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Oliva Special S

Well folks I’m back, sort of. Still no internet in my new house so I’m running around to get a connection to post this review.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to write a formal written review, so I hope the video will be alright for now. I plan replacing this little blurb with a review as soon as I get a connection up and running.

Anyway, this weeks review is the Oliva Special S.

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10 thoughts on “Oliva Special S

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the Oliva lines, specifically the Serie G. I think they (the Cameroon and the maduro) are the best smokes for the money on the market today. Having said that, you’re review has me jones’n for a Special S now…

  2. Walt – No offense but I like watching more than I like reading. While I don’t like to speak for everyone I would guess that most people who come to your site feel the same way and is why we give Brian a hard time. I wouldn’t worry too much about not writing a proper review…

  3. I’m a new-ish visitor here, but I really do like the written reviews too. I sometimes check the site out on my phone and the videos won’t play. I just have to save those for home.

    I appreciate all the work that gets put into this blog. Thank you guys for doing it.

  4. Enjoyed the review Walt! It wasn’t until you started reviewing all these Oliva cigars that I decided to give them a try and I owe you a huge thanks.

    Your video looks so much clearer on blip.tv than on YouTube…

  5. I tried the Serie O last week and loved it so I ordered a box today, the #4 I got for $85 for a 30 box… if they are similar to the one I smoked these cigars are going to become a staple in my humi.

    Great review Walt… I think the Ecuadorian wrappers are good but I much prefer a Nic wrapper, even if they were the same price… what’s even better is they seem to be half the price! I guess you pay for the 5 years of age in the barrel, that makes sense because time costs money… I think the Oliva’s biggest challenge (and this is a good thing) is that their lower priced cigars are rated so highly and perform so well.

  6. Walt,

    Nice review . The Oliva S is one of my favorite cigars. The construction is great and the ash is solid.

    I’m going to try the series G. Sounds like you get more cigar for the buck.



  7. Oliva Seris G is a great smoke, I love that thing.

    Has anyone tried the Flor de Oliva Maduro? I’d like to know how that compares. My local B&M charges 4 bucks for one! i guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and if I like them, I’ll order a bundle online.

  8. Jabba,
    I’ve been going through alot of the Serie O #4’s myself. It’s another cigar Oliva puts out that is a great value.

    Have you tried the Maduro Series O? They seem to a little mellower.

    I’ve had both the Natural and Maduro Flor de Oliva’s. They are bundle cigars that won’t disappoint you for the price, but they lack the complexity or the other Serie Lines.

    Of the two I prefer the Natural. If has a sweet flavor that comes from the cap, its different, but I enjoy it.

  9. Walt… Great review. I would be interested in your thoughts on one that has 2-3 years of age on it as I think this is one cigar that has gotten better with age!

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