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Equus Limited Ligero

You know we had someone comment a few weeks ago who said we should have a Top 10 list of The Worst Cigars. I think if we actually had a list like that, the Equus Limited Ligero would take the #1 spot. This cigar doesn’t even deserve a picture in this review.

This is a bad cigar. Seriously brace yourself around the 10:30 mark of the video where I almost vomit in my mouth. I tried guys. I tried to be a trooper and stick with this cigar till the end but it was terrible. That’s TERRIBLE in case you just missed that.

Construction sucked as the Cameroon wrapper started to unwind and extremely harsh burnt tobacco taste that eventually turned into a total ass taste. Not only did this cigar taste like ass but it smelled like ass. Like I say in the video, don’t buy these and if someone attempts to give you one of these, punch them in the face for trying to pass on this crap cigar. Seriously, whoever made these cigars should be embarrassed and should have their cigar rolling creditials revoked. It’s just plain TERRIBLE.

Now if you’re a glutton for punishment or if you just want to hear the song thats playing while I almost vomit in my mouth then watch the video. Video lasts a little over 15 minutes and I try to stay as positive as I can all the way up till the end. Please excuse the little background noises in the video. It was IRC Thursday Nite chat over at Cigarzilla and I forgot to disable the sound notification while recording….my bad.

On a good note, Episode 5 of Your Questions, My Answers with me and Walt is scheduled to be recorded on Saturday and published on Sunday.

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55 thoughts on “Equus Limited Ligero

  1. Oh good god Jerry! Why do you put yourself thru these things? I loved your facial expression when you get sick and you almost put the cigar back in your mouth but then just put it down. You’re definitely a trooper Jerry for trying to finish this.

    Thanks for the heads up…stay away from the Equus.

  2. Holy Shit Jerry!! First the flaming cedar sleeve…now this!!

    Good song choice…you almost bit the dust on that fucker!!

    Now you know why they were giving those shits away.

    Great video and keep them coming!!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the warning Jerry. I’ll be staying away from the Equus. Hope you’re feeling better after this video bro.

  4. HAHAHAH, oh man, that video had me crying with laughter. I’m sorry you suffered for us all on that one Jerry. But we are all that much smarter and I now know the perfect cigar to put in my moochidor for that one relative I really don’t like. I’ll even refer them to the website so they can feel good about smoking it!!!

    Just kidding 🙂 I wouldn’t even do that to my father-in-law and he deserves it that SOB.

    They did state it was a “The second is a very limited Piloto Cubano Ligero tobacco, grown in a small exclusive farm in the Dominican Republic, which gives this cigar its unique flavor and strength..” What they failed to mention was that farm was built next to the sewage treatment plant in the Dominican Republic and the unique flavor is refined byproducts from the ass. Just a little marketing spin and voila, it’s a unique flavor!! Only in this very special cigar.

    hmmm, maybe you should age this for 6 or so months Jerry and try again heheheheh.


  5. Oh man.. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time! Now, I am not laughing at you as much as laughing at your situation. YOu are a F’n trooper man! At one point in the review you try to say something, but have to stifle your vomit and have a sip of soda. You are a hell of a guy for doing that, but for the LOVE, don’t do it again. You wont hurt our feelings! Thanks for the review bro, you absolutely made me LMFAO ! ! !

  6. I read/watch you guys all the time for several months now but never really post, but this was worth posting for. I have had the Maduro line and it is even crappier then the cammie line. I haven’t had the cammie, but the maduro did make me throw up. Sorry you had to go through that I feel your pain.

  7. Great review Jerry! I’m glad you leave the bad reviews in with the good ones. It warns us all not to be tempted by hype or bands.
    I was absolutely LMAO at the video!
    Remember, the taste of low quality lingers long after the satisfaction of low price.

  8. All I can say is WOW!! That was the single most hilarious cigar review I have ever seen in my life! I was crying with laughter through the hole thing, you made my day man and thanks for giving us a heads up on the shitiness of this cigar. Keep up the good work.

  9. This is truly a Classic Video. This has to be the best review yet. You had me rollin. Way to tough it out, well atleast half of the way.

  10. WOW…the best part was when you said, ever so gently, in that post-vomit voice, “oh dear God…” i’m literally crying with laughter. that has to be the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while. sorry for the brutal experience, but, man, that was entertaining!

  11. I must say Jerry, you made my day. This review was priceless! I had just finished a really, really good cigar (Old Powder Keg) with a nice port wine and then I saw your review. What a great finish to a very relaxing day. I haven’t laughed like that in quite a while.

  12. That rates as one of the funniest cigar reviews ever created!! I am laughing at my laptop screen and the wife thinks im crazy. Thanks Jerry and go smoke one of those partagas blacks you like. You deserve it.


  13. Based on this review, I think you’ll really like the Equus second, with exactly the same blend, except it uses only the finest Grade B Cameroon, aged for ten days… It’s called “Asinus,” which is Latin for “Ass.”

    Hilarious, bro! Sorry…and thanks for the warning!

  14. Hey Jerry,

    I have checked out stogiereview.com’s review’s before, but never posted. After seeing this, I felt compelled to.
    I have had a number of those EQUUS cameroon(prononced Eck-Qwiss).. I have received a number of them from various HERF’s. I even bought a box for aging purposes. All I can say is that you either smoked it after it coming right off the truck, and being too dehumidified, or you just got a bad one. Seriously. Seems like you over-reacted a bit… I smoked two that I accidentally left out for too long, and never have been on near to vomitting. To be honest, it looks like the way you took the cedar sleeve off wrecked the wrapper… it’s not taped, why would you slide it off….. a Cameroon (read “somewhat fragile”) in the dry cold? MY experience with EQUUS has been always very high quality construction, especially for the price point of ~$3 or so. I know I am not crazy, because a number of BOTL’s I HERF with, who smoke good to very high end domestic and ISOM’s, thought it was a pretty damn good cameroon… especially considering the price. I think you should definetly give the smoke another go, after letting sit for a couple of days and not off the truck. BTW, the handwritten sticker with “Cameroon” threw me off at first, too. But I found out that they only do it when sending out singles, just to distinguish from the EQUUS maduro.. the maduro actually is not particularly dark, because it is not artificially processed like most other manufacturers do with maduro wrappers.

  15. Steve-O –

    What does smoking high quality cigars or smoking ISOM’s have to do with anything? Are you saying those of us who don’t smoke high quality cigars or ISOM’s don’t know what we are talking about or can’t tell a good cigar from a bad one? Seems kind of snob like to me bro.

    If you’ve been a visitors of the Stogie Review for awhile you know that Jerry has always said how subjective cigar tasting is. We turn to Walt & Brian for expert opinions. We love Jerry because he brings such a great personality and entertainment value to make our Fridays go by quicker.

    Maybe you should send some of the EQUUS cigars you have aging to Walt & Brian and see what they think of them.

  16. Hmmm…Kirk I don’t know if what you said about Jerry is a compliment or an insult man? LOL

    I’m not sure where Steve-O was trying to go with the ISOM’s comment. I never know when people use that word if they are trying to show off or validate that they are some expert on cigar smoking? Why not just say Cubans? Is it any less illegal to say ISOM over Cuban? Come on man, I would’ve taken your comment a lot more to heart if you would’ve left out the ISOM part…like Kirk said, it comes off sounding like a snob and there is no place here for snobs.

  17. Lets all play nice! Everyone is entitled to their opinon here.

    Steve-O – thanks for your comment. I hope this isn’t the last time you leave a comment as you sound like a really insightful guy.

    You’re obsolutely right, I should give this cigar another chance, not anytime soon but eventually. Its really not fair to judge a cigar based on only smoking it once and normally I smoke 2-3 before I do a review.

    I didn’t like the La Aroma De Cuba I did awhile back but then I had a second and thought it was pretty good. So I need to track down a third as the tie breaker.

    I did have this EQUUS (thanks for helping with the pronouncing of it, I suck at those things) sitting in my humidor for a few months and while I don’t think it was the way I took off the cedar that caused the problem I leave it open as a possibility. I smoke cigars and don’t really care about much else…I’m not a big believer in a lot of cigar etiquette out there and I just light up and smoke.

    I leave all the complicated stuff to Walt & Brian.

  18. Hey Jerry,

    I’m surprised the one you smoked was in your humi for a while. You must of got a dud.. I mean when I first smoked it I thought “Wow that’s a pretty good cameroon”, and a somewhat a bit different from other cammie’s I have smoked … which drew me to it a little more. It’s kind of grassy, very earthy with some spice and sweetness… I don’t know. I guess it rings true time and time again…everyone’s taste is subjective. Maybe you didn’t like that earthy, somewhat grassy thing going on… I thought it was intriguing.

    Also, I say that I think you might have screwed up the wrapper by pulling out the sleeve like that, because I have done the SAME thing a number of times..LOL! Especially when I first started smoking. Sometimes it just seems like a little friction with a Cameroon (or anything other than a maduro or a fresh rolled..LOL.) screws the wrapper at least a little… you(I, any others) just think that cigars a super resilient… I mean you can almost throw a maduro at a wall, at it will survive(LOL) while practically an inch drop with a cammie can do some bad damage… what are you going to do…

    Finally, I hope I don’t appear like a snob… that wasn’t my intention AT ALL. I only used the “ISOM” reference because I am SO used to people on boards using that term… I thinks it’s kinda stupid, but I just am used to that kind of lingo… even though it’s RATHER lame. Also, I referenced smoking buddies that smoke a lot of cubans because all of them I know tend to have some serious palettes. I guess that was a bit of a subjective reference… but I do think that you have to know a decent amount to fully enjoy many a cuban cigar… just as it would take the same to fully enjoy many other NC cigars that have many subtleties. IMHO, there are MANY, MANY cigars that I unfortunately smoked way back that I wish I had now to REALLY experience them. I mean there was more than a year year time, early into my smoking experience, that I LOVED ACIDs and other flavored smokes.. it was around this time that some fine smokes (cubans included) were essentially wasted on me. I hope I don’t seem snobbish… I’m not and I don’t mean to. In respect to what I said about cuban cigar smokers, kind of just references how you give cheap, ~decent cigars around for moochers or friends that want a cigar to look cool… and you give great, excellent cigars to those who can really appreciate it.

    Just my .02 cents. But Jerry, you need to try the EQUUS again. I mean, the worst i have heard reviewed about the EQUUS (before I saw your review) was that “It’s ok… not bad” and that came from two guys that don’t particularly enjoy cameroons… and practically NEVER smoke it. Just saying…..

  19. hi jerry

    im new to stogiereview (and to cigar smoking to be exact) and was really impressed you tried so hard to finish that cigar, even though it seemed really disgusting. but i wont be smoking an equus!!

  20. Hey Jerry,

    If you want, I’ll send you, Walt and Brian some of the EQUUS from the box I’m smoking through to try out. I actually smoked one today after the review stuff, and I must says it’s a damn tasty smoke for $80 a box.

    Let me know.


  21. Very funny video. My experience with smoking 3-4 of the Equus Maduros however is 180 degrees apart from this. A very nice medium-full bodied cigar, with a pleasing aroma and sweet undertones and decent but not tremendous strength. I thought it a great value at its price and bought a box. Cameroon wrappers, though, are not my thing…

  22. Jerry, I am also a fan of the Equus line, mainly the maduro, as I prefer maduro wrappers in general, but also found the Cameroon to be very good. Equus once had a limited production Piramide cigar that was great, one of the better smokes I have had. I have been a cigar smoker last 30 years, and have seen many brands come and go, I would like to see more cigars from Equus. Unfortunately the limited Piramide are gone now, but heard that another batch was coming out soon. The reason I like the maduro line is that most of the new brands on the market focus on strength and are not very balanced. I have to say that this cigar has both flavor and a little bit of strength that balances this cigar well. I feel the only way you can get the true taste of any cigar is to pass the smoke through the noise. As a young man I worked in a tobacco shop from time to time, and what I learned is that what one smoker likes another one hates, whether it be Fuente’s or Rocky Patel’s, etc. And I always remember what some of the manufactures would say to my boss, you couldn’t make a cigar everyone likes. And thank heavens we have choices that what makes this vice interesting, plus it keeps my wife away. haha

  23. Sorry to hear such a disparaging review after only one cigar. I think the equus is an excellent cigar. You apparently had one that was not stored or humidified properly, lending that wonderful aroma you eluded to.
    I have smoked cigars for many years, and have gotten some of my favorites in that had gotten musty. Just let them sit naked in a humidor for 6 mos. or send them back for replacement.

  24. I read the review about these cigars because I got 5 free from Atlantic when I orderdd some Rocky Patel Sun Growns. I tried to put the review out of my mind. This cigar was one of the worst I have ever smoked. It tasted like buring metal and resin burned old bong. My mouth tasted horrible after about 1/2 a cigar. When I got home I went brushed my teeth and gargles some Listerine. I woke upo the next day, did the same, drank some coffee, and then brished and gargled mouthwash again. Only then did my palate begin to wash free of this nasty stick. Horrible cigar. Garcia Vega makes a better tasting stick, no bullshit.

  25. I actually got some of these from Atlantic as a free sample as well. I did not have even close to the same reaction you had. For me the smoke was not too bad. I also write reviews (for cigars.about.com) and I will always smoke at least 3 cigars to make sure that they are good or bad. I have to admit it I had the reaction you had I would also not have reviewed very well. Hey, different smokes for different folks. I do enjoy your reviews. So from one reviewer to another, keep up the good work.

  26. this was a classic review jerry. you have been always fair in your ratings and almost always give the cigar maybe a little bit too much credit. but this one blows the rest away. thanks for the fair warning, i will stay away from the equus. this was hilarious!

    keep smokin em, off with their heads.

  27. Can you believe its been a year since Jerry gave us this memorable review? This is video and the lighting your cigar with the cedar sleeve are by far the best videos on this site. Damn dude, you are missed.

  28. Oh Gosh Jerry, that was one of the most entertaining cigar reviews I’ve ever seen!

    Sorry to see you hated it so much and had to go thru that, but wow it just got so funny hahaha.

    Way to take a serious hit for the team.

  29. The best thing about this review is that it’s over a year old, and it’s not only still getting comments, it’s being reposted on other blogs! This is truly classic material here, and it’s great to have the Great Torpedoed One back!

  30. I found this review on blip.tv but somehow over looked it here at SR. Anyway… This is a classic piece of film that will live forever in the hearts of thousands.

    I watch this every month or so, it’s just f’in halarious!

  31. I wonder if Walt or Brian (what ever happened to the other Brian) ever got any of these to try…

    Jerry have you guys ever thought about putting together a “Best of…” DVD? This would have to be a must!

  32. Honestly, I’m even surprised how popular this video is and it still manages to get a comment every now and then. Not to mention this was done around Episode 5 of YQMA and we’re going on Episode 32. Man, have we really been doing this for that long?

    I think Walt mentioned something in an e-mail or on Twitter about making a “Best of…” thing.

  33. I’m literally ROFLMAO, i’ve never heard of this smoke and only recently heard of it from cap on the “what are you smoking” thread.

  34. Gentlemen,

    This is all hideously unfair. The Equus is a perfectly decent cigar – and for the price, excellent. Those whose tastes turn to Padron would likely raise a surprised eyebrow in appreciation of this parvenu presuming to deliver that distinctive taste of Nicaragua – but there it is; full and funky in the foreground.

    The Cameroon is spicy and tropical, no problem at all, a fine and fun, sassy salsa cigar. But the Maduro – my favorite and for now my cigar of choice – contains more than flavor, it has sensuality: it has melancholy, poignancy, sweetness, softness… I adore this cigar, she breaks my heart.

    And so do you, O puking hordes! To each his own, then. Awa’ wi’ ye! Callous curs, cads and curmudgeons ye be, to despise and disdain the Equus so discourteously.

  35. And I should add that the Equus is also very well made, with a good draw and an even burn – even fresh from the box. After a couple of years in a good humidor… those so put off by this review as to not want to even try the cigar might be missing out on something good.

  36. Rehman Rashid,
    LOL! Well written, my friend, well written. Now more than ever I want to try out Equus, the Jerry-slayer. LOL

    But you have to admit this video is probably the single most entertaining thing on Stogie Review to date!

  37. Ouch!

    That sucks! Unfortunately I just ordered a Palio with 5 free cigars from atlantic which is rumored to be Equus too, and I dont even know if I want to smoke them now!

    Would you like 5 cigars Jerry?? =) jk

  38. I feel your pain brother! I got one of these for free as well. I smoked it for about 30 mins but put it down because it tasted like the inside of a fat mexicans ass (I would not know, but I would say it would taste something like this cigar) I wish I had seen this video before lighting it. There is a reason it was free……

  39. WOW! Cigar bombs will never be the same if I can get my hands on some of these – LOL

    Thanx for taking the hit for us Jerry!!


  40. Well – the Spanish Galleon cigars are nothing but Equus without the box. I found that out after ording a bundle of these highly touted “wonder-bundles”. The guys at Atlantic are always great so I don’t believe they’d sell junk… but the proof will be in the tasting. I ordered the Classic – we’ll see how they stack up against my Avo #2’s. Oy vey – I’m in trouble.. LOL

  41. I continue to be amazed at how many uneducated idiots are out there that claim to know cigars. The Equus is a great smoke, great bang for the buck and on my top 10 list as I’ve been smoking it for years. The brothers at Atlantic Cigars introduced me to it and I’m really happy they did!

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