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Several months ago when CAO began advertising their X2 lines I became very curious and started to search them out at my local cigar shops. Unfortunately I did not have any luck finding one of the two sticks to try. After a few weeks of looking, CAO ran a quiz on their website which asked questions about their new CX2 cigar. I was fortunate enough to guess all the answer correctly and win a free CX2 Cigar.

I really enjoyed that cigar and it began to peak my interest in the MX2 line. After a few weeks of searching the local shops with no luck, I decided to call it quits and put more time and effort into tracking down other cigars.

About a month or so ago, I came across several boxes at a new cigar shop I was frequenting. I grabbed a couple sticks and headed home with a new found interest in smoking the MX2.

After a few weeks of rest I finally decided to light one up and give it a try. The wrapper was very dark with an oily feel and rich aroma. After inspecting the cigar I removed my cutter from its case and clipped the cap of my cigar. The result was a clean crisp cut which gave way to a smooth and flavorful pre light draw. Toasting and lighting was quick and easy which produced a good volume of thick smoke.

The first third of the cigar started off with a Medium Body and a dense Maduro flavor that consisted of Earthy and Coffee tones. The finish was rich and creamy while being soft of the palate. The draw was excellent and produced lots of thick smoke. The ash was light grey and firm.

As I smoked into the second third, the earthy tones began to fade and were replaced by flavors of bitter chocolate. This flavor, in addition to the coffee, made for a rich and enjoyable smoke. The finish remained smooth and creamy and the body remained Medium. The burn rate was nice and slow, but the burn was becoming uneven. The burn corrected itself after a short while and everything was back to normal.

After reaching the final third, I found myself enjoying this stick much less than before. The base flavor remained rich with Coffee and Bitter Chocolate tones, but the flavors of the Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper were coming through heavily. Prior to this, the flavor mixed very well with the Brazilian Binder making a flavor combination I really enjoyed. The body remained Medium and the finish was still rich and creamy. The burn rate was slow and produced a firm, light grey ash.

When the cigar was about an inch and half long, I was forced to put it out. The Connecticut Broadleaf flavor became too much for me and I could no longer enjoy the smoke. This is not to say that others will not enjoy the flavor, I just have developed a disliking for the particular flavor the tobacco produces.

Overall I think that this is a stick that any Maduro lover should add to their shopping list.

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21 thoughts on “CAO MX2

  1. Nice video Walt. I’ve not tried any of the double wrapper CAO cigars yet. Sounds like this one will be the one I do try though if I see one to pick up.


  2. Great review Walt, this was the first CAO I ever tried. And from what I can remember I really liked it to. I would say for the price, its a goos smoke.

  3. Walt, another outstanding review.

    When the CAO MX2 came out back in 2003, I bough a few singles then a box of the Torpedo size. That box lasted me awhile. When I was finally done with it, I went to my local to pick up another box and he was out. I went online to buy a box and everything was on backorder. I found out that CAO was having some problems with the tobacco that went into the MX2. When the MX2 were available again, I went out and bought a box again. The 2nd generation MX2, if you will, was completely different and I was dissapointed. I gave the cigars a few months to settle and still nothing. The 1st generation MX2 was alot better in my opinion.

  4. I’ve not a huge fan of the Brazilian maduro, it’s good for a change of pace but I wouldn’t be able to smoke it all the time?

  5. Great job Walt.
    I too have had the MX2 on my ‘todo’ list for some time, and they’re still elusive in my area. I heard production is complete on the cigar so WYSIWYG as far as remaining stock goes….
    This review at least quenches my curiosity insofar as what to expect…… thanks!

  6. i’m a BIG CAO fan. i know they get loads of mixed reviews for over hyped and over marketed sticks, but they make some quality stuff. i’ve raved over the Italias, Odyssey, Gold’s ect., and the MX2’s are no execption. i got a torpedo CAO sampler from my local b&m and found these to be very enjoyable. Beautiful wrapper, almost like the La Gloria Cubana’s maduro but with a more ioly sheen. i’ve had several since then, all very consistant.

    as far as the discontinuation of the line, i’m unsure. i know they have/will stop production on the CRIOLLO and ODYSSEY lines as they introduce the new VISION line. the Criollo’s were lack-luster at best but the Odyssey’s were very tasty. great reviews again. i’ve gotten to where i look forward to them every week. thanks guys!

  7. Excellent review, Walt.

    I would really like to find an MX2 and give it a try.

    Also, glad to hear that someone else likes the Oliva Serie G Maduros. I really enjoy the flavor and easy draw.

    Also, thanks for the Amagazi tip!

  8. I stumbled onto this site by accident looking for Mx2 reviews. I just picked up three of these sticks today and I can’t wait being a Maduro fan(Also love Olivias to the above posters). I also just recently registered and have been lurking @ Club Stoggie.

    Thanks for the fantastic review Walt and I love the fact that your not a maduro fan but noticed the complexity of the second wrapping being so dominate and then leaving the flavor profile.

    FYI Ya’ll, These acutally have TWO wrappers.


  9. I won a box of these on an auction website when they first came out. They are one of my favorite Maduros. They are a medium full body, but they smoke slow and sweet! Great burn and no draw problems. Since Ozneger sold the Company, all the CAOs have gone downhill.

  10. Yo Walter, Super Bowl Sunday and your drinkin some earl grey tea. Come on, you got a long time until your a wrinkled old man. Haha im messin, great review. It’s interesting hearing what you’ve been smoking lately. Keep it up.

  11. I LOVED this stick. So many flavors that marry into an overall smooth relaxing experience. Got a bit light headed halfway through, but that may be attributable to my light dinner and the Wild Turkey that I enjoyed with this stick. A very memorable smoke that I would seek out. Try one now.

  12. I tried my first MX2 today and it definitely has some nice attributes. I enjoyed it for the most part, however I was distracted by a couple of flaws in construction. The wrapper unravelled at the tip which felt messy and I was constantly pulling bits of it away from my lip and patting it back down. It began to unravel about half way down the stick as well but I was able to hold it together. Construction issues aside, it’s a pretty good smoke and I will try again. It smelled wonderful prior to lighting and I have to agree that it has some sweet and bold flavours that produces a good waft of smoke. I also could detect chocolate and coffee notes which turned somewhat bitter and creamier near the end. I have an LX2 on tap for tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes.

  13. Just tried my first MX2 cigar. I found like the majority I found the draw was very smooth. I have been a big fan of the Cuban cigars as we vacation there once a year but after smoking the MZ2 I have found a new cigar that will replace as my go to.

    1. It’s been quite a while since I last had an MX2. Another CAO that’s really popular these days is the Flathead. If you like the MX2, you outta give that a shot as well.

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