Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6 Double Maduro

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Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6 Double Maduro

Today I review the double maduro cigar from Saint Luis Rey. This beautiful cigar is their No. 6, which measure 6 x 60. The wrapper and binder are both the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and the filler is nicaraguan. The term double maduro comes from the wrapper and binder being a maduro tobacco. This cigar reminded me of a La Gloria Cubano Serie R and I expected the flavor to be similiar to that. I was wrong. I had expected some nice cocoa and coffee flavors from the two maduro tobaccos but this cigar produced very little flavor. I was quite disappointed with my experience. This is the first one of these I have ever had and it may be my last. Check out my review for more information.

7/19/2007 UPDATE: I spoke with our local Altadis rep and he confirmed my experience with this cigar. He had 3 different ones from 3 different boxes and some one had no flavor, one had good flavor and one was so bitter that after 5 minutes he quit smoking it. It would seem that they are having some issues with them.

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13 thoughts on “Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6 Double Maduro

  1. Good job with the audio buddy!

    I really gotta go see that movie. Also was gonna ask, why do the ads just seem to burst into seen.. in this vid and in the YQMA.

  2. Good review, I agree with it. Not much flavor in this smoke. Kinda uneventfull, it was not just you.

    BTW the Transformer movie was great!

  3. Great review, they keep getting better and better. Glad to see you fixed the audio. Keep up the good work.

    As for the cigar I did want to try this but, not now. La Gloria Cubana Serie R is on the top of my list to try but, I haven’t had much luck finding them locally. Guess it’s time for another Cbid spree.

  4. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the review as always. I have to say that I was kind of excited about this review because I had a few of these SLR SG’s in my humidor, and I was looking forward to smoking it along with you and enjoying the experience.

    My first experience with the SLR SG was at the JR Cigars shop in Washington, DC. I went in and told them about my taste in cigars and that I was looking to try something good that was full bodied and full flavored. After looking around the shop and talking with the nice fellow at the counter I settled on a the SLR SG to go with my cup of coffee, and I have to tell you that I loved that cigar! It started off with just a truckload of flavor, and about half way into in I started to feel the kick. As I smoked it I was pleased with the smoke through the whole experience. The only downside to that smoke was that it was not a really complex cigar, delivering pretty much the same flavor profile throughout the smoke. I almost bought a box to take home with me to the OC, here in California, but decided against it because in my mind a large cigar like that should be more complex because of the time it takes to smoke a big cigar like that, having just one flavor throughout can get a bit boring. So, I decided that I would just pick up one SLR SG “to go” and get some other smokes to take home and try out later.

    After I got home, I lit up that other SLR SG and it was great to. Then about a week ago I picked up a 5-Pack from… This second batch of SLR SGs just did not deliver like the first two. I don’t know why, and I am also perplexed about that. They just have not had the same “punch” as the others and the flavor was/is disappointing. It seems that they have a quality issue.

    Having said all of that, I suppose there might be some folks out there that love this cigar, I did. Now, like you, I am disappointed.

    Thanks again for your stogie reviews. Keep up the good work!


  5. You might be smoking the wrong size. I just got done smoking half a box of the 54 x 4 1/4 Short Robusto Serie G SLRs, and every single one of them had such an amazingly wonderful flavor. I gave a few of them away and everyone agreed that they were mild and flavorful. The only reason I bought that size was that the Tobaconist was having a hard time selling that size and wanted to get rid of that box to make room for other inventory. It turned out being one of the best short smokes I have ever had in my life.

  6. I’m in the middle of smoking another Saint Luis Rey Serie G, and the flavor is so delicious that I want to take a bite out of it. If you were not able to get much flavor out of the one you smoked then maybe your taste buds are dead. If you have been smoking too many of those La Gloria Cubana Serie R’s, then that might be why your taste buds are dead. Those things are way too strong. The fact that you compared the LGC Serie R to the SLR Serie G makes me wonder if you had any idea what type of cigar the Serie G was before you started smoking it. It is a mild cigar with an amazing amount of flavor for how mild it is. It reminds me or the Carlos Torano Virtuoso which is also very mild and flavorful. Most of my cigar smoking friends are not crazy about the Virtuoso or the SLR Serie G because they think they are too mild. That is a fair criticism, but saying that they don’t have enough flavor is not a fair criticism. I suggest that you smoke a few more SLR Serie G’s before you give it such an unfair review. I don’t work for SLR, but I am a big fan of the SLR Serie G because it is loaded with flavor and it is so mild that you can chain smoke them all day and still enjoy every one of them. I know this because I was chain smoking them all day last Saturday! But yet again, the size I was smoking is not the 6 by 60 so maybe you picked the wrong size to smoke. But I am pretty sure that I have smoked a few 6 by 60s in previous months and I remember enjoying the flavor very much so I don’t think you gave the SLR Serie G a fair review. I am being a little bit tough on you but I hope you will still post my comment because I think your readers will agree with what I am saying. And I think you should give the SLR Serie G another try, unless you just don’t like mild cigars, which is fine, but if that is the case then say you don’t like mild cigars. Don’t say that one of most flavorful mild cigars on the planet does not have enough flavor.

  7. Hey Bernard,
    If you don’t mind too much, I would like to make a few comments about this cigar and your review of it:
    First of all, you really need to let the cigar sit in the humi for more then just 1 day before smoking it. Give it a chance to mature and age for a while. At least 6 months or more if possible. This helps all cigars to totally stabilize and begin tasting better.
    I bought a couple of these G serie over a year ago on a trip I took to San Antonio. I lit one up about 6 months ago when it had been aging for 6 months. I’m smoking the other now as it has been aging for over a year. The difference is incredible. The first one I smoked was so awful that I eventually threw it away before finishing . Yuk! This one I have here, has a taste that is pretty incredible.
    I think that Altadis has had some bad consistency issues with this one. The wrapper on mine began peeling off while in the box. The foot swelled up on it, but this did not effect the very nice white gray ash that went on for over 2 inches.
    This is a gambling mans cigar, I’m afraid. You are just taking your chances. I’ll stick with the good ones. Thanks for your review and to all others that have commented. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  8. Im looking for a indian pen and change holder, that ive seen in cigar store counters. Can I buy one. They are really neet.

    4201 Dewfield drive
    Wilson NC 27896

  9. I have smoked a lot of cigars. My two most favorent cigars are the gran habano corojo#5 imperials and of course the SLR Serie G No.6. My opinon on the Serie G No.6 is that it is full of flavor and it doesn’t stop until the end. This cigar takes forever to burn out and its truly one of the best cigars that I smoke. I generally keep a full box of both grand habano corojo#5’s and SLR Serie G No.6 in my humidor most of the time.

  10. I had high hopes for the Serie Gs when I ordered a
    five-pack of 60-ring monsters a couple of months ago. I’m a big fan
    of the mainline Reservas and expected the Gs to be one or two rungs
    up the ladder. I was wrong.. A wet, turgid, and relatively
    smokeless disappointment. I ended up leaving the partially smoked
    cigars in my car ashtray with the windows rolled up. That, short of
    baking them in the Hotpoint, was the only way I could get them dry
    enough to smoke. The Reserva toros, by comparison, are excellent
    (when you don’t get a box that tastes like charcoal). Favorite
    memory: smoking a toro down to the nub without having to flick the

  11. After trying a fiver and really liking the flavor I bought a box of the Belicoso’s last year. After smoking through the box I only found two sticks out of 25 that did not perform well. The others have all had amazing flavor and decent construction. Maybe there is a lot of inconsistency with singles and fivers but my box was great and I will be purchasing another box of these. They are a real treat for a maduro lover and although I do like full bodied cigars these are a nice change of pace and can be smoked any time of day and on an empty stomach.

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