Partagas Black

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Partagas Black

Partagas Black

Really hope that my boy @waltw gets enough rest. I know he’s been feeling under the weather this week so I’m filling in for him while he gets some much deserved extra rest.

I know, I know, I’ve reviewed the Partagas Black before but the past week or so, my old review has gotten some new comments and I’ve received a few messages on YouTube and via e-mail asking me if I still feel the same way about the Partagas Black as I did back in February 2007.

Video runs 15:24 and you will find out where the Partagas Black stands with me as well as a bunch of shortouts to Twitter people. One Twitter person in particular has a pretty smooth cigar blog over at so be sure to check the site out! I’ll see you guys next week with a review of cigar out of Puerto Rico so definitely check in for that. Until then…long ashes…


18 thoughts on “Partagas Black

  1. Jerry you rock! Nice hockey coverage too but everyone knows that the Blackhawks are gonna take the cup so it don’t matter what your Caps or those Penguins do.

    Thanks for the entertaining review and the link to

  2. Awesome review Jerry! Nothing is better than a “Jerry” review to get you set for the weekend. I get what you’re saying. I like the idea of you guys going back revisiting older reviews to see how they stack up.

    Mark – I don’t think anyone watches Jerry’s video for a English lesson. Its his kitchen table and he can use bad English if he wants, I’m just glad he invites us to his table every week.

  3. Sitting here in NYC getting snowed on, had some lunch lit up a Partagas Black and checked to see if the site had been update. Low and behold youve just had one as well. I found that a little spooky. Great review as always. I used to smoke these a lot but havent as much as of late and found your review to be dead on. Still a great cigar but its lost is place in my opinion that it use to hold. Keep up the good work.

  4. So Jerry, what you’re saying is the Partagas Black = the Caps and the WOW cigars = the Redwings? lol

    Great review as usual, and I’ve had a couple of these and your review is spot on with what I got out of them!

  5. The pics and video for your reviews are sweet, f-ing sweet. Lookin nice my man!

    Funny stuff with all the hockey talk too. You should grow a mullet! 🙂

  6. Jerry…you did a “Short Ashes” series without realizing it. LOL

    I was one of the guys who originally asked you if you still felt the same way about the Partagas Black. Ace on the fan forum bombed me with one, so I dug up your review to see what I was getting myself into since I am one of the few to never have tried one. Think I’ll spark her up during the Dolphins game tomorrow.

    Thanks for the follow up.


  7. I have noticed that the Partagas Black have been plugged. I had a box of them and many were too tight. I emailed them about it and have yet to hear back. I still enjoy them, but the chance of getting more plugged cigars makes me not want to buy any.

  8. I just had my first. Tight draw. Flavor was mediocre at best.

    Honestly, I doubt I’d try another one, if it was not for Jerry’s good taste (did me right be steering me to the LFD Cameroon Cabinets).

    First experience for me…2 thumbs way down.

  9. Thanks for another review on Partagas black. It reminded me that I still have five sticks of bravo size left in my humidor,so I’ll enjoy’em later.

  10. OK so I’ll tell you my good and bad of this cigar…… 1st the good it’s probabally the best tasting cigar i’ve ever had bar none its flavor is full but not overpowering I’d enjoy this cigar anytime of day now the only downside it burns uneven as hell everyone ive had needed correction and this was from day 1 out the box ( no mis-humidified sticks )
    I would still reccomend it based on flavor and composition if nothing else I just wish it burned more even.

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