasonable price.

  17. You reviewed the Pyramid, but try the Robusto. I think the way the ends capture the tars and flavors differently greatly affects the taste once you get past the halfway point on this cigar. I think it’s more like the last third of the Robusto that really makes it an experience.

    I had a La Aroma De Cuba Robusto in my humidor for about 9 months and just smoked it last night. I got the same spice from it right away – it was intense on an unlit draw. Once I toasted her up, I got the same light spice, woodsy, earthy tones. It stayed that way until the last third when I was thinking, “Man, I’m just going to put this down because it’s getting tired.” But, that cocoa flavor suddenly kicked in and I’m still thinking about it. I described the flavor to my wife as your favorite old leather bag filled with cocoa. She looked at me funny, but I think you all will get it.

    By the way, the Robusto goes great with an ice-cold Leffe Blonde at around dusk.

    As is true with any cigar I smoke, once I stop enjoying a cigar (for at least 5 mins) I put it down. The whole point is to enjoy the flavors, aromas and relax. I don’t want to ruin or diminish a nice experience. As for the band: take it or leave it. I don’t think anyone really cares anymore. It’s a personal preference. I think that if you’re concerned about etiquette and aren’t sure what you should do, just wait until the cigar heats up and take off the band. It would at least show that you know what you’re doing.

  18. Hey. I smoke my cigars almost throught the whole way. when a cigar is really good, it’s mostly because the last part is good. average cigars die earlier IMO.

  19. I always enjoy your reviews Jerry. I had a la aroma de cuba this evening. I’m not sure when, but it is supposed to be reblended now. I really don’t have any thing different to write about this cigar. However, you smoke a cigar until it does not taste good to you any more.

  20. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for the review. Just won an Immensa and two rothchilds on Cbid. Looking forward to trying. However, I’m a little confused about this cigar. Is the La Aroma de Cuba now maufactured by Don Pepin Garcia in Nicaragua and not by Ashton?

    Regarding when to put down a cigar, I say the cigar will tell you when it’s time. Sometimes that’s after the first few puffs. I can name lots of examples when this has been the case, but won’t.

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