Rocky Patel Sun Grown

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Rocky Patel Sun Grown

You know I really thought this video review would be longer than the 9:44 that it turned out to be. That goes to why this cigar has that wow factor I’ve been talking about lately in a lot of my reviews. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown grabs your attention from the start and really makes you pay attention to the cigar and lets you forget about what is going on around you.

Right from the get go, of this 5″ x 50 Robusto, the Rocky Patel Sun Grown grabs your attention! You’re greeted with a blast of spicy peppery flavors that just blows you away and gets you pumped up.

I love the reddish hue of these Rosado wrappers. It adds a nice touch to the oily sheen giving the Rocky Patel Sun Grown a unique appearance that really stands out in your humidor.

Flavor profile wise, like I said you start off with that blast of spicy peppery flavor and that flavor is present all thru the smoke keeping your attention. The second third, the cigar introduces a sweet almost honey like flavors. The final third, you get a nice toasty woodsy, almost oak type flavors. Talk about a dynamic, multidimensional cigar. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown is the poster child for that perfect balance of power and flavor.

No problems with construction. Solid burn and a slow burn rate that you think it’s the never ending cigar but it never becomes overwhelming or tiresome. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown costs around $5-$6 depending on size and its one of the few cigars out there that I really think you get more than your moneys worth.

Like I mention above, video runs 9:44 and I had to give a quick shout out to my Stogie Review brother, Brian. Hope you have fun this weekend at that bachelor’s party and hope everything calms down for you bro! Miss not having you around and people are starting to wonder if you really do exist.

Have a great weekend everyone, keep em lit!


29 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Sun Grown

  1. Great job Jerry! I love these as well and appreciate you voicing your approval of them.

    Reviews here keep getting better and better…hope someone comes along and invests in you guys but without compromising your honest reviews.

  2. I love that Wyclef song…Jerry you got soul my brother!

    I’m a big fan of the Sun Grown. Your review did it justice. I liked your written part about it being the perfect balance of power and flavor. Very true.

  3. You’re right: This is a fantastic cigar, and well worth the money. I’m becoming a big Rocky fan — especially of the Vintage 92s. But the Sun Growns really have excellent flavor as well.

    My colleague, Patrick S, reviewed the Torpedo in this series back in August. He liked it was well, but seemed to notice more nuts than pepper in the flavor.

  4. Hey Patrick A! I love Stogie Guys! One of the many resources the Stogie Review guys use and mention a lot. Glad to know you guys work well together.

    I wonder if Jerry’s comment about it having a honey and oak type flavors could also be described as nutty? I can see both what you and Jerry are saying.

  5. Jerry,

    Only been smoking cigars for about a year, so still learning. Recently discovered your site and really enjoy it. Tried the RP Conn based on one of your reviews and man do I like that cigar! Will try the sungrown now, cant wait. Hopefully it wont be too strong for a mild-medium rookie. oh well nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Keep up the great work and thanks to you and Walt for the education.

  6. Tim –

    Thanks for your comments. I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the RP Connecticut. Another fantastic smoke by Rocky.

    Don’t let the initial burst of spice dampen your spirits. If you liked the RP Conn you will like the Sun Grown. RP Conn can be your morning cigar and you can end the day with a Sun Grown.

  7. hey Jerry. great review. i just got back from the bahamas with my company and i had to chime in. i bought 2 of the torpedos about a week before i left and took them with me, along with a couple Oliva series g maduros, italias and VSG’s. While in Freeport, i bought a few Cohiba Siglo VI’s and a few Monte’s. i immediately smoked the Siglo. Always a full bodied/full flavored great smoke. later around 2pm i had my 2nd cigar of the day, the Rocky. WOW! i smoked this bad boy at the rear bar with a Boddingtons’ beer in 5 to 10 mile/hour wind. it burned dead straight and, again, wow with the flavor punches. i actually preferred it to the Cohiba’s i bought. i keep hearing these will go up in price, so i recommend everyone to buy these quickly. these will age very well.

    Thanks Again!

  8. I’m a big fan of Rocky. I also love “The Edge”. A great buy for the money!
    Excellent videos, keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Rocky Patel was at my local cigar shop a couple of weeks ago promoting this cigar. I ended up buying a box of them, plus I got a nice ashtray which Rocky signed for me.

    It was an awesome time. The cigar shop is called “Club Havana Cigars”.

  10. I just recieved 20 petite perfectos from CI for only 49 bucks. Can’t wait to smoke them. I’ll let you guys know how it went.

  11. I just bought a box of these. I thought the same thing when I had a toro come in a sampler pack. This is definitely a WOW cigar. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it.

  12. Are we discussing RP OSG (Original Sun Grown)? Or is there another RP SunGrown?

    If it’s the OSG’s, currently C-Bid has 5 packs of the Corona and Torpedo for $7 and $5 respectively. An 18 pack of Torpedo OSG’s is currently $25.

  13. Thanks Vic. I wasn’t sure, then I noticed the band.
    I don’t happen to be a fan of RP. I’ve tried the Connecticut, Fusion, R4, Vin. ’90 & ’92 and OSG. Most had little flavor with the exception of the Vin. ’90 & ’92 which were OK at best.

    I still have 5 Edges sitting in my humidor that I wasn’t anxious to try. Guess I’ll need to break out those Edge’s and pick up the Sun Grown and give those two a try.

  14. I know Jerry hasnt liked some of the new stuff that RP has put out like the Fusion, R4 or the Decades. He always raves about these Sun Growns, the Connecticut and the Nording.

    Hey Jerry, where is a review by you of The Edge? LOL

  15. Like Vic said, some of Rocky’s latest offerings haven’t impressed me much. I love all the Vintage lines 90, 92 & 99 as well the Connecticut and of course these Sun Grown.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things from The Edge & Edge Lite just haven’t pulled the trigger on reviewing them. I think The Edge, CAO Brazillia and CAO Italia are probably the cigars I get asked to review the most.

  16. OK…like I said, I’m not a big RP fan but I had two RP sungrown torpedos today. The key word is TWO, so you know I enjoyed the first one.
    I must say that all the RP products I have had to date were not exciting at all but rather OK.
    The first sungrown I tried had my senses reeling. Lots of flavor although it never made it to medium in body. Hard to desrcibe the taste but had a somewhat sweet berry like flavor in the first third w/ undertones of light cedar. The remainder was mostly fruity with faint pockets of pepper.

    The burn was textbook right down to the nub w/o any adjustments or relights. Ash was light charcoal in color, firm and fairly long (1″ – 1 1/2″) before dropping off.
    All in all a good smoke with 2 exceptions. The draw on both sticks was very tight even after recutting the torpedo an extra 2 times. Neither generated lots of smoke which could be contributed to the draw. Although when I drew extra long, it still didn’t produce much volume. But, I will smoke them again, maybe tomorrow after lunch.

  17. I stumbled acrosss your website while I was searching for cigar info. I enjoyed your little video and wanted to respond to a fine cigar. I’ve smoked about a dozen of these babies and enjoyed everyone of them. I’m going to bookmark your site and look forward to your next review. Maybe you’ll show up on sometime.

  18. Guess what? I just got off of and your already there. Sorry, I didn”t realize I was writing to a STAR!!!!!!!!!

  19. This seems to be the smoke of the week! I had a pair today and it was AMAZING! Jerry’s review as spot on!

    I’m not sure if Jerry would consider himself a STAR but he’s one popular guy and I hear he’s a great guy to have a smoke with in person.

  20. Hmmmm…I think this is the first time someone has used the term “STAR”! I appreciate it, I’ll try not to let it go to my head.

    It really is a pleasure to do these reviews and I’m glad so many folks enjoy them. It really does make it all worth it.

  21. Jerry-
    Let me remind you, before yqma 30, one of Ed’s customers asked “Who is that?” referring to you on skype. I replied “This is Jerry from Stogie Review. He’s a FAMOUS cigar reviewer!” OK I didn’t say you were a star, but close enough 😉

    BTW good review on the sungrown. I keep a lot of these in my humidor. Yea, I’m a RP whore…

  22. Very nice review Jerry. Sadly, I didn’t taste the presence of pepper/spices too much though I did taste strong notes of wood with a hint of sweetness. There are no doubt a great cigar. The one I purchased was a petite corona and the draw was really tight, so I’m wondering if I just got a non typical stick.

  23. Well which is it? Some sites claim the sungrown is a 3blend filler Nic.Dom, and Brazilian? Most sites say just Dom and Nic. Nonetheless damn good smoke.

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