Nording by Rocky Patel

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Nording by Rocky Patel

Named after the famous pipe maker, Eric Nording (I don’t smoke pipes but thats what I hear), I bring you the robusto sized Nording by Rocky Patel. The Nording by Rocky Patel features a Costa Rican wrapper, Mexican binder and a filler blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. Now I’ve also seen other places that say it has a Honduran binder and a Honduran wrapper so I’m not sure who to trust.

I’m always fascinated with how a cigar looks and this cigar is a pleasure to look at. The wrapper is a bit rough around the edges with a few veins that run long and deep. I keep thinking that these veins are going to cause some burn issues but so far, they have been insignificant. I love the pig tail on the cap. Which brings me to a question, do you cut cigars with a pig tail the same as your normal cigar or do you just clip off the tail?

The Nording by Rocky Patel had an attractive aroma right off the bat and quickly filled the room with a nice roasted coffee aroma. No problems with burn and the Nording had an easy draw. I did notice that it did burn a little fast even when it was resting. Flavor profile consisted of rich sweet coca, roasted nuts and had a spicey finish. The Stogie Guys featured this in one of their weekend quick smokes and mentioned that it was a affordable alternative to the RP Vintage 1990. I’m a big fan of the RP Connecticut and to me, The Nording by Rocky Patel is a richer, full bodied experience of the RP Connecticut.

Video runs a little over 13:00 and looks a bit different than other videos as I tried to use Adobe Premeire Elements 3.0 instead of the usual Windows Movie Maker. Adobe Premeire seems to have a high learning curve that will take sometime to get use to. Enjoy the weekend.



24 thoughts on “Nording by Rocky Patel

  1. hah, damn, I only wish I had such an impact on my exes that they would wish me dead 10 years later. I think that’s a compliment Jerry haha. I doubt that most of my exes even remember me!

    Anyway, good review. Never heard of this RP cigar. Sounds good, I’ll have to pick up a pack.


  2. I just picked a couple of these up a few weeks ago at Bethesda Tobacco, seeing as to how i just found out your in germantown, i’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the place. Anyways, i guess i have an extra reason to check it out now.

  3. Jerry, nice review man! I keep forgetting about those Nordings. Glad you reminded me to check these out again. Really like that creamy, nutty flavor and the ash stays nice and tight… He, he. Like the quality of the new video too!

    Thanks man,


  4. I noticed some digital “lines” in the video this time that I always seem to get when using Adobe premier. The quality of the video actually looked better using movie maker. If you figure out some good settings to use for premier that clean up the video let me know.

  5. Ya, I agree Jerry, you quality of Movie maker looked better; that flying ash was funny, I was just waiting for that.

    So did you respond to that girl? what did you say?

  6. Hey guys,

    I love reading (and watching) the reviews. I really like those little Nording belicosos, so I’ll have to give the others a try too.

    As for the pigtails…I like chewing on them for a bit then biting them off. Only time I’ll ever do that though.

    Keep up the good work,
    Chattanooga, Tn

  7. hey jerry,

    great review, sounds like a great cigar, shame about the flying ash, lol. You definately made an impact on your ex

  8. Great review, Jerry. Although, not to nitpick here, but I never compared this cigar to the RP Vintage 1990 — except in price. I agree with your assessment that Nording is more comparable to the Connecticut.

    Either way, I think Nording is really overlooked as a value cigar that sports good flavor and interesting construction.

  9. Jerry, I can see a major improvement in the video quality. This new software is a keeper.

    I’m an RP fan so I will definitely track down a few of Nordings and check them out.

    I think you need to do a little work on your “latin lover” persona. You’re supposed to leave the ladies dying to see you again, not dying to see you dead! What did you do to that poor girl, blow smoke in her face?

  10. What type of video camera are you using. The image looks great. Just found the site and it’s nice. I especially liked the padrons.

  11. I just about fell out of my chair laughing watching you so “cooly” smoke the stogie with the music playing, only to have your ash fly into your lap. Like none of us have ever done that before. Absolutely hilarious.

    I, too, enjoyed the new format. Seemed to have a nice “wide screen” look to it. If only we could open it into a full screen version…..

  12. I like the widescreen format myself. The digital line thing is a bit annoying but I’m sure it has to do with some settings in Premeire that I just need to tweak.

    I actually just need a new PC that is more suited to video editing than my 4 year old cheapo Dimension from Dell.

  13. I smoked one of those about a week ago. I absolutely loved the flavor, but the thing died on me — twice. It also had a severely uneven burn. Just bad luck? I’ll buy another one and see.

    Great video quality.

  14. Last comment of the day but I picked up a few of these over the holiday weekend for myself and a few friends and the Nording was a big hit.

    Great suggestion!

  15. I just had a Nording. It was a great experience that lasted all the way to the nub. No hint of that ammonia taste even down to the last draw. A little uneven burn, but it didn’t detract from the experience. Was a great value for the money.

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