La Gloria Cubana Serie R

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La Gloria Cubana Serie R

La Gloria Cubana Serie R pre-light

This week we have the La Gloria Cubana Serie R #4 (4-7/8 x 52) with a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. I was gifted this cigar back around Christmas so, while I have no idea how long it sat in the B&M, it had been in my humidor for almost 3 months. This was one dark, oily, toothy wrapper and really had my mouth watering pre-light. There wasn’t much aroma pre-light, just a nice tobacco flavor.

The cap cut cleanly revealing a nice easy draw. There were no overly-hard nor any really spongy spots on the cigar when given a squeeze. I’m not really sure why, but I had more trouble getting this cigar lit than probably any other I’ve smoked. The outside of the foot lit quickly but there were two spots that just didn’t want to light.

After the trouble I had getting an even light, once it was lit I gave it a couple of good puffs and then set it in the ashtray to rest for a couple of minutes hoping to even out the burn. The first third of the cigar produced familiar dark, rich, coffee maduro flavors, but with a touch of something that I just couldn’t place at first. It took me a few more minutes, and draws, but I finally managed to place this new flavor. I was getting a light anise (licorice) flavor, that while not a favorite of mine, was just right with the dark coffee taste.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R first third

By this point some burn issues were becoming apparent. After the poor light, which could have been my fault even though I did it just the way I always do, I was afraid that this might happen but was fine with working with it at this point as I was really digging the unique flavors of this cigar. I’m usually pretty intent on allowing a cigar to correct burn issues on its own, I find leaving the slow burning side on the bottom allows plenty of oxygen to reach the burn and often corrects any issues. To that end I generally don’t touch up a burn until there’s roughly an inch of difference between the two sides. The touch ups I was having to do left behind a very unattractive ash on one side, though the other side was light gray and generally firm throughout.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R first third burn issue

This is definitely a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar that packs a punch. Though even with the full body it smoked relatively smooth and never got harsh, despite my rather frequent draws in an attempt to help correct the burn. Now this wasn’t a random uneven burn, it was one specific side of the cigar that burned faster (or one side that burned much slower, your call 🙂 ). I tried leaving the slow side down when in the ashtray, tried leaving the slow side up when in the ashtray, I even tried frequent purges after the half-way mark but nothing I did seemed to make any difference. I would touch it up and get the burn even but it would come right back.

I generally don’t have the patience to put up with that many burn issues and still continue to smoke. However I was thoroughly enjoying the flavors and just couldn’t bring myself to set it down, I never even thought about it until I was finished. The picture below is fairly representative of the state of the burn for most of this cigar.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R last third burn issues

Burn issues abound with this cigar, though I still enjoyed it enough to pick up a five-pack soon and see if those issues are indicative of the brand. The first piece of ash was firm and just longer than the first third of the cigar, but as you can see below my touch up efforts resulted in a pile of crumbly ash.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R ashtray


24 thoughts on “La Gloria Cubana Serie R

  1. Hi Brian,

    Great review, sounds like a good stogie apart from the burn problems. hope the 5 pack brings you better luck

  2. Thanks for your review Brian,

    I purchased a couple of these from a small smoke shop a few months back and experienced the same type of burn issues you described. I think these cigars would do best after a long nap in the humidor; the flavors are very interesting, but I think some age would smooth everything out.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Go big or go home Brian…7×58 is the only size to smoke of the Serie R.

    This was probably just a bad one of the bunch. These are a definite go to cigar of mine. I’m surprised you guys haven’t review the Reserva Figurado yet from LGC.

    Very descriptive review! I enjoyed it!

  4. Thanks guys. I loved the flavors and will definitely be picking up more in the future. Constantly having to touch up the burn on a cigar is something I hate but somehow managed to not really be bothered by it with this one.

    Kirk, I’ll be on the lookout for the Reserva Figurado. Thanks.

  5. nice review Brian, i’ve got 2 boxes aging in my humidor. the other box i opened and smoked out of for a few months on and off. i got a little harshness when i first bought them towards the end of the stick, but the classic maduro flavors shine throughout the 1st couple thirds. after about 15 to 20 of these sticks, the burn issues pop up about every 3rd smoke. the ones i have aging have started to plume and i can’t wait to pop the cork on those babies! i smoked 4 of these and bought the other boxes. i really like this smoke!

  6. Brian,
    I am so sorry that you experienced so many burn issues with this cigar. The Serie R #7 is my favorite stick (my current inventory shows 39 of these jewels resting in my humidors) and I was hoping you would enjoy this cigar as much as I do. I have experienced burn issues in the past, but none as severe as yours. I attribute many of my burn issues to being a very slow, deliberate and thoughtful smoker.

    Thanks for your support of the DogWatch Social Club. It is always fun when you guys drop by their show.

    I enjoy the work you guys are doing – keep it coming!

  7. Steven, Thanks for your comments, they are very much appreciated. We love getting to spend time with the Dog Watch guys.

    I really did enjoy this cigar, even with the burn problems. I would have never suffered through that much had I not been enjoying the flavor. I just hope, and I’m fairly confident they’re not, consistently that bad.

  8. Wow, I just smoked one of these, the 7×58 that Kirk mentioned above. Wow, it’s an awesome Maduro cigar. The best Madoro I’ve smoked so far. I did have the same burn issue you mentioned, so had to torch it a few times and let it cool but it was great until the last inch when it got too hot to smoke. So, 6 inches of smoke time of great Maduro flavors. I’d like to try a smaller ring gauge to see how it compares though.


  9. Dave, Thanks for the info, sorry to hear that you had burn problems as well. They are tasty though aren’t they?

    The #4 reviewed here is the smallest ring gauge available at 52, they only get bigger from there.

  10. Great Review Brian. I have smoked alot of different brands of cigars, but seem to come back to the La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6 Natural. I am not sure why, but I have had the same types of issues when smoking. Burn issues for me seem to run ramped, I thought maybe it was limited to a bad one in the bunch or just one of those occassional things, however after purchasing several boxes over the past couple months I have found it more than I had expected. I still smoke them, they are my cigar of choice day in and day out (about X2 a day). I am curious to know if there are solutions to the problem, as I have also tries different handeling while smoking, humidiying more, less dry boxing etc. If I solve the problem I will let you know.

  11. Forgive my interuption of your discussion, but I have a theory why any given cigar will have burn issues and another wont.
    The problem as I see it, is in the bunching process. If the bunch is not uniform then when the binder is put on there will be channels in the bunch that will be more open than the rest of the cigar.
    Those open channels will draw air faster. The faster the air moves through the cigar, the hotter the coal will become. In a thick ring cigar this is more noticable as the cigar will start to stream along those channels.
    This explains why no amount of outside air will have an effect.
    There is no solution, but there is a consolation. The La Gloria Cubana cigars are truely wonderful and worth the effort of tending the fire.

  12. Although I generally prefer mild to medium cigars, the La Gloria Cubana Serie R is one of my absolute favorites. I have found that some have burn issues unless they sit in my humidor for a while. I try to let mine sit for at least two weeks before pulling it out and firing it up.

    For a truly excellent experience, try a La Gloria Cubana Serie R Limitada – if you can find one. I had a Limitada 2005 once (they are pricey, and a friend was buying!) and I believe it is the finest cigar I have ever smoked – and that puts it at the head of a pretty distinguished class that includes a couple of Cubans.

  13. I’m still a novice, but whenever I’m out of the country, I make sure I pick up a Cuban Upmann or two. I went to the local shop and asked for “medium to mild”. He gave me an LGC Reserva Figurada, and a Serie R #4. The Figurada was ok, but the Serie R was excellent. I thought it might be too strong for me, but it wasn’t. It was full-bodied, but never harsh. I’ve also had the #5, same result. Smoked them both down to the nub. I bought a half-rack of the #5’s, I like them so much. If I give the Upmanns a 100, I would have to give these a solid 95. I don’t know if mine were made later than the ones you other guys have smoked, but I have so far not had any of the uneven burn problems on either of them. I’ll keep an eye out for it as I dip into the rest of them, though.

  14. I just had my first cigar yesterday and it was a LGC Serie R4 and I loved it! I don’t have anything to compare it to, as to being new to this, so any similar tasting cigars that anyone could recommend would be great.

    Looks like I am gonna enjoy reading this site!

  15. Wanted to take a look at a riview of a cigar that I luv (#5)…the review was right on…I get the burn issues quite often, but don’t mind having to even it out now and then for just a very enjoyable smoke.

  16. Can anyone tell me if they have EVER had a LGC which didn’t need constant relights or touch-ups???

    I’ve had about 20 of these now and everyone! out-right SUCKS as far as burn!!!

    I’m done with em.

  17. I finally smoked another Serie R after 2 years. 2 years ago I smoked 2 of these and had the same burn issues that you mentioned. I was reluctant to try it again, but after some persuasion by my local b&m, I decided to give it another shot.

    It wasn’t as bad as I remembered it to be, though it didn’t go out, I did have to touch it up a couple of times to even out the burn. Other than that, it’s an excellent smoke!
    I think a comparable cigar would be the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligeros. Similar without the burn issues!

  18. I finally smoked a LGC #4 serie R and use a technique told by a great cigar maker in DR. Squeeze gently the cigar while you rotate in you hand(very gently)up e down,then lit up and let him rest in the ashtray for two will notice a better performance.

  19. Good smoke..Really enjoyed it. Mild/ Med..Nice Ash and plum. Just dirt, lil coffee, and something sweet about 3/4 down….I liked it

  20. Just smoked my first LGC Serie R (5 or 6 – not quite sure). I got this from a Thompson 90 Rated Sampler. It rested in my humi for perhaps a month or so. All I can say is WOW! My friend came over for a smoke and I gave him one of my authentic Cuban Cohibas while I picked up the “R”. Let me say that I was not in any way disappointed and as far as I was concerned my buddy could have the Cohiba. I didn’t have the burn issues mentioned above and corrected only one time. It burned evenly and the ash held beautifully. One other positive comment here: I typically have to force myself to smoke slowly in order to avoid the stick getting too hot. This stick never got too hot, and I was definitely puffing away more than once a minute. Thank you for the review and your great site. I’m gonna look for more of these and if any of you all want to send them to me please feel free.

  21. My cigar started out bitter and sour, but then the varrious
    flavors kicked in…i was a little concerned, as i had a messy burn
    as well, needed a restart 1/3 in, but ok after that. The
    sour/bitterness that went away after the first initial puffs and as
    the the cigar progressed i experienced a lot of different flavors,
    this is a complex cigar… Very easy draw, had to be careful not to
    smoke to fast, produces plenty of smoke and is a full cigar, both
    of which I like. Overal i dont think i will pick Serrie r anytime
    soon, good flavors but too many issues. you should enjoy 100% of a
    cigar. please excuse my grammar/puctuation im drinking and this is
    a med/full cigar. thanks for the reviews i enjoy to read what im

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