Episode 9 – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 9 – Your Questions, My Answers

Jerry rejoins Walt for Episode 9 of Your Questions, My Answers.

In Episode 9, Jerry and Walt discuss buying tips for humidors off of Ebay, changes in the cigar industry, advice on opening a retail cigar shop, finding that right cigar, counterfit cigars and how we’d spend $96 million.


13 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Jerry and Walt,

    Thanks for another great show. I’m the one with the beads question.
    Just to let you know that just today I got a delivery of half a pound of Heartfelt beads as a result of our email discussion. That should hold me over for awhile 🙂 Keep up the good work and have fun doing it 🙂


  2. Excellent video, wow, that would be nice to have a walk in humidor. But not for me at this time.

    One of the things I liked as pieces of cigar information was about cellophane protecting cigars and limiting the spread of tobacco beatles in case an infestation pops up. That alone was what made me switch from removing the cellophane from the cigars. Plus, the other benefits of protection for the cigars if you travel with them etc. Food for thought for future storage and concerns about beatle infestation.


  3. Great episode guys,
    Jerry, great to see you back. Walt and Brian did a great job of holding it together while you were gone. Got some really useful information from this episode. Although i always do, lol. Quick question, on some of my cigars i gert very little smoke, but the draw isnt tight. i thought it might be my humidity level, but it only happens on a few of my cigars. Any ideas?

  4. Welcome back Jerry…another great episode! You guys gotta beat on Brian and get him in more of these videos. Best Q&A session was the one he was in.

  5. Love the site and the Q&A episodes. One comment about the “kitty litter”. I have been using the litter for approximately 6 months now. Gotta say, I love it. Both of my coolidors and my desktop have been a rock solid 70% with practicly no maintainence. Before the litter, I could never get the humidity above 62% using the cartridges with solution, and it was a daily chore to keep it above 60%. And at $12.00 for 7.2 lbs, I’m really loving the litter. I’d gladly send you a bit if you would like to compare the two head to head.

  6. I think the Canadians kept Jerry out too late over the weekend.. lol

    I’m sure Jerry will get the episode up as soon as he can.

  7. Yep..I should have it up in the next 2-3 hours. Later dinner last night and did some tourist stuff today so I’m in the process of finishing editing, then will need to encode and then post.

  8. Walt and Jerry,

    You guys are great. I don’t watch TV and more. I just watch you guys out on my patio while I am smoking a cigar in the evening.

    I have passed the word onto my Orange County Cigar Group on Yahoo Groups. I hope you get a lot more visitors.

    I’m also inspired by your site to make mine better (www.CalBanyan.com a hypnosis related site).

    I’m in California, and I think you guys are right on; I go into the local shops to try out single cigars but buy my boxes online. I’m in the OC where there are places where you can go in and smoke the cigar in the lounge. Those places are making it and some even sell liquor. They are probably paying the bills by selling liquor.

    I to put my two cents in for a great cigar for someone who is just starting; when I started and really fell in love with cigar smoking was the Ancient Warrior Robusto by Gurkha. Love it right from the start. They are smooth and full of flavor, especially from the point of view of someone who is just starting out. I also really like the cigarsinternational.com cigar club. They send me new cigars to try out every month. That has been a great way to try out new cigars. That has been working great for me, and I have been smoking cigars for only one year.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks again to Jerry for helping my tech guy John by taking the time to give him some information and advice about posting videos on YouTube.com.


  9. For the question about using the humidifaction bags. Humidors also have the advantage of protecting the cigars from light. If you’re storing long term its a grood idea to stick with the humidor

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