Logo Contest Results

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Logo Contest Results

Well folks the contest has come to an end. I can honestly say that this thing did not turn out as any of us here at Stogie Review had hoped. We promise to make it up to you with the next contest.

The results are as follows

Entry #1 – 4.37
Entry #2 – 3.69
Entry #3 – 1.50
Entry #4 – 1.40
Entry #5 – 3.46
Entry #6 – 2.59
Entry #7 – 1.57
Entry #8 – 3.86

The winning entry goes to David, congratulations and thank you very much. As soon as I get your mailing address I’ll pass it along to Jerry and he will get your box of Tatuaje Serie P in the mail.

I would like to thank all that entered and apologize for the hang ups that we have had with this contest.

Also, to those of you (Jeremy and Josh) that entered and did not have an entry shown I sincerely apologize. I have sent you an email and would like to make things right.


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