Rocky Patel OSG

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Rocky Patel OSG

The highlight of this video isn’t me reviewing the Rocky Patel OSG but me debuting my new lighter and trying not to burn my face off. It pains me to say that I’ve finally smoked a cigar by Rocky Patel that I actually thought was very un-Rocky like. The OSG stands for Original Sun Grown. Apparently Rocky started developing this cigar back in 2002 and then took a break from it to develop his famous Vintage series. After Rocky finished his Vintage series, he started developing a Sun Grown line from scratch. These Original Sun Growns were the ones that were left over and are totally different than the RP Sun Growns we all know and love today.

Video runs around 14 minutes for this lack luster cigar but I hope I did good with my new lighter. Excuse me being a retard and pretending that my new lighter is a gun. Trust me, my wife already knows she married a retard so no need to e-mail her, just pray that my unborn child inherits his mother’s genes and not mine.


24 thoughts on “Rocky Patel OSG

  1. LOL! Nice lighter…LOL, I can’t believe you settled on that one, you’re such a joker… great review, I guess I have to go out and try one of those RP SGs now since you say it’s such a WOW stick.

  2. Jerry,

    Another great review and man, what a lighter, holy crap!! That thing is huge. How much butane does that bad boy hold? Of course, that refill can is about 8 times the typical can so I’m guessing you get 2 or 3 refills out of it heh.

    As for the cigar, thanks for the intel. Sneaky stuff the OSG vs the SG. I didn’t catch the differences on it and now I’m glad I’m that much more knowledgeable. I’ll avoid the OSG as life is too short for ehh cigars unless I get it cheap like you said on cbid. Hey, might happen, never know.


  3. Whoa! Now thats a lighter bro! Love the song choice this week!

    I checked these out on CI and what is a mazo? Do these not come in a box?

  4. Hi again, I think that your review of the OSG was spot on! I love the Rocky Patel Sung Grown and had to try the OSG, and was let down. First I thought that the wraper was very thin and very fragile. Also, the flavor was just not there or what I expected as the Sun Grown is very flavorful, but the OSG as you said sort of bland. Fortunately I got them for a good deal on Cbid, so I was not out much, but I was really let down as I was looking forward to trying these.

    All in all, stick with the other Rocky products. Enjoying the reviews!!

  5. Killer lighter Jerry! Not my favorite Aerosmith song, I’m more of a “Let The Music Do The Talking” kind of fan. 🙂

    You think aging these will do any good?

  6. I would guess that the aging would just mellow them more, supposedly they have been aging for like 4 years…

  7. Hi

    I had an tuff day at the work, and just started your review, and when you played around with the lighter that cracked me up, thank you

    Now lighting up a Montecristo nr 1 ( I live in Switzerland)

  8. Vic – I agree with Brent L. These guys have been aging since 2002. I don’t think any more aging will do anything for the OSG.

    Sandholm – Light up another for me! I had a Montecristo Edmundo while I was in Canada and it was so satisfying! Have you ever tried Ramon Allones (RAS)?

  9. I was actually working on one last night but got distracted so I’ll have to give it another go tonight.

    I’m revisting the Bolivar…

  10. Hey Jerry,

    I just watched your review while smoking a Ramon Allones Specially Seleceted. What a great cigar, one of the best i’ve had. What did you think of them? Im not a big fan of Bolivars. Although i’ve smoked a couple Bolivar Belicoso Finos and they were pretty good. Montecristo Edmundos are also very good.

    Great review as always, I agree with Jabba, you should definately go back to Toronto and smoke a few more Ramon Allones cigars.

  11. I loved the Sun Grown so much I nailed a box of OSG torpedos and toros when they first went on cbid. Big mistake. Now, cause of your review, I probably can’t pay anyone to haul them off (just kidding). Review was spot on and the lighter shananigans hilarious. Keep up the entertaining reviews.

    … lucky7

  12. matt257 – I thought the RASS (thanks for correcting me Jabba) was honestly one of, if not the best cigar I’ve ever smoked. I actually think my taste buds aren’t refined enough to fully appreciate the RASS. I’m starting to drool on my notebook just thinking back to that God send of a cigar. I also liked the Edmundo! very smooth and crisp flavors. My experience with the Bolivar was very mixed. I was too upset that it was plugged for over 50% of the smoke that I couldn’t concentrate on it.

    lucky7 – I think everyone has a stack of cigars in their humidor that are just aweful. So aweful that you’d feel bad even giving them to your worst enemy.

  13. Jerry,

    I agree that the RASS is an amazing cigar. It is definately the best cigar i’ve had the pleasure to smoke. I found that a few of the Bolivar cigars i’ve smoked were plugged. But if you do get the chance you should try the Bolivar Belicoso Finos. Maybe that will give you a better smoke than the others. Have you tried the C.A.O L’anniversaire Maduro? I think that is also an amazing cigar, although not as the RASS is.

  14. Jerry – Did you see the Fathers Day Deal from Cigars International? 18 of these going for $35…Maybe they read your review and figured they better do what they can to unload them before more people find out. Soon they will be part of a some freebie deal like those Equus you “liked” so much! LOL 😉

  15. I purchased a few mazos of the OSGs several months ago and have been aging them for a large bachelor party that occurred a week ago. There wasn’t a single cigar smoker in the bunch, so this was a perfect cigar for that group. Mellow, yes, which works for certain situations. I found the flavor to be great. Very smooth & creamy. Nice to relax to and great first stick for the new cigar smoker.

  16. Kirk – I saw that e-mail promotion. Not sure about you but I love my dad too much to give him these cigars. I think he’d disown me or at the least, cut me out of his will.

    Herm – I’m glad these worked out for the bachelor party. I think you would’ve gotten more bang for your buck if you went with the Sancho Panza Double Maduro or the Arturo Fuente Curly Head. Both are a more economical choice. The Curly Heads have a nice sweet finish that new or occassional cigar smoker like. They’ve always been a hit when I’ve used them for get togethers. But like you, I agree, every cigar has an appropriate occassion.

  17. I got a Fiver of these on the devil site and they had a couple note that the sungrowns have but lack the wow….

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