Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight

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Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight

Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight - Band

To continue with the trend of reviewing user requested cigars, this week I have the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur 1066 – Dark Knight. This particular vitola weighs in at 5.75 inches with a 54 ring gauge. The Dark Knights all have a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, instead of the Cameroon that their counterparts have.

While looking over the cigar I found it to have a dark oily wrapper with a few veins running throughout the length of the stick. When pinched I found the body of the stick to be firm and packed with tobacco. Once the initial inspection was out of the way I reached for my cutter and clipped the head of my cigar. The pre light draw was very good with mild tobacco flavors.

Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight - 1/3

After toasting and lighting I had the cigar completely lit and burning evenly. The initial flavor was rich and earthy with a smooth and creamy finish. The body at this point was in the Medium range.

While smoking through the first third of this cigar I was pleased by the thick clouds of cool and flavor smoke that it produced. The flavor base was rich and earthy with a mild bitter chocolate flavor in the background. The finish was soft and fairly short as well as smooth and creamy. The body remained in the Medium range and made for a good overall taste and feel to the smoke.

Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight - 2/3

The second third of this stick was showing signs that it was building and going to make for a nice strong finish. The body was slowly ramping up and moving into the Medium to Full range. The base flavor was still rich earthy tones with bitter chocolate in the background. I was now beginning to get some black pepper flavors that really seemed to mix things up a bit. The finish was slowly getting longer and heavier as I smoked deeper into the stick. The burn was fairly even but was running a little fast. Even with the elevated burn rate, the cigar still smoked nice and cool.

Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight - 3/3

As I smoked into the final third, the draw remained to be nice which led to lots of thick smoke for me to enjoy. The burn rate still was a little fast for my liking but did not dampen my impression of the cigar. The body continued to build and finally peaked just inside the Full spectrum. The finish was smooth and creamy but was fairly long at this stage in the smoke. The base flavor seemed to get richer as the cigar got shorter. Even while short, the cigar smoked cool and remained enjoyable.

Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight - Nub

Overall I think that this was a good cigar and would recommend picking one up if you find one at your local shop. Now that these are available in 10 count boxes, it makes them pretty affordable even if you have a small cigar budget (~$30.00 per box of ten)

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28 thoughts on “Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight

  1. Hey walt here the link to the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure 2 I was talking about I just realized I didn’t post the link I hope you can review this
    cigar some time in the future.

  2. Lou,

    Unfortunately, It is against the law for me, as a United States Citizen, to purchase Cuban Cigars.

    This may be an option in the future, but as it stands right now, Stogie Review can not review Cuban Cigars.

    Thanks for the request, but unfortunately I can’t help you out on this one.


  3. walt,

    thats a shame, but to be honest, i personally dont think cuban cigars are as good as people say they are. i definately dont think they are the best in the world.


    thanks for the link.

  4. Well Matt in May of this year I’m taking a week long trip to Canada so I’m hoping our Canadian fans will help me navigate the waters of Cuban cigars so I can get an idea of what, if anything, we’re missing out on here in the States.

  5. jerry,

    i hope you have a great trip, and i hope you enjoy the cuban cigars, which im sure you will. ive just finished smoking a montecristo edmundo, which i must admit was a very good cigar. but i dont think that your missing out on anything, especially when you have the don pepins which you all seem to really enjoy. you’ll have to let me know of what you think of cuban cigars.

  6. Matt,

    Here is a quote from the gentlemen that make the highest rated non Cuban cigars…

    “Q: Then, have you created a replacement for Cuban cigars?
    A: No, I haven’t. Cuba will always be Cuba. What we are trying to do is equal, not surpass, Cuba. We will never be able to outdo Cuban cigars.”

    -Jose Padron

  7. Matt,

    I used to think like yourself when I first started smoking cigars — there are many non-Cubans that I enjoy and I felt the high-price of Cuban cigars wasn’t worth my effort here in Canada. I’ve traveled to Cuba on 2 occasions and this last trip really opened my eyes on cuban cigars. Every cigar I smoked during my week long stay there was a great experience. When they’re made and aged correctly, I don’t think any other cigar can match a Cuban.

    Jerry will have a full report when he meets up with us in May I’m sure. 🙂

  8. Jabba,
    Thanks for the quote. Whats your opinion? do you think cuban cigars are the best?


    I do enjoy cubans, they are very good cigars, especially cohibas. And i admit ive never had a cuban cigar that was bad, but they are very highly priced. I live in england and almost all of the cuban cigars here are too highly priced. I want to try the don pepin cigars, but cant find any over here. i hope you have a great time smoking with Jerry.

  9. matt,

    I think where they are “ON” they definitely are the best… my problem with Cubans is their consistency.

    That’s why a lot of the time I reach for a Padron, because I know I’m getting the same wonderful flavors every time.

  10. Jabba,

    Ive not had a problem with there consistency yet, but ive only been smoking a short while. Is there any padron in particular you prefer? ive not had a padron yet, so any recommendations would be appreciated.

  11. Matt,

    my go-to Padron is the Londres, I suggest trying both the natural and the maduro… both are excellent; just don’t tell too many people LOL!)

  12. Jabba,

    Thanks, ill definately give them a try. What Cubans do u recommend? Sorry to keep asking questions, lol

  13. I love the smaller rings (35-42) so you may not like the ones that I smokes… I’m a huge fan of the RyJs… Sports, Londres, Belvies etc. I love the petit corona or petit Lancero size. Also a huge fan of the Seoane… Basically, I need my custom roller from Cayo Coco back! LOL

  14. Its definately a lot cheaper to smoke smaller ring gauges, so if you prefer it, good for you. lol. I prefer robusto sized cigars, Im enjoying the montecristo edmundo at the moment.

  15. Walt,

    i’ve always subscribed to the punch on one side of a chisel shaped cigar. it is supposed to direct the flavors directly on your palatte. the same is true of the shape of a wine glass. the nose of the wine is narrowed by the rim of the glass to focus your senses.

    the double punch seems like it would harm the wrapper and binder. with all that applied force.

    once again great review. i see these all the time at one of my b&m’s, but i haven’t heard much about them.

    you have to try/review the Pepin and Pete CABAIGUAN line! these are one of the best new lines i’ve had in a while. they came a little damp, just like the Tatuaje’s, but once they dry, the are a creamy, nutty, coffee, wake me up, perfect morning pick me up!


  16. Man. My main PC crashed, so I haven’t been here in a couple weeks! I have some serious catching up to do! Yet another fantastic review here, Walt! I love these cigars, and I too wish they made a smaller size. THanks for your time and review!


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