Blast from the past

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Blast from the past

A good friend of mine was working on an old barn recently. While taking down some old plaster he wasn’t surprised to see wadded up newspaper stuffed into the walls as insulation. However, what did surprise him was the clipping he saw as he pulled out the first wad of newspaper. It was a cigar advertisement in the Daily Reporter (old Phoenixville, PA Newspaper) dated 1929.

The Old Tiler Cigar
For the man who knows a good smoke!
Hand made, real Havana excellently cured, perfectly blended, mild flavor – just right.
The best that 8 cents can buy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
So sure are we that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of Old Tiler Cigars
that we are willing to send them on trial. Smoke three cigars, test their fragrance and flavor.
Compare them with any two 25 cent cigar. If not entirely satisfied send the cigars back
and your money will be promptly refunded

Box of 50 For $4

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3 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. Some of the companies today should learn a lesson from this ad. 50 cigars for $4. I am in for about 20 bundles.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing that with us, that is so cool on so many levels. I think that is why I was attracted to cigars before I even smoked them- the history behind them. While the many things we do and consume change through the years, there is something at the root of smoking cigars that have never changed…except for the price and variety of course! Thanks Walt!
    -Eric D.

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