Coming Soon: IPCPR 2017

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Coming Soon: IPCPR 2017

Let me ask you a personal question: Do you like free cigars? Odds are you do. My scientific, peer-eschewed research indicates 9.5 out of 10 people prefer their cigars to cost nothing. The other guy? He got so excited he scribbled all over the survey, broke his pencil and then fell out of his chair. I’m counting that as half a “yes”. Heck, I’m a little excited just writing this paragraph, and I’m the one giving away cigars.

The next obvious question is what does free cigars have to do with the upcoming IPCPR 2017 trade show? Well here’s the scoop. I’m interested in your feedback. As you know, the trade show is huge, and it just isn’t possible to interview everyone and ask every question. I’d like to know what and who you’d most like to see in our IPCPR coverage. And if you help us out with a comment below by the end of next Wednesday (July 5th), I’ll put your name in the hat to win a fiver of fine smokes.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

Who would you most like to see us interview? (You don’t have to pick just one person/manufacturer.)

What IPCPR cigar release(s) are you most looking forward to?

What question(s) would you like to us to ask? (Can be a general question or for a specific person/manufacturer.)

Of course, feel free to elaborate to your heart’s content, or go off script if you have other ideas. If you need a refresher on how we do things at IPCPR, here’s the IPCPR 2016 Complete Digest.

On Thursday I should have mostly recovered from July 4th festivities, and will pick a winner using my proprietary and only moderately biased algorithm. Don’t worry, it’s biased in favor of the quality of the feedback, not on how well I know you. (Multiple questions answered means multiple entries.) And maybe I’ll nudge the scale in your favor if you do me a favor and share this post on FaceBook and Twitter.

You also probably want to know what’s in the five pack. Because, hey, if you’re going to take the time to type and possibly even think a bit, it better be worth it, right? If you win, you’ll get one of each: Warped Flor Del Valle Sky Flower, Four Kicks Mule Kick 2017, Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua, Hoyo La Amistad, and Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf Maduro. Are you typing yet? I would be. Seriously though, thank you for your time and your comment.

IPCPR 2017 Contest Prize Pack

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19 thoughts on “Coming Soon: IPCPR 2017

  1. Interview the small companies. We all know about the big boys. Let’s see some new faces.
    Just my opinion

  2. Who would you most like to see us interview?
    Dr. Scott Gottlieb
    Alison Jane Cooper
    What IPCPR cigar release(s) are you most looking forward to?
    Anything from Davidoff, Fuente or Padron…lets give AJ the week off
    What question(s) would you like to us to ask?
    Cuba will never produce enough cigars for the US market, but when can we consumers expect Cuban tobacco
    to begin inclusion in blends from the other 3?

  3. E. P. Carillo. His is a mind worth picking. For example: Why do your older LGC cigars so good aged? If you had access to any tobacco (including Cuban) what would be your first thoughts on a “dream blend”

    In terms of ICPCR – I tend to try to stay away from the hype. I am curious about the CAO Amazon forest blends.

  4. Who would you most like to see us interview?
    James Brown – BLTC
    Skip Martin – RoMa Craft
    Fred Rewey – Nomad Cigars
    Robert Holt – Southern Draw Cigars
    Steve Saka – Dunbarton
    Omar de Frias – Fratello

    What IPCPR cigar release(s) are you most looking forward to?
    Fratello Navetta
    Espinosa Reggae
    Nomad Fin de los Mundos

    What question(s) would you like to us to ask?
    There is a ton of uncertainty regarding the FDA regulation and how that will all shake out. It would be interesting to hear how manufactures and brand owners have changed their practices to deal with that, and then what type of shift would occur if we see an exemption.

    How complete do manufacturers and brand owners feel their portfolio is at this time if they are not able to release new products due to the FDA regulation.

  5. Good survey question! I don’t know if anyone would be willing to answer this, but here’s my issue/question. So many cigar makers are rolling out so many new (and existing) blends that even a cigar-a-day smoker can’t keep up. With so many to choose from now and in the future, will the market become oversaturated, will quality diminish, and will we be looking at another cigar boom and “cigar bust” like we had 20 or so years ago? (And, how do we prevent this from happening?) Thanks!

  6. I’m always excited to see the IPCPR coverage from you guys. I will be in Vegas the following week.

    I would like to see you Interview Jon Huber Crowned Heads, and Fred R. from Nomad.

    New Releases are always exciting I’m a Fanboy of both the Crowned Heads and Nomad so anything new from them is always exciting but, I will be really interested in anything from Saka if he has a new blend coming out.

    Questions….. What makes you happy? Honestly

  7. It has been years since I posted on this site,I have been a silent reader.
    I think an interview with Johnathan drew will be very interesting after he took back the iron thrown 🙂
    Steve Saka, Pete Johnson will make good guests to interview too like usual.
    I’m definitely waiting for the new releases in general but drew estate planned release are exciting
    I would suggest one thing if few of the big boys in the industry got a blend together labeled it ADF with all profit going to sponsor marketing and lobbying against the FDA cigar regulation,at a decent price,millions of cigar smokers can send a strong message to the system.

  8. Interview Steve Saka, looking forward to Todos Las Dias, ask what his inspiration was for blending the Todos Las Dias!

  9. I would like to see you interview Fred Rewey and E.P. Carrillo with Jose Blanco.
    I’d like to hear Fred’s thoughts on the direction the smaller companies are headed in relation to expected FDA regulations, and of course, does he have any plans for a bacon infused cigar.
    I would like to ask Mr. Carrillo and Mr. Blanco if they have any plans on blending a cigar together. Would they use Cuban tobaccos in a blend if it became available.
    I am looking forward to releases from Carrillo, Crowned Heads, Nomad, Avo. Fuente, and A.J. Fernandez.

  10. I would love to see an interview with Jose Blanco of EPC or Skip Martin of RomaCraft. I gain a ton of tobacco insight every time they do an interview.

    I heard Jon Huber of Crowned Heads announce the company’s new release will start with the letter “F”. I am intrigued by this release and by Warped Cigars new release.

    Questions I would love you guys to ask include: any plans to use rare or underutilized tobacco from countries not normally associated with cigars?

  11. Very easy request, I am hoping for something new from Fuentes, and a great review as well. I first smoked AF and I have not been let down in 3 years.

  12. I live in a city that has an indoor smoking ban, yet vapor lounges are abundant. I have to drive at least 25 miles to enjoy a lounge. I would like to know the latest updates on what’s being done on a national level to combat the FDA regulations, because my situation is about as bad as I want it to be. Ask Fred Rewey this question. Make him be serious.

  13. I would like to see an interview with Alan Rubin and what is next from Alec Bradley. The black market is my current favorite and would be curious to see what other variations of that is on the way. To counter the increase in costs will boxes be dropped in favor of bundles? How much of an increase does boxing cigars add? I like the boxes but I would be happy with a bundle as well.

  14. Wonderful comments and ideas! I would also like to see interviews of smaller companies to maybe find that “hidden gem”. I love to read about smaller B&M stores and lounges (so many great places and ideas) almost as much as I enjoy great cigars. Any interviews and questions from Drew are always entertaining. I have enjoyed seeing what Rocky Patel has done with a few special blends hororing our brave military men and women, such as Band of Brothers. That would be a great read! As many others have stated, we would be quite curious to hear thoughts from the industry and manufacturers regarding the FDA regularions and any resulting changes we may see.

  15. Hey Stogie,

    I’d most like to see a group of ultra-boutique brands’ founder! Because I know any big factory has its own fame and history, but what I fancy most are the stories of those interesting individuals! (i.e. Tatuaje, Viaje, Roma Craft, Illusione, Warped, etc.)

    I’m most looking forward to Erik Espinosa’s Reggae DREAD, because I am a fan of Reggae and had been growing dreads for 3 years. It can’t be more exciting to see a dreads-themed cigar on the show.

    The question I want to ask all boutique manufacturers is how do you think about the balance of cigars’ actual smoking qualities (consistency, flavor) and the marketing strategy (package, story)? Because I was always attracted by their package but turned out to be disappointed by the quality, while some are excellent in both aspects, I want to hear the answers from those manufacturers.

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