Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1

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Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1

This cigar is just as long as the name for it. I’m smoking the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro). This monster or giant of a cigar comes in at 8.5 inches long with a 52 ring gauge. It features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with the binder and filler out of the Dominican.

Its been a busy week for me but I had just enough time and energy to squeeze in the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro). When you watch the video (15:30) you will know why I’ve had a week from hell. Getting home late doesn’t leave a lot of time to smoke.

All in all I thought the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro) was a decent cigar. Maybe even more enjoyable in another size. After over an hour of smoking this giant of a cigar I was pretty much tired of smoking it and thats not because it was a bad cigar. It actually was a good cigar with a lot of flavors that I enjoy. The flavor profile consists of a medium bodied, sweet natural tobacco taste with a short nutty finish. Maybe medium bodied is a bit of a stretch. Its actually more on the mild side maybe one step up from a Macanudo.

The Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro) burned well and had an easy draw. The #1 just took way too long to smoke to keep your attention. There isn’t any “WOW” factor that keeps you interested to see it through till the end. Its like a tunnel with no light at the end. I think this is a decent cigar in another size.

Enjoy the video…sorry for my rant on bad bed side manners by doctors, but hey, this is cheaper than paying for therapy! Episode 7 of Your Questions, My Answers is this weekend so get use to seeing my face and hearing my voice.


8 thoughts on “Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1

  1. Jerry sorry to hear about your in-law. Sounds like he’s improving every day.

    You can tell in your review that you’re a bit distracted and not on your “A” game but still a quality review.

    Looking forward to Episode 7.

  2. Keep the faith Jerry. Strokes are awful. My Grandfather suffered a severe stroke but being the honory bugger that he was, lived for 10 more years having about 20 more minor strokes and a few bigger ones along the way for good measure but stayed sharp, although debilitated, to the end at 87. So there is always hope.

    I don’t envy doctors though and I’ve way too much experience with them. Cruddy job and bed side manner is secondary to their skills but oh so important as compassion for the family as they suffer is indeed something they must learn.

    On a more positive note, wow, that’s a long cigar. Probably mellowed with all that aging.

    Long ashes and stay strong,


  3. Very sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Jerry. Will keep him and your family in prayers.

    As a physician, I fully agree with you that the bedside manner and the ability of talking with the patient and family members are of utmost importance. I specialize in Emergency Medicine (as you might guess by my web name) and it is important to us as board-certified EM physicians to be able to deliver bad news in the best way possible. There is truly an art to it.

    Very few people will remember what kind of medical care was given (unless it was absolutely wrong), but everyone remembers how they were treated by the doctor and the nurses. You have every right to be upset about the first doctor that spoke to you and your family. In your own words, the second doctor delivered the same news, but somehow you were more at ease with the situation.

    Finally, remember that all professions have good people and bad people. Just because someone was able to pass a lot of tests and get good grades doesn’t make them good interpersonal skills. You should probably let both doctors know how they made you feel; the “bad” doctor should be informed so that he/she can get better and the “good” doctor should get a chance to know that he/she helped a bad situation.

    Finally, thanks for the review. You’ve made the last part of my nightshift in the ER pass just a little bit faster.

    Long ashes….

  4. Jerry,
    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My father has had 2 strokes, so i know how you feel. The doctors told me he wouldnt recover and Although my dad is alot better now, hes not like he was, but there is hope for your in-law.

    Great review, especially with all the things you must have on your mind. I enjoy the cuesta rey range, but not this monster. lol

  5. Sorry to hear about your Father inlaw.

    I also don’t like smoking monster cigars like that unless I’m outside at the cottage or watching a 2-3 hour sporting event.

    I think the Cuesta-Rey line is decent, I’ve had the 95, 1884, and most of the Centro Finos and Centennarios. They are a bit mild and make a good early day smoke… there isn’t much WOW factor with them though.

    Great review.

  6. I agree with jabba, they are mild and theres nothin special about them, but they make a good early morning cigar.

  7. Sorry to hear about your father in law Jerry. It’s always tough when families have to go through times like these. Hang in there and hopefully you guys get good news soon.

  8. Just smoked one with at least 5 years on it.

    These cigars, made by the Fuentes for the JC Newman Co, are traditionally very mild. Take a mild cigar and age it and often (not always) you get a cigar with hardly any flavor.

    I got nothing from the wrapper, not any of the typical sweetness or earthiness that you get from a CBL wrapper.

    The only flavors I did manage to pick up were a little toast and a touch of wood.

    It did draw well, but this was very uneventful.

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