September Contest Winner

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September Contest Winner

Well folks, it took us longer than we would have expected to select a winner. Brian, Jerry, and I selected our favorites and wouldn’t you know, we had a list of 8 entries that needed to be slimmed down.

We all went back and forth on what context the tagline would be used in. We came down to two entries that we felt comfortable using and it was very difficult to select a winner. When it was all said and done, we choose the tag line…

Go Beyond The Numbers

We felt that it could be used in a number of ways and didn’t limit us to solely reviews. Congratulations go out to Ryan. The address has been supplied to our generous sponsor at Duque Cigars and you should be receiving your box of Rocky Patel Nording shortly.

Thanks to everyone for entering. It was fun to follow the entries and we hope ot see you back again for our October Contest.

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15 thoughts on “September Contest Winner

  1. Tbone,
    Stogie Review is one of the few website that do not use a number system to rate their cigars, accessories, or other products. We leave the interpretation up to you, we give you our input and let the reader/viewer make up their own mind to buy or not buy.

    The phrase also makes me think beyond the “numbers” or tradition reviews onto other things like feature articles and commentary.

    All in all, we felt that it fit nicely.

  2. What I like about the new tagline is that it works in a number of ways, but means we address more than the statistics of the cigar. We don’t stop at reporting, size, cost and rating, we fully explore the experience of each smoke.

    I wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

  3. I am so thrilled to have been chosen as the winner! Even more proud to have an opportunity to influence a website I enjoy so much. Walt and Brian’s interpretation is spot on for what I wanted to convey. So until the next tagline change….I will bask in the glory!

    Thanks guys, keep it up!

  4. it’s a little vague, newer smokers might not catch on right away. I like the idea though, it’s a jab at the CA!

  5. Congrats to Ryan! The new tagline does capture a lot about the site. I think it works. It’s not terribly descriptive, but I don’t think the tagline would make someone click a link more often (unless is said “Free Cigars!”) LOL

  6. congrat’s to ryan, but slogan kinda suck’s..
    anyone who smoke’s cigar’s and frequant’s site’s like this know the c.a. # system is bogus. that’s why we come to your site to get real review’s. so, “go beyond the number’s” is redundant for most who visit your site. just my humble opion !!

  7. Well, I hazard to say that numbers have their value for summarzing and “ballparking” a smoke. Let’s not forget reviewers who assign a number also report flavors, construction, burn etc. I have not seen a review that was just a bare, unexplained number (except for advertising, which is not a review). This site seems to “go beyond the numbers” but it does appear that the reviewers do end up summarzing their experience with standard words that just as well could be numbers (i.e. would defintely recommend, like it a lot, etc.) When it comes down to it, a review is a review. Some are more verbose than others, and some have the real estate to publish lengthy ideas from the reviewer. Since the smoking experience is so subjective, I believe the true value is in getting a ballpark handle on what the cigar is like, then determing which ones I should actually try. I suppose some people derive entertainment from the mere watching of a smoking experience but, at least for me, I am looking for some key facts to decide whether I should pick one up to try. Short reviews with a summary number do this well in many cases. From this angle, the new slogan seems a bit negative. Instead of purely promoting a positive feature, the slogan hinges on implying that there is something wrong with the number based summary method. Going “beyond” tends to imply that it improves upon or exceeds something pre-existing. The two methods are different; both are useful. One is not superior to the other. Just my two cents….

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