Don Pepin Garcia – Blue Label

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Don Pepin Garcia – Blue Label


As planned, I have a review of the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label for you. This particular cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro and made in Miami Florida. It weighs in at 50 ring gauge and 5 inches long with a price point of about $6.00.


During my initial inspection I found this cigar to be constructed very well. When pinched it had a firm feel with a very light spring to it. The texture was fairly smooth, having a few veins throughout the stick. The wrapper also had a light oily sheen that looked very appealing. After being pleased with the inspection I reached for my cutter and clipped the head of my cigar. The initial draw was a little firm but good overall while giving you a sweet tobacco flavor before lighting.

After toasting and Lighting, the cigar began to produce a good volume of flavorful smoke. The initial flavor was sweet and spicy with a medium body and crisp finish. When resting in the ashtray the cigar produced a light resting smoke that filled the room with an excellent aroma that was not even the slightest bit offensive.

First Third

As I smoked past the first half inch of the stick the flavor began to develop into what I can best describe as a medley of wood flavors. The initial spice mellowed out a bit and had a sweet flavor to it which made for a complex start to the cigar. The body remained Medium and the Finish became a little shorter but stayed nice and crisp. I was having a little trouble with an uneven burn at the start, but after a few minutes it settled out and burned slow and even.

Second Third

Unfortunately for review purposes, the remainder of the stick was just like the first third. I found it to be very consistent but complex at the same time. The only variation that I was getting came from the Body and Sweet Spice flavors slowly building throughout the smoke. The burn remained fairly even as well as slow, producing a mild aroma that I just could not get enough of.

Final Third

Overall I think that this is a very enjoyable cigar but may leave some people feeling a bit bored with its consistency. If I had to choose to smoke either the Blue Label or the Black Label, my choice would most definitely be the Black Label. That isn’t to say that I thought this was a bad cigar, because that is far from the case. I just feel that the Black Label has more complexity and offers you a little more variety in the flavor profile.

If you happen to come across one of these Don Pepin Garcia Blue Labels at your local cigar shop, I do not think it would be a waste of money to pick one up. It is definitely worth a try.

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15 thoughts on “Don Pepin Garcia – Blue Label

  1. Great review once again Walt. The Don Pepin line sounds amazing. I think it would be pretty good if you could maybe review the CAO Italia as I have heard mixed comments about them.

    Keep them coming!

  2. Nice review Walt! I actually had one of these and we could’ve did this guy. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who butchers cigar words.

    I love the banter…”sorry if you don’t like it but I’m gonna do it anyway!”

    With all the comments on the aroma I think I will have to fire this guy up tonight! You’re way more organized than I am. You have two weeks planned out, I have no clue what I’m smoking for Friday.

  3. If you haven’t already see it,at Cigars International there is Pepin Garcia Introductory Sampler containing:

    2 – Don Pepin Garcia Blue Generoso (6” x 50)
    2 – Padilla Edicion Especial Achilles (6” x 50)
    2 – 601 Serie Connecticut Robusto (5” x 50)
    2 – 601 Serie Habano Robusto (5” x 50)
    2 – CI Legends Series Pepin Garcia (5.75” x 54)

    for $49.95 .Which in my opinion is a pretty good buy. Maybe of you guys might want to give that a try.

  4. Rob,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I have smoked several CAO Italias over the last year or two. I think Jerry has this cigar in the schedule to review sometime in the near future.

    Also, thanks for mentioning the sampler. I think it would be a great way to sample a few Pepin blends without taking too much of a chunk out of the budget.


    I’m not sure what you are referring to in regards to the 2007 edition.

    The only Pepin that I have with a year on it is the Padilla Edicion Especial 2006 Achilles.

  5. Vic,

    Now that I think about it, I think you are right.

    No I wasn’t aware that the 2007 edition was available yet. I have been keeping an eye out for it and have not seen it pop up anywhere as of yet. I do plan on picking it up when I find a copy.

  6. By the way, its gr8 to see you smoking more in your videos. I think it should become a common feature 😛

  7. Pepin does make all of the Tats and Cab… he makes all Pete Johnson’s cigars. The brown labels and Cabs are made in Miami, Reds and Whites in Nicaragua.

  8. If you guys like the Pepin cigars I can’t wait until you guys can legally buy Cuban cigars, you are gonna be creaming your pants during the reviews!

  9. Actually, if I remember right… Jerry is coming to Tee-OH in May… we should do a live, on location video review… bring your camcorder Jerry!

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