Episode 6 – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 6 – Your Questions, My Answers

Episode 6 has the other member of the Stogie Review joining us. Brian joins us for the first time on Your Questions, My Answers.

Video runs about 51 minutes with Brian, Walt & I addressing the following topics:

* How we started smoking cigars and what cigar was our first
* The Dos and Dont’s of cutting and lighting cigars
* Different kinds of cigar cuts
* Tips on how long you should age your cigars
* How ring gauge and length affect the taste of a cigar
* We expand on the cello on, cello off debate by addressing what to do with cigars in tubes
* Plan of action for a beetle infestation
* Tips on what to look for when buying a humidor
* Marketing of Alternative cigars
* A lot of other things like our recent smokes and purchases

We had to shoot the video early so we weren’t able to announce the winner of the Cigar Dossier during the recording of Episode 6, but the winner of the Cigar Dossier from Cigarmony.com is Jeremy Daniels. Jeremy sent in a review of the El Rey Del Mundo, so congrats to Jeremy!

Its late at night so only the full version of Episode 6 is available. I’ll get Episode 6 split up into different parts for easy viewing later today…after I get some sleep.


20 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. I was all set to go to sleep but I’m glad I decided to check the site on last time.

    Great job guys! Best episode yet…I to hope Brian is able to make it for each of these episodes as he added a lot of value.

    Nice opinions on the TNT Cigar thing as well the question regarding if you should keep cigars in their tubes.


  2. Hey guys, good episode again. It was great to finally get to see Brian!

    We’ve been asked a lot of the same questions recently on the DWSC, in fact it is very interesting you were asked about the fairness of paring drinks with cigars. We had the same question this week. Perhaps someone is testing both of us! Our answers come out when the show goes up this afternoon.

    Episode #6 was informational & entertaining. Keep ’em coming guys!

    ….the Tipton time zone…..I love it!

  3. Thanks for a great video. I think it was one of your best. Brian’s perspective definately is a nice addition. After hearing the beetle story I raced to the humidor for quick inspection!

    Keep up the great work. I learn something new every time.

  4. Hey guys,

    I’ve recently noticed that Padron also dates their boxes; on my older 25ct boxes I found a piece of paper at the back of the box near the hinges (jammed between the cedar and the outer part of the box. This paper had the date and the roller.

  5. Just when you think these don’t get any more entertatining or informative but you add Brian to the mix and the show is even more fantastic!

    I see why Jerry always praises Walt & Brian for being “in the know” cause they have such great answers and Jerry does a great job hosting the show and expanding on questions.

    A++++ on Episode 6 guys! (sorry I just left some e-bay feedback so the A++++ was fresh in my head).

  6. Joe you’re right, I had forgotten all about that. I’ve found the little piece of paper where you mentioned and also under the bottom row of cigars, but always towards the very back of the box.

  7. I have a box of Punch Gran Puros and there is a paper in there showing the date information on when the cigars were rolled and packed. Also has the rollers signature on it. I also have a box of CAO MX2’s that have the same type of info.

  8. Fellas, Great Q & A section. Very informative and I want to say that it was a pleasure to have all 3 of you guys together at last. Hopefully you 3 can be togteher for more reviews.
    Anyways, thanks again fellas. You guys are great and it was indeed a surprise when I seen that my name was drawn for the winner of the contest. Thank you all and thanks to Cigarmony.com. I will definitely use the Cigar Dossier. Thanks again and Smoke up!!

  9. Hey guys,

    Walt mentioned that he found a box of 31 Tatuaje P’s for “a little over $70.00…” Where did you find them? Thanks!

  10. Jared – You need to give Atlantic Cigars a call. They can’t publish the price on their site but if you give them a call at 1-800-887-7877 and place an order over the phone…I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the price…I know I and others haven’t.

    While you don’t get anything out of it and neither do the Stogie Review guys but be sure to mention that you came from the Stogie Review. It will help them in future dealings with Atlantic Cigars.

  11. hi guys,

    thanks for anwering my question, i feel like a complete novice, but i have to learn some how. thanks again, good to see brian can join you guys now

  12. I like your videos but I wish I didn’t have to sit in front of my computer for the entire broadcast. Do you Podcast an audio version?

  13. Matt – Don’t worry, I feel like a novice all the time around Brian & Walt.

    Jared – Definitely give Atlantic Cigars a call. Its a shame they can’t publish their prices on some of the things they carry but its well worth it to give them a call.

  14. Thanks jerry, i appreciate that. i read all these intelligent comments and wish i could have a say, lol. Howcome you feel like a novice? dont you have the most smoking experience?

  15. Ryan – Thanks for the feedback. Getting the videos into .mov format for iTunes is a little time consuming but we’ve started to receive more and more requests for this so its just going to have to be something we do.

    Matt – While I am the resident long time smoker, in this case you can’t associate longevity with knowledge. Walt & Brian have a wealth of knowledge that I wish I could’ve leaned on back when I got started and before I developed so many bad habits.

  16. I still think you have alot of knowledge and i definately find your reviews good for me. the only problem i find is that alot of the cigars you guys review, are very hard to get hold of in england, but im trying, lol. i also have one other question, howcome brian doesnt do video reviews? his reviews are great and would love to see videos.

  17. Hey, Brian this question is for you.
    I was wondering if you store your cigars in the wine cooler all year round? and if so wouldn’t the constant cool air affect the cigars after awhile?

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