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While I’m editing the video for Episode 7 or Your Questions, My Answers I thought I’d share with you a review from one of our loyal visitors to the site. John Baelly was our winner of the box of Tatuaje Series P we gave away awhile back. After John had the chance to smoke a few he was nice enough to send us a review of the Tatuaje Series P:

Back in February I was reading an entry (I like to check this site everyday) at the great The Stogie Review website. The review was for the Tatuaje Series P (also has a great video of Jerry smoking and talking about this cigar). Along with the review, a contest was announced, if you haven’t entered our contest to win a box of these Tatuaje Series P be sure to use the contact us link and send us a cigar related question. So I decided, what the hell, I’ve got nothing lose and I’ll won’t win anyways. Well low and behold, a little less than a week after entering the contest with a cigar related question, I got an email from Jerry (yeah, he is the man) stating I won.

I was ecstatic and very anxious about receiving these sticks in the mail. When I didn’t receive them after about week after the announcement, I even emailed Jerry, wondering if he had mailed them yet. He assured me they were on their way.

When I received them, I opened the box right away and stuck my nose in the box and took a good whiff (oh joy!). They smelled delicious. They were on the little dry side and I suspected that they would be. So I decided to put them in my humidor and let them sit for a month and not touch them.

Well, as you guessed it that never happened. I couldn’t contain myself and took one out that evening fired her up. Mind you I have only been smoking cigars for a little over a year now. My palate isn’t refined as some the veteran BOTL, but I know what I like, AND I LIKED THIS CIGAR VERY MUCH.

The Series P is, I thought, a medium bodied cigar. I prefer smoking the full flavored and full bodied cigars. But it was rich-tasting with great flavor (what do I know, I’m just a novice). I do admit it is fairly one dimensional and not complex. While smoking this cigar the first time, halfway through, it started to become a little harsh. I figured this is due to the fact of the small gauge of 46(again, what do I know, I’m just a novice). So I slowed down and pulled on my draws much slower (did that make sense) and the harshness gave way to this cigar’s great flavor. I would definitely purchase these puros again.

To the guys at the The Stogie Review Jerry, Walt, and Brian, I would like to thank you for the box of cigars. Now I can’t say, I never win anything.

P.S. After I let them sit in my humidor for a month they have even gotten better. I had to spread the joy and handed a few out to some of the guys at my local B&M. Thanks again.

A Loyal Reader,


John I’m glad you enjoyed the Series P from Tatuaje and we’re thankful that you took the time to write the review.


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  1. John,
    after reading your great review and hearing Jerry rave about them in his reviews as part of his everyday rotation, i picked up a single for my humidor. I will let it sit for awhile and will take your advice on smoking it slowly. for the 4 dollar price point, if it is a good as you say, i can see myself picking up a box to smoke and share with buddies.

    Let us know what else you are smoking these days.

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