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CAO Vision

CAO Vision - 1

A few weeks ago after Jerry and I joined Cigar Live, Daniel (the forum owner), decided to hold a group tasting panel and include us. The cigar for the panel was the CAO Vision. For our second attempt at a joint review we decided to fire up the Vision and see what it provided.

CAP Vision - 2

During our pre light inspection we found the cigar to be constructed very well. It was smooth and soft to the touch and firmly packed when pinched. After opening up the head we both found the draw to be decent (although mine was a little firm due to my plug cut). Once lit the cigar produced thick clouds of smoke and gave way to a slow and even burn.

CAO Vision - 3

The first third was composed of Medium bodied smoke with a smooth finish. The base flavor at this point was a rich tobacco flavor with a woody background flavor. When passed through the sinuses I picked up a pleasant spice that kept me interested.

The second third continued to please, leading to a richer flavor while the body slowly began to build. The burn remained even and produced a light colored, firm ash. The resting smoke was light and filled the room with a mild woody aroma.

CAO Vision - 4

After about an hour and a half we wrapped up the cigar and both felt that it was a good smoke. We agreed that the price would be much more appealing at around $8.00 per single as we felt it did not merit the $14.00 price tag it currently holds. This is something we would recommend picking up, but maybe wait until some of the hype dies down, and hopefully the price will die down as well.

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15 thoughts on “CAO Vision

  1. I really can’t believe some of the prices of these so called “special” cigars nowadays. I’m not sure if it’s just me but in my opinion $14 for a cigar is nucken futs! I would really love to see how much it costs to produce a CAO Vision. If Padron can product a Londres, which has 2.5 years of age on the tobacco and sell it through the retail channels for $2 a stick I gotta imagine that someone is making HUGE money from a $14 cigar. I must be one of the only people left that doesn’t care about a cigars packaging. There must a ton of people with a ton of discretionary funds, or maybe I’m just in the wrong business.

    Anyway, great review guys. I don’t think I will be dishing out $14 anytime soon but I’m sure it’s a good cigar considering La Aurora produces it for Timmy Oz.

  2. I agree Jabba, I start to wonder when the cigar realm begins to be affected by the law of diminishing returns. At what price point does the financial burden outweigh the enjoyment. I know for me, if I pay for it, going over $8.00 bucks a stick (and thats my special occasion smoke) really isn’t fun anymore. Even if someone buys one for me, anything over $8.00 and I feel silly…..

  3. Interesting cigar. Ok, here’s the $14 question. How’s this cigar compare to the Carlos Tarano Exodus Silver which also has a lot of woodsy flavors at $4 a cigar?

  4. Great review, Walt & Jerry. I enjoyed the format of the video; the fades between each speaking worked well – very good job.

    $14? I’m not sure I’d pay that for a single stick – especially when there’s so much more good stuff that’s a lot cheaper.

  5. Well, I really think CAO has this down. If you think about it, the price is due to the humidor box it comes in and the presentation of the cigars. When I first got these in stock, I opened them and I admit they made me smile. It’s a really pretty setup they have going. These cigars are also pretty tough to get.

  6. I am a Canadian cigar smoker, and our tax on cigars is huge. We routinely pay >$14 or more for standard smokes. I like the look of the review, good job guys. I’m going to have to make a trip to the States to try and get a taste of the ‘Vision’

  7. i have never tried a CAO. i might pick one up in the next couple of weeks. i have always thought of their label as more marketing than performance based on their sopranos line and laquery humidors that drive up the cost of the cigars.

  8. I Paid $19 in LA for one. I also am from Canada and work at La Tienda Cigars in edmonton. Out “Sin” tax here is unreal. you guys (USA) dont know how good you have it. But i guess we do have “real” Cubans up here though….

  9. These are quite reminicent of certain illegal cigars us old timers used to smoke. I really enjoyed the woody flavor, as it is different from the creamy Rocky Patel 99’s ive been smoking, but I would like it better without the $14-16 price tag. If you haven’t tryed one of these I suggest you pick one up next time you stop in your local store.

  10. I had the opportunity to enjoy a CAO Vision on NYE 2007/2008. My local smokeshop here in the Milwaukee area, Havana, has a fantastic selection and competitive prices. Unfortunately, I paid $18 for the Vision. Not a great example of good prices.

    I tend to smoke medium and often aromatic or infused cigars. My usuals are the Isla Del Sol, Patel/Estate Java, Oliva V, Patel Edge, assorted CAO and the occasional Acid selections.

    My impression of the Vision was very positive. I agree the price was exaggerated, but I wasn’t disappointed by the quality of the smoke. Very smooth draw, tight wrap, pleasant aroma, thick plume, mild-medium body and asthetically appealing as well. This is definately a cigar worth trying once, maybe twice. It offers complex filler, but not quite as dynamic as say the Oliva V Lancero or the Ashton Maduro.

    Overall, I was happy. It lasted about an hour and was pleasant past the band. This is not for the thrill-seeker, Ecuador triple maduro, hair-on-the-chest smoker. If you want that, go for a Power or a Litto Gomez. This is for the smoker who wants a lighter, aromatic, smoother quality cigar.

    Be sure to enjoy the cool humidor that CAO uses for the Vision. Light this cigar with a cedar stick or wooden match and have your Xikar cutter ready as this is a torpedo!

    Happy smoking!

  11. To me I was let down by this cigar I love CAO cigars and they have never let me down until I tried the Vision. I felt the cigar was more show with the packaging then it was a woodsy flavored cigar. The worst part of it all is I bought the whole box before trying them and now when I have a party I just give them away. Not worth it CAO is a great product with its Americana and Italia Cigars and I am going to stick with those which are not as pricey.

  12. I think the Visions aren’t a bad cigar at all, but the price is a tad high. However, you have to take into account that there’s a pretty cool humidor that comes with them. Given that and given that CAO values the humidor at $75, that brings the Catalyst down to about 150.00 per 20 cigars. This is something that isn’t really reflected in the price as most people don’t sell the humidor separately.

    I think the example about the Padron Londres is a good point. I really can’t see the cost of production on these being over $2.00 per stick. However, they do have custom bands, serial #s on each cigar, and the humidor…

    I personally really liked the Epiphany cigar. I handed them out at my sister’s wedding and a lot of people liked them. Of course, few of those people are true aficionados.

    Just my thoughts..

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