La Flor Dominicana Factory Press

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La Flor Dominicana Factory Press

My second review

La Flor Dominicana Factory Press

Today I enjoyed a La Flor Dominicana Factory Press. This limited edition cigar, of only 400 boxes of 120 cigars each, were ever produced has a suggested retail price of $12.00 a stick.. The cigar has a square or boxed press look to it. After the initial lighting, the cigar started off quite mild and have a fairly uneven burn.

After about 10 minutes of smoking, I started to pick up coffee and chocolate flavors. The burn on my cigar did improve a bit. Nearing the end of my cigar, the burn almost fully corrected itself. The flavor stayed consistent. Even though it started out as a medium cigar, it did finish like a full bodied one.

I do recommended eating before smoking a cigar like this. This cigar finishes with a nice punch. I ended up smoking the cigar to the very end. Overall smoke time was 90 minutes. Those who are new to cigars will want to be careful a full bodied cigar like this one. It is recommended that you have a good meal before and leave time to relax after enjoying this cigar.

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18 thoughts on “La Flor Dominicana Factory Press

  1. Justin, great job!!

    The two videos are night and day. In this new video you seem much more relaxed and at ease. Keep it flowing just like that and you’ll be fine.

    That cigar is a monster of a smoke. I’ve had a few burn issues with all of the ones I’ve smoked. The flavor profile was consistent in all of them though so that was a plus for me.

  2. wow, just wow. vastly improved justin! you took the critiques in stride and then totally revamped ur style. just amazing, you showed how fast you can learn and adapt. u should be proud of yourself.

    justin, I go to vegas a lot and always get ripped off with my cigar purchases. where do yo recommend shopping for cigars in vegas? the next time I go, i intend on stocking up and picking up boxes of pardon, torano, and rocky patel.

    thanks for the review and looking forward to ur next vid

  3. David,
    Thank you for the kind words. I felt more comfortable with this one than the last one.

    Anywhere you go on the strip will include the “strip tax” and jack up the price. Also we have a 30% tax rate on tobacco. For instance at Casa Fuente, a Fuente Double Chateau is $14.00, but at the Cigar Box it is only $6.00. They are the same company. Usually if you go to anywhere but the strip you can get a better buy. I know that is hard with out transportation or an expensive taxi ride. The next time you come to town, let me know and I can pick you up and take you to some local spots. You can meet the local Vegas crew.

    Usually it is safer to just bring your own too.

  4. David,

    Everytime i go to Vegas for conventions i either buy online and have it shipped to my hotel (no tax) or go to Havana Cigar Co Smoke Shop 3900 Paradise Rd Ste J Las Vegas, NV 89169-0929 , Phone: (702) 892-9555. They have nice lounge chairs and offer you wine when you smoke.

    Hope this helps,

  5. After the first couple comments, I went back and watched the first review. Yep, you did a lot better this time around! Night and day difference. But sitting and talking to a video camera has gotta be tough- I feel like an idiot just recording a voicemail message! 😉

    The onsite video tour of your tobacconist’s humidor sounds intriguing. I’m looking forward to seeing it, if for no reason than to escape from work for a minute! 🙂

  6. Fantastic job! Your first vid review was good, but even so this is a huge huge improvement on that one. You seem completely comfortable and appear a great fit for the video reviews. I look forward to more. Just don’t fuck up the chronology next time by jacking up the audio. Just kidding 🙂

    Best Regards

  7. Hey man great job!! I actually had to laugh a couple of time when you caught yourself before you played with you ring!!

  8. Could we get one of you guys to review the JdN Antano on camera? I think that would make for good “tv.”

    We gotta get one of you guys to do it, preferable Jerry with his fast smoking ways. Maybe the Antano will teach him to slow down! haha

    Come on Jerry, do it!

  9. Jerry can handle the Antano no problem… he smoked an Edmundo, a RASS, and a Bolivar RC back to back to back in front of me and didn’t flinch… you are talking about Torpedo Jerry, he ain’t no rookie!

  10. You guys all probably know this, but a good trick i learned a while back for uneven burns is to have the slow burning spot on the bottom. I used to do the opposite thinking that the heat rose and helped burn it, but the bottom of the cigar burns hotter and therefore burns the wrapper faster

  11. Great review Justin. I liked the format. Shame the first seven minutes had to be re-cut. That is one fat cigar and seeing the triple lighter go to work on it would have been cool.

    I agree on those La Flor Dominicana’s being strong. Man, smoked one once on a near empty stomach and it was doing flips. Won’t make that mistake again heh.

    Long ashes,


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