El Rey Del Mundo – Robusto Larga

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El Rey Del Mundo – Robusto Larga

A couple of weeks ago I received an email requesting a review of a cigar I hadn’t smoked in quite some time. The cigar requested was the El Rey Del Mundo and I just happened to have a few left over from a purchase I made about six to eight months ago.

The size I had to smoke was the Robusto Larga, this cigar comes in at 6.00 inches long with a 54 ring gauge and is wrapped in tissue paper. After removing the paper to get a closer look I found the wrapper to be a little lumpy with a few heavy veins. The color of the wrapper varied from head to foot and when pinched I found the cigar to feel firm and packed for the most part, but it did have a couple of soft spots.

ERDM - 1

After my initial inspection was over I reached for my cigar scissors and got to work on the cap. After a little work I had the head opened up and found the pre light draw to be free and rich in flavor. After a quick toast and light the cigar was burning evenly and producing thick clouds of smoke.

ERDM - 2

The base flavor at the first third of the stick was a mellow Honduran tobacco flavor. The body was medium and the finish was slightly dry, but left a thick feel on the palate. After twenty minutes or so, the cigar seemed to open up a bit. The base flavor was becoming richer and began to develop some character that was making the cigar much more enjoyable. The draw remained free and produced a solid ash that was light grey in color.

As I worked my way into the second third the base flavor continued to get richer. I was also getting some light leathery flavors that I thought complimented the Honduran flavor well. The body was still in the medium range and the finish remained slightly dry and lingered on the palate for a minute or two after each puff. The draw remained free and put off lots of thick smoke that filled the room with a nice mild aroma.

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After about an hour and a half I found myself just about through the final third of my cigar. The body picked up and finished off in the medium to full range with a smooth and easy finish that finally lost its dryness in the last two inches. The base flavor was consistent throughout the remainder of the stick and was a rich Honduran tobacco flavor. On occasion the flavors would deviate a little and move to sort of a leathery and peppery base for a few minutes, but the cigar always made its way back to the Honduran base.

ERDM - 4

Overall I think that this was a good smoke, especially for about $13.00 per five pack. This is a cigar that I used to smoke fairly regularly for a while then I just moved away from them and never gave them much thought until it was requested. I was glad to rediscover this cigar, there will be a few five packs finding themselves at home in my cooler in the coming weeks.

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11 thoughts on “El Rey Del Mundo – Robusto Larga

  1. Hey, Walt.
    I was looking it to buy a box of these cigars.
    I found some on cigarbid. I was just wondering if cigarbid is like ebay? do you buy them off other people?

  2. Lou,
    Cigarbid is a division of Cigars International. When you put in your bid, you are bidding on stock cigars in the Cigars International Warehouse.

    One piece of advice is to check the price on Cigars International before bidding. It is very common to see bidding wars run over what it would cost to buy the item outright.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I used to smoke these a lot, and bought them exclusivley from JR, but the quality of these were really poor about a year ago. These were my faves, but I stopped buying them because the quality had deteriorated so badly. I may get another five pack and test the waters again.

  4. Give ’em another try, Wes5150. I find the construction to be occasionally spotty, but with a few months of age the flavor is reliably excellent. Like Walt, I picked up some fivers from JR. The first few were rough around the edges. Now, five months later, they’re smoking well. Cheers.

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