Cutting your cigar

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Cutting your cigar

Here is a nice little tip that I picked up. If you want to ensure the best cut on your cigar and you use either a single or double blade cutter, try this. Lay the cutter on the table. Stick the end of your cigar in the cutter so the head rests on the table. Cut the cap off. The thickness of the cutter will remove just enough of the cap to give you a clean cut and one that will not unravel the body.

12 thoughts on “Cutting your cigar

  1. Hey Justin,

    Great tip, thanks, especially as im relatively new to cigar smoking. And welcome to the site. Look forward to seeing your reviews!!

  2. not even newbies would be caught dead cutting cigars that way. no offense, but usually people just practice and learn to cut the regular way.

    u know what, if i were totally piss ass drunk and wanted to smoke….i might actually cut it that way…

    yeah, this is a good drunk cigar tip

  3. Hey Man,

    Thanks Justin this tip will help us newbies get a feel for how much to cut off!! Keep up the great work!!

    Currently smoking La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero..WOW!

  4. Hello. I am brand new to the world of Cigars. However, when I went to my local tobacconist and asked them for a cutter, they sold me one that is closed on one side. You put the cigar in as far as it can go, (which is only a couple millimeters) and cut. This doesn’t work very well for figurado or torpedo shaped cigars, but they do sell others that are designed to cut just the right amount off of any cigar. For example:


    You could try sharpening your cutter. The only good way I have found to do this is to take some 1000 grit sandpaper and re polish the bevel on your cutter.

    If the bevel is on the inside of your punch, roll the sandpaper up and slide it into the cutter, then rotate to begin polishing.

    If the bevel is on the outside, wrap the paper around the cutter and rotate as above.

    Sometimes this helps a great deal and other times it doesn’t do much for you. In either case it is worth a shot.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Now that’s a GREAT TIP Walt!

    Thank you very much! Can you use 1000 grit sandpaper to sharpen double bladed cutters?

  7. Shane,
    I wouldn’t try it with a guillotine cutter. I think it would be very difficult to keep the blade flat and true while sharpening.

  8. Thanks Walt. I’ve tried two punch cutters, both new, one a pretty good quality, maybe it’s my technique or I guess lack of technique. The cigars crack a bit.

  9. Sometimes that happens just because of the pressure from the cutter. Try wrapping your thumb and index finger firmly around the cap and gently press the punch into the cutter while twisting it back and forth.

    Try that and see if it helps.

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