Bolivar (Dominican)

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Bolivar (Dominican)

My apologies once again folks, I wasn’t able write a review this week. Next week though, I promise to have something more than a quick little blurb.

The review this week is the Bolivar, made in the Dominican Republic.

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7 thoughts on “Bolivar (Dominican)

  1. Interesting review. Just had a couple (Cuban) Bolivar Royal Coronas with a friend and mine turned out really bad with too much Aroma (smelled like perfume) but my friend’s cigar was amazing. Nice tight draw, complex tobbaco flavor with rich coco mixed with Aroma. it was a great cigar all the way to the end.

  2. Great review Walt! I don’t think I’ve tried these yet (I’ve seen them at my local JR’s).

    Luckily our friend George over at Stogie Guys sent me one a long with a couple Padron 6000’s so I’m excited to gibe them all a try. Thanks George!

  3. I smoked a Bolivar Churchill, and I have to say that you were dead on in your review. I think I experienced almost everything you said including the bitter chocolate and the dryness. Good job anyway.

  4. Great review as always Walt!! I see why Jerry introduces you as the best technical smoker he knows – your attention to detail is great!

    I applaude you guys for hanging in there even when a cigar doesn’t agree with you – Jerry is great at that too!!

    I hate dry finishes – I had a Don Tomas years ago that had a dry finish and I’ve avoid them like the plague since….

    Long ashes…

  5. Good review Walt. I was wondering about how those cigars smoked. Be real interesting to see how they compare side by side to the Cuban variant?


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