Your Questions, My Answers Episode 14

Your Questions, My Answers13 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers Episode 14

Your Questions, My Answers Episode 14

Walt and Justin tackle 11 of your questions this week. Be sure and get your questions in for our next episode.

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13 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers Episode 14

  1. I don’t know if there is anything you can do to prevent this or fix this, but Walt’s audio comes through perfectly while Justin’s audio is constantly rippling and only like every other second can be heard.

    Just letting you know, but I still really enjoyed the episode.

  2. Sanchos aren’t really “hidden” gems are they?

    Caciques are pretty good, should give those a try. bestcigarprices has a cigar named “revolicion” that’s also pretty good. Some people say it’s a CAO gold 2nds. Floridita? I forget how it’s spelled… Ancient Warrior is VERY good.

    oh yeah, I can appreciate promoting cigar related small businesses, but I think you guys are pushing some of the products a bit too hard. I really thought the way you guys used to do it was very tasteful and well done.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. great job guys thanks for the load of helpful info! Some of my “sleeper” cigars are all of the Saint Luis Rey’s, Gispert, Indian Tobac, Quintero, padron, and of course the oliva’s. I tried the Serie V ligero from oliva last week it was incredible! I had the double toro size (6×60)it was the first cigar that i have ever had to be full bodied and full flavor but yet be so smooth and consistant. And as far as pairings go i don’t think anything is as good as a nice cup of coffee and a mild cigar to start the morning. The CAO Sopranos i think are great but only with age. I left it in my humidor for about 8 months until it was covered in plumes!

  4. I agree with Alton, the SP Double Maduro is pretty well known these days.

    Good episode guys. Loved the intro. One suggestion, when Jerry would post YQMA he’d give a run down of topics that were covered, any chance we can get that sneak preview back?

  5. Keep up the good work. My favorite part of the program was suggesting new cigars to try. I always right them down on my PDA/Phone so that when I am in a smoke shop I have a list of cigars to try.

    Justin, you have convinced me to give Sancho Panzo another try. I had one about a year ago and thought it was really bad. I must of just got a bad stick.

  6. Justin, the Romeo y Julieta Anniversario is one of my favorite cigars. I have only tried the torpedo size.

    Which size/shape is the best in your opinion?



  7. Anthony,
    The best size/shape is very hard to give an opinion. The one that I smoked I felt gave a great flavor and produced plenty of smoke. It really depends on what size you like. I know that is not much of an answer, but that is the best I can give you. I prefer a 46 to 54 ring gauge and 4.5 to 7 inch cigar. The torpedos can be hit or miss at times. Hope that helps

  8. I’m glad Matt mentioned it, I was thinking my laptop was on the fritz or something. It makes it kinda tough, but I soldier on, because I seriously dig YQMA.

    I gotta thank you guys for introducing me to the Sancho Panza. (I think I first heard about it when you guys were gets on DWSC) That’s a great cigar at great price! While it may not be hidden gem for some, it was for me!

    I’m really interested in the little “firecracker” cigar Walt was talking about. I didn’t quite catch what that was. Was that a Don Peppin? I keep scanning through the video but I can’t find it… D’Oh! I should have written it down the first time through.

  9. Brian,

    It is the Don Pepin Garcia Black Label (Cuban Classic). The sizes I enjoy in particular are both small rings, the Perla and Petit Lancero

    Thanks for watching and thanks for the comment

  10. this goes out to the BOTL that had the question about buying CAO Visions online…..Check out Tampa Humidors. They offer a few cigars that are usually offered only in B&M’s. I found this vendor while I was in Florida recently. I visited their shop and it blew me away. They are still adding cigars to their site everyday. They offer free shipping even on singles. I ordered from them and they cigars came packed with a boveda humidification packet. Here’s the link to the Visions!!

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