Episode 5 – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 5 – Your Questions, My Answers

In this episode of Your Questions, My Answers Jerry and Walt discuss traveling with cigars, the difference between plume and mold, figurado shapes, hate mail, how much flavor really does come from the wrapper and a new contest.

Full version is below and runs around 53 minutes. I should have a split, two part version soon.


6 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Nice video guys. I watched the video on YouTube about the Henry Clays with Mold a couple days ago and I believe, at least from what it looked like with the inadequate lighting in the video, that the white splotches wasn’t mold but plume. It didn’t have a greenish or blueish appearance. And as far as plume developing on a cigar after 3 or 4 months, I agree with Walt that it is possible. Remember, most cigars are aged for several years before being available for sale.
    Keep up the good work guys,


  2. Thanks for answering my question on Mold/Plume. It is a topic where from person to person you will get conflicting answers. All I really do is if I think it is mold, I just isolate it from the other cigars so the mold spores don’t get on the other cigars. I have heard from several people that just wipe the mold off and smoke it. Also I have heard that some people don’t smoke the cigars with plume on them either. I guess it is a topic that will leave us all doing our own thing anyways. Thanks again fellas and looking forward to the next review.

  3. Thanks for putting such a good video up for us to enjoy! I really enjoyed hearing your (both of ya) answers to some of the many questions out there. I share the love of the Small RG cigars, so after watching I put an order in for the HOYO DE MONTERREY SABROSAS… Most of my orders since I have watched you guys have been the cigars you have recommended.. Thanks for putting the time in to make these videos. I would love to hear what Jerry feels is the best morning smoke, other than the RP’s.. I share his taste, from what I can tell and I would love to get some ideas for a good morning smoke. Thanks again guys, you are making a difference here, so keep up the good work!

    Also, just for the record, Jerry said, “Nipple” and, “Suck” in the same sentence =-D lmao

  4. Jerry when do you and Walt have time to spend with your wives?

    I think it would be interesting to know how much time it takes for you and Walt to do these Q&A sessions. I love them!

  5. Another great episode guys! Loved the little out takes of Jerry’s phone ringing and Walt needing to go yell at people. Nice touch!

    Jerry how come we can hear Walt’s voice when the camera is on you but can’t hear your voice when the camera is on Walt?

  6. very nice as always. good call on the mystery ‘pirate ship’ freebie, Jerry! in reference to traveling w/your smokes, i picked up a Xikar hard plastic travel-dor. it has 3 foam contoured inserts to protect your smokes. i have one that holds about 10 to 12 sticks and another that holds 20 to 25. they have a little humidifier, but i usually just throw a humi-stick in the mix. they are crush proof and have a water tight seal. they range from $15 (3 count) to $150 for the 50 count box. i’ve flown with them for about a year in both my checked and carry-on bags without problems. thanks again!

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