Padron Londres Maduro (Short Ashes)

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Padron Londres Maduro (Short Ashes)

Not having an article in mind to write about this weekend, I decided to put together a short ashes video in its place. This video features the old stand by of many people, the Padron Londres Maduro.

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3 thoughts on “Padron Londres Maduro (Short Ashes)

  1. Great review! The Padron 5000 Maduro is one of my new found favorites, however I have never tried a Londres. With the price difference between the two, the Londres might be something I need to try. It’s amazing how the 5000s can cost $5.75 a piece and the Londres only $2.50! (Famous Cigars price) The 5000 claims to be a 56 ring but in actuality I think it is a 52-54 at best. I wonder if the Londres is a true 42 ring or do all Padrons run a little smaller in the ring gauge than advertised. Again, great review!

  2. Good review Walt. I like the Short Ashes format. I’ve not tried a Londres yet. I like the basic Padron’s and I think they are in the same family, just different sizes. Price is a bit more for the Churchill size which is what I bought but I think the Londres would be a better value and probably a similiar experience it sounds like. I’ll have to see if I can find some locally.

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