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Alonso Menendez

Well Walt and I woke up earlier yesterday morning and decided to do our first ever joint video review. We’ve received a lot of requests for this over the past couple months so we gave it a shot. This is really unscripted and will probably take a little bit of work to smooth out the edges and keep from talking at the same time.

Video runs a little over 30 minutes. Walt and I also discuss Cigar lounges and membership fees. Let us know what you think and if this should be something Walt, Brian and I should do more often.


8 thoughts on “Alonso Menendez

  1. I looked into renting a locker at a cigar shop until I saw how much they were charging and all the rules to become a member. Here’s the website so you can view over the rules and the membership prices. I’ve been there for dinner and the place is real nice. Great menu, although a bit expensive, awesome atmosphere but a shitty selection on cigars.

    I’d have a hard time paying so much money and have to abide by those rules. For that money, I can buy myself alot of cigars and a nice humidor. Smoking at home is where it’s at. Like Jerry, you can smoke at home, wearing boxers!!

    Look through that site and have yourself a laugh.

  2. I’ve never been to this place, but it looks like a great model of a smoking club: http: with perfect access and reasonable cost for what is provided: //

  3. I personally wouldnt pay to smoke cigars in a cigar shop, especially when you can smoke at home for free, great review guys, u sgould do more video reviews together.

  4. Too long of a review. I like when you keep them separate and are to the point. Having to flip back and forth from Jerry and Walt’s reviews was too long in my opinion. Also I miss the slapstick of Jerry nearly burning his house down or puking on camera too. 🙂

  5. Guys-
    I recall Paul telling us that the loose roll and easy draw of these cigars are a function of the mata fina brazilian tobacco that is used in the Alonso Menendez cigars. For whatever reason that is how it smokes best.

    Also, I seem to recall the suggested retail for these being in the $4-$7 range.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the Alonso Menendez as you’ll see from my review of the robusto from last October.

    Good review gentlemen!

  6. Although long for a stogie review, I enjoyed the non-review banter (in fact I forgot at one point that a cigar was even being reviewed). I would enjoy more of these episodes in the future.

    Although I’m an outdoor smoker only around the house and bans are popping up everywhere in the Kansas City area, I don’t think I could pay to smoke at a shop or lounge – maybe that’s the cheapskate in me, but I’d rather spend the money on a good smoke and drink and do it for free!

  7. One thing with Adobe Premiere that I’m hoping to work on is the whole picture-in-picture thing so that you can see both Walt and I at the same time. Of course this is an “advanced” feature that will take a bit to learn but its definitely something I’d like to do along with offering a full screen version of reviews instead of 320×240.

  8. I’m a little late in responding to this one, but I really like this cigar. I wouldn’t call it ugly, maybe rustic would be a better word. However, it’s pretty hard to find and the cheapest I found online was $6.50 for the robusto ($5.50 if you buy a box). If anyone knows of a cheaper source, please let me know. As to the dual review, I think both of you did a pretty good job for a first effort. I would love to see another one.

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