Episode 3 – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 3 – Your Questions, My Answers

Welcome to Episode 3 of Your Questions, My Answers. This time around Walt & I tackle questions about how to season your humidor, vintage cigars along with The Doc, super hero names, reflecting on the past year of reviews, websites we visit, Episode 100 of the Dog Watch Social Club Cigar Radio, Lew Rothman vs. Rocky Patel, video on ipods and have a contest announcement of our own.

Walt & I had way too much fun this episode and so the video got way longer than we had planned. Below you can find the video split into two parts as well as the full length video (42:35).

Be sure to keep those questions coming and be sure to enter our contest before 12pm EST on February 23rd.

Full Video (42:35)

Part 1 of 2 (23:42)


7 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Man I love these Question and Answer Video Reviews. Anyway thank you for plugging Cigar Utopia. I have been a member there since last year. If you guys have a chance check it out. Thanks again for another great video.

  2. Honestly…I like the long video. Something to watch while I’m having a smoke. Question though, is the winner of the contest based on who has the best question or is the winner chosen at random?

  3. Just a quick follow up…thanks goes out to Tachammer for e-mailing me this clarification from a recent Thursday night chat regarding TNT cigars and Atlantic Cigars. Just want to set the record straight:

    tachammer – how is TnT affiliated with Atlantic Cigar?
    tnt -Well, TNT isn’t actually affiliated at all with Atlantic Cigar
    tachammer – oh
    tnt – Dimitri started in the cigar business under the name Atlantic Cigar Company, a wholesale company
    tachammer> I was thinking some of the cigars I ordered came from them or maybe the billing was
    tnt – This was on the east coast.
    greg – why the name on shipping labels
    tnt – About 4 years ago he moved to Phoenix and started his retail stores Cigar warehouse
    Tnt – Before he moved to Phoenix an internet retailer started Atlantic Cigar. At the time Dimitri didn’t have enough money to file a law suit
    tachammer – oh ok
    tnt – so he filed an intent to file a suit and didn’t persue it any further
    tachammer – ya know the web site is the same colors is another thing I noticed
    tnt – We are not in anyway affiliated with them. In fact we have had problems with some cigar manufacturers due to thier pricing

  4. this was by far the best set of vids ever!! very enjoyable. WALT, i’m not sure if i emailed you or not about this, but i do have a box of the 2006 Camacho Liberty’s. i bought them about 6 months ago. i bought several singles and devoured those, but i finally cracked the seal on my box and would be glad to send you a couple. they have been resting at a perfect 70/70 since purchased. just email me your shipping info. it’s the least i could do for you guys. thanks again!

  5. You guys damn near brought a tear to my eye…well, maybe it was the cigar smoke. Anyway, thanks so much for the kind words about Dogwatch Cigar Radio on your Episode #3 video.

    Although you are usually right on about cigars, I believe you over-estimate our influence on your success. Seems to me that your hard work and dedication to the community is what makes your videos and website so popular. Long ashes to all three of you & keep up the bi-weekly Your Questions, My Answers. It’s informative & entertaining!

  6. Kirk – One entry per person. We choose the winner at random. Contact Form with question gets you entered.

    Stephen – Thanks! I think this was the best video we’ve done too. So much fun making it.

    Dale – What can I say? In this age of new media (blogs & podcasts) we’ve followed the road you guys have paved with your leadership.

  7. Jerry and Walt,

    I’m just getting around to catching up on a lot of your videos — which are great, by the way — and I wanted to say thanks for the Stogie Guys shout-out in this episode.

    I’m very pleased you enjoy our Friday Samplers, and I also appreciate your interest in “the politics of cigars.” In response to your comment, may cigar smokers are not political by nature, but it’s often important to keep up on the issues of the day. After all, if you ignore politics, politics ignores you.

    Keep up the great work!

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