Carlos Torano – Reserva Selecta

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Carlos Torano – Reserva Selecta

Up for review is the Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Torpedo Tubed. This beautiful cigar comes encased in a glass tube to help protect and preserve the cigar.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade and Costa Rican Broadleaf
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras & Nicaragua

Smoking Time: 70 minutes

Beverages: Water and a pint of Guinness

Tasting notes: Cocoa

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15 thoughts on “Carlos Torano – Reserva Selecta

  1. Don’t you just hate it when people rate you low but give no reason as to why?

    I gave you a 5, this review was good, got to the point, and told me what I needed to know about the cigar. Which is what the reviews are for. Do people expect these to be directed by like Steven Spielberg?

  2. Daniel, I agree. I saw no flaws in the review. Plenty of info about the cigar, relaxed attitude, causal conversation with the camera, good audio and video quality. Hell, it was even cool to see Justin chillin and jammin out to music while puffin away. Clearly he’s now in the zone with his reviews. Keep em coming.

  3. Daniel, I wish people would voice why they don’t like something, but it seems to be easier not too. At least if I knew what they did not like, I could address it. Some of it could be they prefer Jerry and Walt too. I appreciate both yours and Toms comments.

  4. Justin,
    Your reviews are okay, but I do have one thing that bothers me about you… Please don’t take it personally, but you seem to mumble alot. If you worked on your enunciation it may help others like your reviews.
    Overall, good work for just starting!

  5. I like the spin Walt, Jerry and Justin put on their reviews. They each reflect their individual personalities. Of course, Jerry is the most ‘fun’ out of the group, but I would hope everyone could appreciate the other personalities as well. All the reviews seem to be equally good in my opinion. Don’t sweat it, all 3 (or 4) of you keep doing what you do. If it sucks, at least Daniel and myself will say it 😉

  6. I have to agree. Each of the reviewers are different, and while I have my preference of personality, I feel that they all do a good job of being objective in their reviews. Jerry just seems to be the most animated.

    I liked this review, it made me wanna go buy some, but alas I have reached my cigar budget for this month and the next already.

    Thanks for the review.

  7. Justin’s growing on me, at the beginning I thought he was a little snooty. I think it’s because the other SR guys are just so personable, unassuming, and humble.

    Just keep doing what your doing justing, ur fans will love you and the haters will just hate, can’t win em all. keep up the good work.

  8. Justin your reviews are fine.
    all I need to know is if the cigar is good and worth buying.
    I don’t need like, Daniel said “a film directed by Steven Spielberg” people are just to used to Jerry & Walt, you know they just mix well together….but in time people see you that way to.

    its all good dog!

  9. I used to be a bartender and you’re always supposed to pour beer close to the tap and at a angle, unless the customer wants a ton of suds.

  10. Good one, Justin. I’m glad you got the cutting and lighting back into the reviews.
    I recently tried an Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, the Belicoso #2, a most beautiful cigar, a wonderful oily wrapper, but a bit lacking in terms of taste, much like your Toraño. A very enjoyable smoke, nonetheless. It would be nice to see you review it.

  11. Justin, you the man! Keep up the good work. I have not had much luck with the Torano line of cigars. But after viewing this video review I am much more inclined to give them another try.

    I might have a clue to why you got the one star rating. I remember back when I first came to this site, and I wanted to rate a video review. I did not understand that when you click on a star that produced the rating. I thought I was to click on the stars (I saw them as a group of stars not individual stars) and -then- I would get the option to rate the video. Unfortunately, that video got a rating according to whatever star I happened to click on. Maybe that is what happened here.

    I also think that this kind of erroneous clickage is most likely to happen when either there are no stars showing or if all 5 stars are showing. Or, perhaps it is just too late at night and the rater should have gone to bed rather than attempt such a thing!

  12. Justin I think your fan base is growing. Jerry is definitely the “character” of the site but he’s lacking on actual cigar knowledge which is where you, Walt and Brian come in. Sometimes even Jerry’s goofy last can get old so its nice to have other videos that bring other dimensions to the table.

    This is what makes SR the MAC DADDY of all cigar website!

  13. True Jerry may be the least technical smoker of the bunch (and he admtits it), but I’d say he’s accurate on his reviews. Of course a lot of reviewing smokes is subjective, but he can pick apart a smoke’s taste with the best of them. I know this isnt a ‘who’s better’ debate. They all balance each other out. Good chemistry. Where one lacks the other picks up. It’s all good. Keep em coming! When Jerry comes back the team will be complete.

  14. power to the people! SR is a blue collar cigar site, cigar snobs can head over to other sites. A lot of us out here are regular guys, we don’t need someone to break down “distant undertones” and the like.

    Jerry, walt, brian and also justin are great, keep up the great work.

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