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Partagas Black

Its hard to believe that its taken me this long to review a cigar that has been a big part of my cigar smoking life. The Partagas Black is one of my all time favorites. A few winters ago I smoked nothing but these for over 3 months, every day, all day. Its sad to see that this was the last one in my humidor. What’s worst is, I forgot to take a picture of it before I started smoking it. My bad for no images…

This is a rich cigar that anyone can appreciate! Filled with rich flavors of semi-sweet chocolate, a solid earthy base with coffee or rich espresso hints. Those flavors make up the Partagas Black’s flavor profile. If you need another reason to love the Partagas Black, it consistency. I’ve never had a bad stick (knock on wood) or one that had construction issues. When I wanted a cigar full of rich flavors, the Partagas Black has been like a good friend to me. Its never let me down.

Watch the video (10:57) for my full review and also watch for a contest announcement on one of the cigar forums I’m a member of.

Like I say in the video, the Partagas Black is the one cigar I would want to have if I was on a deserted island…which brings me to my question this week. If you were on a deserted island and could have any box of cigar with you, what would that cigar be?


23 thoughts on “Partagas Black

  1. Excellent video review yet again. Man, that ashtray can hold some serious dead trophies. How many were in there? Looked like around 15. Damn!!!


  2. I love Friday reviews! I look forward to them every week. You’re such a character!

    I see that TnT Cigars are going to introduce a Partagas Black Alternative. Jerry I look forward to review of that to see how it compares to the original.

  3. Nice review.
    Though if I had to choose a stick for the deserted island question…

    I’d be choosing between the Cuban Cohiba Robusto – or the Cuban PSD4

    Since there are likely no embargo laws on the island I think I’d enjoy having those rare treats with me. 🙂

  4. I forgot to answer the question…I’d just smoke whatever you had Jerry. Can’t go wrong with that…assuming we are on the same deserted island…how many could there be right?

  5. Hello,

    Long-time reader, first-time writer. Thanks for the many excellent reviews and tips.

    As to a desert-island smoke, my hands-down choice would be Padron Delicias Maduro. It’s the perfect size for me, and the flavor and construction have been perfectly consistent from one box to the next for years. I do miss the (cheaper) Fumas, though…

  6. Jerry,
    First let me introduce myself, my name is Thomas and I am one of the Co-Founders of TNTCIGARS.COM. I sort of made it to the chat lastnight but my cable modem was on the fritz.
    Well, I was fowarded your link from Rick over at I like what you have going on and appreciate you mentioning us along with Cigarzilla. I want to thank you by offering you a free five pack of our padron anniversary alternatives. Just email me your address and we’ll send you a 5’er.



  7. Jerry, I always enjoy your reviews! I was laughing out loud with your comments regarding the pleasing noises being made while lighting the stogie.

    My favorite cigar lately (thus the one I’d take to a desert island) has been the Fuente Don Carlos Robusto.

    I saw the Partagas Blacks at my local shop the other day and went right past them (obviously not knowing what I was doing). I’m certainly going to have to return to grab a few.

    Thanks again for all of the great reviews, suggestions, and education regarding the cigars.

  8. as you know, mine would have to be either the CAO Italias or a Cuban Montecristo #2. the Partagas black are great. i highly recommend the Partagas red label as well. thanks again for your enthusiasm and insight!

  9. Yet another great review. Man I love these. Anyway, after watching your review, I had to go to the smoke shop and pick me one up and test it for myself. Well, I was really pleased and I will be picking up a lot more of these bad boys. A friend of mine said he used to smoke these all the time, but they changed the blend in them and they are not as good as they used to be. Was just wondering if you or anyone else has heard or known about this? Thanks again!!

  10. Great review. But I don’t know what happened. Today I went out and bought that same exact cigar and it was rough! I’ve had one or two in the past and really enjoyed them, but this one, well there was something wrong with it. Right off the bat I could see that the foot was cracking right after I lit it and continued to peel back for about the first 10 minutes of smoking the cigar. I actually left it half smoked in the ash tray! I suppose I’ll give this one another try in the future.

    I do highly recommend the cuban version if you can get them. I espcially like the Series D and P. Yum!

  11. Jerry,

    I would never have tried the Partagas Black were it not for your “unbiased” review. I’m smoking one now and really enjoying it. If you haven’t tried (and I can’t remember) the Oliva Serie O or G maduros, they might be worth a shot too. They’re not as full and “meaty” as this Partagas, but they’re nice smokes. Keep up the good work!


  12. Jerry,

    This is the perfect cigar for the economical smoker. I’m 2.5 inches into one now, a 6×54 magnifico, and I’ve logged an hour and 15 minutes smoking it! At $3.55 a stick, that’s 59 cents per inch of great smoke. On a time basis, that’s 2.5 hours of great smoking for only $3.55 or $1.40 per hour for a quality smoking experience. How else can you get that much enjoyment for $1.40 an hour?


  13. You introduced me to this cigar an year ago and I became addicted to the Partagas Black bravo size ( classico size is little too much for me) I’ve smoked at least three boxes of these by now,but I have to disagree with your opinion on construction quality and consistency of the partagas black though It is still my favorite cigar..Do you think it is because of size difference ?Also, as same as Al Nelson, Do you still feel the same about this stick?

  14. Hey Jerry, I’m a novice smoker but have to say the Partagas black was an awesome smoke. Great tatse, great burn and really just n enjoyable smoke.

  15. Gotta agree! Must say however, they are much better after some box time. Let em sit for a few months! It really smooths them out, and brings out the flavors much more. Great Stick! Stock em, smoke em, go buy more!

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