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Padron Londres Maduro

Padron Londres Maduro pre-light

A little switcheroo this week after missing last week, Jerry wanted to do nine in a row after missing a couple but Walt and I managed to sneak a couple in (LOL!), so I’m presenting the Friday review this week. This Friday we have the Padron Londres maduro (5.5×42) which can be had for just under $2 each when purchased by the box. This is my go-to cigar, rarely, if ever failing to deliver and I can’t believe I’ve held off reviewing it for this long.

The Padrons grow all of their wrapper leaf in the direct sun (sungrown) producing some of the darkest naturals I’ve ever seen. Often in the B&M I’ll have to look for the sticker on the box to be sure which I’m looking at if the two aren’t side by side. The Londres is rather rustic looking in comparison with the thousand series, with the cap usually being little more than a small patch placed across the head of the cigar. This makes it very easy to snip the cap, in some cases I’ll just peal it right off after moistening it a bit. The draw is usually spot on, as this one was. I’ll often have only one or two with a slightly tighter draw out of a box, which was 25 cigars but is now 26 since the Padrons went to new boxes.

Padron Londres Maduro first third

The blend is reportedly the same for the entire Padron Classic line, with the only difference being the vitola. A side effect of the vitola size is that there is a different proportion of wrapper to the filler/binder between the larger and smaller sizes. I enjoy all of the Classic line but prefer the smaller ring gauges as I feel it allows the wrapper to stand out. The body is medium to full with a really long finish, you’re not going to forget you smoked one of these for a while. The first third of this one displayed the typical espresso and occasional cocoa flavors. The burn was a bit uneven and required a touch up or two but even out in the wind on the back porch the ash was never flaky.

Part way through the second third the body built a little bit to a nice full, with dark rich tobacco flavors and no hint of harshness. I don’t generally find these too spicy, though occasionally the first few draws have a hint of black pepper spice to them. I’ve had this one in my humidor for probably close to a year now, it’s the last from a couple of boxes I bought at the end of the summer last year and I think they’ve just continued to get better. The ash was dark gray with a few light gray spots and fell in dense one inch pieces.

Padron Londres Maduro second third

This cigar continued to deliver great flavor down past where the band had been without ever getting hot or harsh, even though I picked up the pace a bit as the sun went down and the mosquitos began to come out. I’ve tried the natural wrapper and don’t dislike them, but I find them more woody and spicy than the maduro. I admit it, this was a biased review from the beginning, I love these things and usually try and keep a couple of boxes on hand. I’m not sure there’s a better sub $2 cigar available with construction this consistent from a better family than the Padrons.

Padron Londres Maduro last third


25 thoughts on “Padron Londres Maduro

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve smoked a few of Padron’s Ambassador Maduros. They are one of my favorites, and so far, I haven’t had any burn problems. I actually like the rustic looking wrapper. It kind of makes it look organic, like a twig. I am amazed at the great flavor and value.

  2. Damn you Brian! Don’t let the secret out… the Londres is also my go-to stick. Great review, you nailed it.

  3. Thanks for the great review of this classic cigar, which has been my #1 go-to smoke for years. I agree that sometimes they’re butt-ugly-looking, but they never fail to deliver that wonderful rich flavor and tons of smoke. Coronas have always been my favorite size–for the reason you mentioned–but unfortunately the trend lately has been toward longer, fatter vitolas.

    Every time I fire up one of these sticks, it makes me wonder: if the Padrons can make such consistently great smokes at such reasonable (cheap!) prices, what’s up with all the $10, $12 and $15 cigars we’re seeing lately? Someone’s laughing all the way to the bank! Obviously, we don’t need to spend that kind of coin to enjoy a first-class cigar.

    Thanks again.

    Steve D.
    (Long-time reader, first-time writer)

  4. AMEN STEVE D!!! You fricken nailed it… that is one of the reason why I can’t bring myself to spend the big bucks on cigars… screw the marketing hype and the fancy packaging, give me a great tasting everyday smoke!

  5. Brian, good review. I’ve just recently been trying some Padrones and this sounds like a must cigar. Can’t wait to try it. I’ve been smoking the 3000 series and I like them, strong, flavorful and priced well in my opinion.

    Sub $2 for a single, who would have thought!!!!

  6. Brian, great review man! I am a huge fan of these as well as the Thousand series. Wonderful go-to smoke that I switched to from the old Padron Fumas after they stopped making them. Man, I wish they still made those little babies… I have one lancero left and I am guarding it like a baby chick, lol!


  7. Brian,
    I’ve had one of these in the humidor for about six months with no real push to give it a try. Your review made me do just that.

    I lit mine up yesterday afternoon and I really liked it. Despite a slight uneven burn (that corrected itself), it ashed in two 1.5 inch chunks that held together even after falling off the stogie. The flavor was great and it seemed to get stronger as the cigar went on – my head even started to get a little light (or maybe it was the vodka tonic). Regardless – loved the cigar.

    Thanks for giving me the desire to finally try it. I’m sure I’ll get more to keep in the humidor.

  8. Where were you able to get them for less than $2 the cheapest I’ve seen them is $2.50 at a local retailer and $2.75 online once you factor S&H. If you could help with this I’d be greatful, I love all the padron lines but his is the best for my budget.

  9. Hey is the Padron Londres Maduro the same as #2000 and 3?
    or is that just different sizes for them all?
    I dont get it….

  10. Loug, The blend is the same for all of the Classic line cigars, the only difference being the size and shape of the vitola. This of course means there’s a different ratio of filler and binder to wrapper but it’s claimed that the blend is the same.

  11. I too was amazed at the quality/price ratio, but my experience wasn’t so storied. I hate the stubby uneven caps and the final third always seems to me to be on the sour side. The burn is even and the ash nice and long, however, so for less than 2 bucks (per stick in a box buy), you can hardly go wrong. As far as maduros are concerned, this one is middle of the pack, but factor in price and it certainly jumps up a few notches.

  12. Sooo, how’s that working out for you?

    Sorry, had to be said. 🙂

    Phil, try just moistening the cap with your tongue and then peeling it off. On some it just comes right off and leaves a pretty clean “cut”. I find if I smoke then slow I can get down to a nub, but for $2 I often pitch them 1/2 way through as well.

  13. i’m a newby. what does it mean when you say purge? it sounds like you’re getting rid of an unsatisfactory flavor. i don’t like the anise flavor i find in some cigars and wondered if there was a way of getting rid of it. great reviews by the way.

  14. Being located in NZ Ive only been able to smoke Cubans.I started to get curious about non Cubans & decided to grab a box of these online.I have to say Im very pleased with them,especially for the price paid.I will be buying a few more boxes for my coolador.


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