Favorite Quick Smokes – TGT Edition (2014)

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Favorite Quick Smokes – TGT Edition (2014)

It has been sometime since I published a list like this. Three years is a long time in the cigar world. New cigars enter the market, old cigars leave the market and of course, what you like changes. So I decided to update my list of favorite quick smokes that I published back in 2011.

Same rules apply. To qualify cigars cannot be more than 5 inches in length and around a 44-48 ring gauge (give or take a bit), basically around your typical petite corona or short robusto size. Whether its hot and humid or cold and windy or if you have less than an hour to kill, the list below (in no particular order) are some of my favorite quick smokes to turn to.

I like the new bands on one of my favorites the Verocu #5 @tatuajecigars

Tatuaje Verocu Havana VI No. 5 – My #1 Cigar of The Year back in 2010 and my #9 Cigar of The Year for 2013 is the ever faithful 4×40 (MSRP $4.25) Verocu No. 5. This little guy can hang with its full size counterparts. Spicy and meaty at the core with just a complex profile that can be savored and appreciated.

Short smoke kind of day with a @pdrcigars gran reserva half corona.

A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona – A new member to my rotation is the 3.5×46 (MSRP $5) A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona. Whenever I think of PDR Cigars I conjure up a vision of that beautiful sampler we saw at last years (2013) IPCPR. That was a thing of beauty and so is this half corona. Healthy dose of pepperiness at the core with a beautiful cedar note to keep things from getting out of hand. And the aroma…forget about it. Winner all the way around.

A little habanito by @reinado_cigars

Reinado Cigars Habanito – I think the 4×38 (MSRP $3.95) Habanito is the only cigar that I get emotional when I start to run low. Sweet and spicy to the core that packs a punch. I always describe it as a little firecracker of a cigar. Perfect big flavor cigar in an under 40 minute format for that afternoon pick me up.

A little Knuckledragger action @chiefhava @havacigarshop @romacraft

CroMagnon Knuckledragger – I know, this 4×52 (MSRP ? – Skip didn’t return my txt) is outside the ring gauge I listed in the beginning but its an oldie but a goodie for me. It is a bit odd to say that considering RoMa Craft Tobac is probably one of the newer kids on the block. Beautiful maduro sweetness with an assortment of chocolate, woodiness with a mellow spice on the finish and smokey to boot. Beautiful to watch burn but even more beautiful to smoke.

Davidoff Special Series Entreacto

Davidoff Special Series Entreacto – Lots of grittiness in the above cigars. Like a good blend, this list needs a little balance. The 3.5×43 Entreacto from the Davidoff Special Series brings that balance. Not the pepper, meaty, spice, gritty, syrupy profile like those above. The Entreacto is smooth, sophisticated and refined. Creamy, nutty and woodsy at the core with just enough vigor to wake you up. Its a Special R without the commitment.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Quick Smokes – TGT Edition (2014)

  1. Appreciate greatly the inclusion of the Reinado Habanito petit corona cigar Jerry. With this winter being very harsh it is definitely good to have some premium short smokes at hand. Must try these others on your list. Take care.

    Best Always,

  2. Jerry, Jerry,Jerry, Jerry great list, I love the Jesus Fuego Origins those are great little kick ass sticks, I have also been burning a ton of Oliva Os I believe its there Petite coronas. Either way great list.

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