Voting Is Now Open

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Voting Is Now Open

I honestly had better expectations to display the entries we received for the Logo Contest but the voting system and the Highslide Plugin I was going to use just wouldn’t play nicely with our theme.  So considering I’m horribly late with this and if I put it off any longer I may end up smoking the box of Series P myself, I went with an out of the box solution of 4Images Gallery.

Some base rules, you don’t have to register to vote for an image. Voting will stay open for two weeks (ends July 26th). The entry with the highest rating wins The Stogie Review Logo Contest and a box of Tatuaje Series P.

So what are you waiting for?

Click Here To Start

P.S. – Don’t worry guys, I hope to return to my video reviews once things settle down.  Until then its YQMA for me but like General Douglas MacArthur said, “I shall return.”


15 thoughts on “Voting Is Now Open

  1. Vic and others, I’m sorry for not returning your e-mails or IM’s. Its a crazy time full of excitement and all kinds of questions. Pardon me for a minute, like I said, sometimes I use the site as therapy but maybe some of the dad’s out there can relate.

    One of the questions at the front of my mind at the minute is “Will I be any good at being a Dad?” I think this is mainly down to me not really knowing what to expect. From talking to people at work I know that “the first 6 months are the worst” but that doesn’t actually prepare you for the first 6 months; but what will life really be like for the Mrs and I after the baby comes?

    How will I cope with the tiredness, the dirty diapers? I don’t know.

    How will Mrs’s and my relationship change? I don’t know.

    Will the kid even like me? I just don’t know.

    And this all worries me.

  2. I would answer but I don’t really feel like scaring the shit out of you! LOL Hang in there buddy, you’ll be fine.

  3. Jerry-No one can answer those questions 😉 Anyhoo, I’m the guy who is sending you 4 RP 90’s. Two freeze treated, two that are not. Is it a good time for me to send? I know your life is busy at the time. I can store them for awhile if needed. Good luck and look forward to you returning to the site reviews when you find a new routine in life.


  4. One thing to think about is that this is the LOGO for Stogie Review and not just a masthead. This logo would be used on business cards, shirts, maybe mugs or something like that. So five of the are mastheads and 3 are logos. We can build a masthead around the logo. I hope that helps a bit.

  5. Ok, I’m good for asking stupid questions 😛

    How do I vote? Here in the comments section, by the contact link, by extreme positive thoughts or the more commonly used Internet method by ruthlessly flaming all of them but only using slightly defamatory language on the one I like?


  6. You follow the Click Here To Start link and then place a vote by rating any of the entries…at least thats how I understood them.

  7. hey guys, i submitted a logo on june 4th, but i don’t see mine up there…was there a problem with it or did you guys not get it?

  8. Jeremy,

    I don’t see anything from you in my Entries Folder.
    I’ll look a little more for it and see if I can come up with it.

    Jerry might not have had it when uploading the entries. Ill ask him to take a look for it as well.

  9. You guys are going to need to extend the deadline for another month and solicit some more competition on cigarlive and clubstogie, etc. The logos to pick from are OK, but if more people knew about this contest, I think you could really end up with something truly special. All of the current entries are good, but do not pop whatsoever. My two pennies would be to draw out the deadline a month, figure out what’s up with the technical problems mentioned above with submissions not showing up!, and let people at cigarlive and clubstogie know this contest is going on. And bump said thread a few times to boot.

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